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"The adventure-fantasy-thriller story about human and gods co-existing in a certain metropolis is returning to the big screens in the form of a third season. Noragami Aragoto Season 3 is going to be premiered in the winter of 2017. We are keeping our fingers crossed, as for this season and same for the future ones, that the authors wont stop writing Manga, thus enabling us to watch this super-cool-awesome Anime.
While Manga continues its publications regularly on week basis, not much is known about the anime. According to rumors by the end of 2016, there will be enough material for the creation of the third season, thus making the Winter Anime season the date for its release. The only thing left is to wait and see.
Info from here!!

What do you guys think?!? Are you ready?

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its bout time
oh I'm so beyond ready! But it still looks like rumors and speculation at this point, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up until it actually happens... but I need this so bad! 😣
It does look that way otaku, but hopefully it'll work out!!!
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They do have amazing op's!!
awesome!!! i rly hope it happens!..w but whats going on with umm..crap forgot her name.
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@Taylor18920 oh mannn.... thank you. that was perfect not too much spoilage
this is true? you're not lying to me?! Yato is baaaack!!