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Hi hi! So I'm doing a fluff story now with Baekhyun. I'm entering this is the contest for Exo by @SarahVanDorn and hopefully it turned out well! it's a fluff story and has 1,298 words (lol just short by 2 of 1,300)
" Look look, oh my gosh it's so cute!" Evia said stopping to point into a shop window. A stuffed animal had caught her attention as they had been walking by. "What are you looking at?" He said stopping next to her to look into the shop window. It was late at night and most people weren't out on this street, which made them both feel a little safer afraid to be spotted. After work he had come out to see her and walk Evia home from her job at the coffee shop. He had met her there and for several months came in early in the morning on her shift. Several conversations exchanged between them before he admitted to her that he came not for the coffee but for her. She found it so cute and had already developed a little crush on him during that time to. So when he asked her if he could walk her home from work, she agreed right away not missing the chance to spend time with him. "The green froggie?" He questioned pointing to one of the animals. He stood close to her back. He was itching to wrap his arms around her waist and hug her from behind, but he was nervous about it. "No the pink bunny next to it!" She giggled. "Can we go inside?" She turned to look at him. There was hope in her eyes and he couldn't tell her no, he didn't even want to say no to her. "Yea let's go in" he said and she smiled at him. She moved forward and he stood there watching her back, watching as her ass swayed back and forth, the tight jeans she wore hugging her curves. Licking his lips he followed that curve down her legs all the way to the strapped heels she was wearing. He was startled when the view of her changed and he was watching her walking back to him. Oh he loved watching this woman move. "Baekhyun come on" Evia smiled at him and started to pull his hand so he would follow. "Okay" he grinned and followed her into the shop. Once inside Evia went up to the window display, there was chimes by the animals and it caught her attention, touching one of the jewels she turned to look at Baekhyun. He was looking at her, desire in his eyes. Evia caught her breathe. He was standing there with his hands in his pockets, his button down shirt was loose and at some point the top couple buttons had been undone. The slight hint of his collarbone showed and when he tilted his head a lock of hair fell into his eyes. "You find the bunny?" He questioned interrupting her and bringing her brain back to life. "Hmm?" Okay brain wasn't functioning yet. He chuckled and stepped forward and closer to her. His body brushed against hers as he leaned over her to pick up the pink bunny. "The bunny reminds me of you" he grinned putting it on her shoulder. The fur brushed her cheek. "Its cute, has pink cheeks and it's soft" he told her making her blush. When the comment hit her brain it started to work. She scrunched up her face and laughed. "I am not a bunny!" Evia said making him laugh. With his finger he touched her nose playfully. "With that look I would say you are" he chuckled. "Oh you" she made the face again and then reached out to tickle his stomach. He started laughing right after her touch. "Oh you are ticklish" she grinned. He stepped forward and started tickling her stomach making her squirm and giggle like crazy. "So are you" he laughed. A mini tickle war broke out between them. "Be careful over there children! If you break something you buy it" a loud female voice called out. Oh, the shopkeeper could see them. "She's ruining my fun!" He pouted. Evia couldn't help but giggle. Without thought she leaned up and pressed her lips to his cheek. It shocked him out of a pout and stared at her amazed. She had made the first move. Before he could grab onto her and go for a real kiss she was sliding around him and moving further into the shop. Baekhyun couldn't help the growl that came out and he followed her. For a while they looked around the shop, it looked like an antique shop mixed with a toy shop. Creepy glass dolls were seated on a shelf staring at them as they past. Evia was fascinated with a tea set that was on display. When he asked if he should buy it for her Evia just shook her head. "You don't have to buy me it. I just think it's pretty " she told him. "How about the bunny then?" He questioned "Why don't I buy the bunny for you? " She smiled playfully at him. She had her hands clasped behind her back and she was swaying on her heels as she said it. "Why would you buy the bunny for me?" He questioned confused. "Hmm," she hummed "So you can always think of me when you see it" she grinned. He loved seeing her look that way at him. She was playful and happy, her joy spread around her and infected him every time he saw her. "Then I should get you the frog for you" he said to her. "Why is that?" She asked tilting her head. "So you can think of me!" He grinned. "Awe" she said. They grabbed the animals from the front window and went to go pay. Baekhyun wouldn't let her pay for the froggie, even as she insisted. Finally she gave in with a giggle. Even as she had the money in her hand to pay he still hadn't let her. Tucking the money in her front pocket he handed her the froggie with his other. With a smile she took it and hugged it to her chest. "Thank you" she told him. He grinned at her. Feeling braver now he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her against his side. They walked out like that and stayed like that as he walked her the rest of the way to her house. When they got there he stopped her at the front door and turned her to him. "This was fun! Thank you for walking me home" Evia smiled at him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her closer to him. "I can walk you home whenever you want me to " he told her. "How about next time you take me out for dinner instead?" She asked. "A real date?" She wanted to play coy but couldn't and just let the words slip out. "Are you asking me out?" His lips curved up and she couldn't help but grin. "Yes I am" she said. He responded with no words but a kiss. He covered her mouth with his. Thinking about the good night kiss the entire walk home, the real thing beat his imagination. When she slipped her arms around his waist, when her hand dipped down to touch his ass it propelled him to kiss her deeper. Evia had taken the opportunity, lost in the kiss as she was she still slid her hand around to cup his ass and give it a squeeze. She had been fantasizing about touching him for days and now she had the opportunity. When he pulled away at last she smiled a little shy. "Until tomorrow?" She questioned "Bright and early" he said as she backed away slowly to the front door. " I'll be thinking of you as I sleep with froggie tonight" she said before she disappeared into the house.
Its kinda funny, I tried going one way with this story and it went a completely different way, the stuffed animals caught attention instead of continuing on their way, but I like the Lil bit of playfulness going in. It's short and cute. I hope you all like it !!!!!
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cute and spunky I like^^~
It was cute! I liked it
Good job. I tried to write something and it took a 180. I'm not sure what to do with it now.
lol thanks. yes sometimes characters have a mind of their own and sometimes it can turn out better after reviewing what just happened.
That was adorable!! I loved it! Especially all the parts about the stuffed animals. I am a sucker for guys that will have and/or sleep with stuffed animals.
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Hehehe that is a sweet idea