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So Age of Youth is probably one of my favorite k-dramas, idk why but these style k-dramas always make me super excited to watch and wait for the next episodes. Unfortunately Age of Youth is over and I am once again without a show (like Age of Youth) to watch. So if anyone knows of any shows like Age of Youth and could tell me about them that'd be awesome!!
Age of Youth plot: Age of Youth is an ensemble comedy about friendship, love and college tuition. University student Yoon Jin Myung ( played by Han Ye Ri) is busy supporting herself both academically and financially, so she understandably has a severe shortage of sleep and little time for drama. Unfortunately, living with four roommates has its fair share of drama. There’s Song Ji Won ( played by Park Eun Bin), whose drinking habit does nothing to tame her bright personality. There’s Jung Ye Eun ( played by former KARA member Han Seung Yeon), who is completely devoted to her boyfriend and is very clear on what she does and does not like. There’s Kang Yi Na (played by actress Hwa Young), whose popularity comes almost exclusively from her stellar good looks. And then there’s Yoo Eun Jae (played by Yong Pal alum Park Hye Soo), who is rather timid but has a very unique taste in men. Together, they navigate the many challenges that life will throw their way because, well, what else are roommates for?