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1. Kangin

Kangin revealed on 'Radio Star' that there were only two people he feared in SM Entertainment and those two were BoA and Dana! They are sweet ladies but they do have that awe-inspiring charisma, right?

2. UEE

On an SBS program, Seo In Young revealed lots of juniors were scared of her, so fellow guest UEE was asked whether she was scared of Seo In Young, as well. She admitted that she was, but her fear of Seo In Young was equal to her fear of Kahi! That ssenunni charm!

3. Sohyun

Former maknae of 4minute, Sohyun admitted during a past interview that HyunA had the scariest first impression because she was shorter than the others yet stood out and didn't talk much or do anything. For some reason that scared her and she took HyunA's shyness the wrong way.

4. Key

Key was honest on a variety program when he said only half-jokingly that Ice Queen Jessica was scary when he first met her. This was emphasized by the fact that he only had nice things to say about the other Girls' Generation members in contrast to his comment about Jessica.

5. Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho said he was initially scared of Xiumin while they were working together, especially because of the way the EXO member's eyes slanted (perhaps evilly?), but he grew to recognize a mischievous glint in those eyes and the fear has since evaporated.

6. Cha Seung Won

Cha Seung Won appeared on the 315th episode of 'Running Man' recently and admitted he was scared of Kim Jong Kook. When he had to choose between the commander and Yoo Jae Suk, he ultimately went with the latter out of old friendship, but was scared of Kim Jong Kook's threat that they had to go up against each other now. On the trolley, Cha Seung Won admitted he doesn't get scared easily but even watching Kim Jong Kook on TV scared him.

7. Heo Young Saeng

Heo Young Saeng admitted he was scared of Lee Jae Hoon while they were in the army together, but only because there was such a big difference between them and Lee Jae Hoon was a senior in the army. He added that the actor was very nice, putting him at ease eventually.

8. Kwanghee

After joining 'Infinity Challenge,' the idol was asked which member made him the most afraid, and he chose Jung Jun Ha, who looked displeased by the answer. Hopefully, they've continued becoming closer and closer!

9. Sung Joon

Actor Sung Joon said he was scared of his 'I Need Romance 3' co-star Kim So Yeon after seeing her in 'Iris.' He kept thinking he was going to get in trouble or even hit by her, but of course, he realized she's such a sweet, feminine lady who couldn't harm a fly!

10. Jung Chan Woo

During 'Mix & Match,' Jung Chan Woo revealed that the hyungs were scary, but elaborated that B.I was the scariest at first but now Bobby is the scariest. Wonder if he's still scared of them!

11. Jungkook

The Golden Maknae recalled when BTS was called to Shinhwa's waiting room for making their greeting too loud and was told to do it with more precision. That's when he first saw Minwoo, the power sunbae, and got scared. Yup, that charisma and veteran status can definitely be intimidating for younger groups!

12. Lee Chan Hyuk

The Akdong Musician singer revealed previously that his first impression of Lee Hi was that she was chic and cold, so he became scared of her. This hurt the poor girl's feelings, who wondered if the problem was her face, which the duo quickly denied. Hpefully the two are getting along under YG well now!

13. Mir

Hahahahahahahaha. Mir is scared of his older sister, Go Eun Ah, who is an actress. He even chose Dara over Go Eun Ah, stating he could never dare defy her since they were young because she was the bullying type. Ah, poor Mir.
This is an awesome card Lay!
Oh my god, these are all so cute and adorable cx I hope they get over their fears and get along well, but I will admit, if I had to go up against Kim Jongkook, I would be scared 😂