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DID Theory Prologue Pt 2

So this is going to be a series of cards on what my sister @BrennaTran and I realized after watching the most recent wings video Awake. There is so much information to this that we are going to have to make 5 or 6 cards in order to hit everything.
If you would like to be tagged or untagged in future cards please let me know.
As well as if you have any questions or see any holes in our theory please let us know we’d love to try to answer them in future cards.
One of the biggest debates is what is the order of the videos from the HYYH era. The order that we have come up with is Prologue, I Need U, and Run. We’ll also touch on some other videos in later cards but for now we’re focusing on the big 3.
Due to how much information each of these videos gives we’re going to put them all in their own card.
The other cards in this theory:
So first thing to note in the second part of the prologue is the gas station. We tend to connect Rap Monster to the gas station because we see him later working at it in I Need U. Something we noticed is this gas station is covered in cartoon and superhero graffiti. This could be showing the heart of a child. Rap Monster fights to protect the innocence and fears anything that might take that away.
During the scene at the gas station we also see a moment where JHope looks out for Jimin by covering him with a blanket. This has more to do with Jimin being the protector than it does with JHope being an attention seeker. This is because Jimin is the one that protects the other personalities from the pain. It’s in the other personalities’ best interest to make sure he stays calm and comfortable in order to keep the pain from spreading.
Around this time we also started noticing V and Jimin being around each other more. We think this is because of what is to come. Right now V is on edge because he stands for anger and is losing patience with the figure that represents the abuse. With V feeling like this right now he is the personality causing the most pain. This is why we think Jimin sticks close because it is his job to take on the pain and protect the other’s from it.
Now we come to the early morning moment where we see the neutral personality Jungkook deep in thought and most likely just taking in everything that has been happening. Suga(depression) joins him and seems very comfortable around Jungkook. We believe that this is because Jungkook is the neutral personality he does not add onto the pain and he does not take it away either.
After everyone is up we see them take a moment to enjoy the scenery. In this picture the only one not standing close is Rap Monster this is showing fear and being careful to protect the innocence. Both Suga and Jimin are leaning on Jungkook for them the neutrality of Jungkook would be most comfortable. JHope has his arm around Jin most likely looking for sympathy or attention from Jin. In other scenes we noticed that JHope sticks close to Jin and is always the first to agree with him. This goes along with the attention seeking. V stands close to Jin as well most likely signifying that right now he may be one of the stronger emotions.
Next we have the scene where V climbs the tower and jumps off. The climbing alone shows that he represents bravery alongside anger. The actual act of jumping off into the water has quite a bit of meaning. First you have the fact that it is V who later is the one who kills the father figure who represents the abuse. Standing at the top of the tower shows he’s on edge the anger is rising and he’s close to losing his temper. Up to this point the other personalities most likely were enough to hold him back but V represents both anger and bravery which means he will reach a point where he acts on that anger without hesitation.
Since we’re thinking the water equals pain this could represent V making the decision and accepting the pain. In Demian, Sinclair has to accept the darkness in order to move forward. He has to realize what his personalities had been taking on and doing for him in order to win back his mind. We can look at this as the first step to accepting the darkness. In a way V just accepted the darkness was going to get worse.
We also wanted to mention the other members’ reactions to V. Rap Monster is the farthest away, the most fearful, he also seems to be the only one telling him to come down which would fit the emotion of fear. The others are cheering him on but most obviously Suga. Suga is the representative of suicide and depression. It’s only natural that we would encourage the jump.
Now I’m sure everyone knows that the ending is the biggest clue of the Prologue. First let’s take note that Jin is seen inside of a vehicle and all we can see around him is water. According to our theory the water represents pain and suffering and cars represent Jin’s realizations. This shows that Jin is about to have his biggest realization yet and with these realizations comes confusion and pain because he will begin to wake up. In the picture that was originally of Suga and Jin we only see Jin. This shows that Jin is the only real person and the rest are just different personalities inside of him.
This is all just our opinion and what my sister and I gathered from watching the videos. We do not own any of these pictures nor claim to.
We hope to have the next card out soon.
Seriously awesome! Write on, sisters! (Apparently I'm "pun"-y tonight.) ❤😉
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