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Being fragile is not a bad thing I Myself, am quite fragile especially When it comes to you. Prepare to witness the flaws we possess As well as to see a brighter Us; For nothing is more satisfying Than being right beside you. Come, show me your face, how sweet it is This urge to hold you is too hard to bear; For sure I've gained high senses In having a taste for you. When I tease you, when I comfort you When I anger you, when I care for you I come to see a new expression each time it's a joy to learn each new side, now let me see More. A silly you, a simple you, A shy you, a sugary you is the best there Is; I will not stand another to see, unless They realize that I am the one who brings Out the real you. Now, look this way and Show me your face so I may taste a bitter Sweetness. I see a better me in you, Do you not see? We reveal each one's Wonders! Take a moment to put it Together, as I play a serenade of us Together. The frustration I cause you Verifies you care and the hurt you cause Me proves how much I adore you. There will be no end of the fun times For I will never let you stop smiling, Do I really have to say it? Can't you tell by the pounding in my chest? I've reached my limit so listen well For this will only be said from me to you. Now, give in to that giddy sensation I know you feel for me because you show A strawberry color.