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Here is the next chapter of FMHEA! I hope you enjoy it! XD

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Chapter Three - Fairy Godmother?

As soon as Jinwoon left Sooyoung, he landed outside of the castle on a field of grass face first. Grunting, he pulled himself up and wiped the small pieces of grass off of his body. Jinwoon quickly looked around and made sure no one else could see what he was about to do next.
With a snap of his fingers, a map appeared in front of him. Despite how we still can't travel between worlds, at least I still have my magic, he thought. The map in front of him was blank. Confused at first, Jinwoon flipped it over to see nothing on other side to remember that he has to unlock it first. He slowly ran his hand over the map and little by little, places on the map started to appear.
Jinwoon scanned the map and seeing a place marked by a tiny distinguishable dot, he knew that is where she was. The thing about these maps were that they helped you get an idea of the area you are in but they also help pinpoint the thing or person you are looking for. Many magicians or genies use this to find others in their worlds and he was just thankful enough that he still had one on him.
Jinwoon quickly rolled up the map and placed it in the back of his pants. The place was kind of far away so considering he can't teleport extremely long distances, he started running in the direction the map had showed him.
After running for awhile, he saw a ragged, old mansion only a half a mile away. Close enough now, he snapped his fingers and landed on the inside of the gate to the mansion. He quickly searched around for Cinderella, thinking that she was inside the mansion. Checking room by room, she was not to be found. Jinwoon ran his hand through his hair, frustrated at the situation when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.
He moved closer to the window of the room and saw her sitting on the ground holding what appeared to be a dress. He quickly sprinted out of the room and ran to her outside. Exhausted, Jinwoon stopped and tried to catch his breath before approaching her as she was only a few feet away.
He started to step towards her when he heard her make a weird, inhumane sound. Confused the closer he got, Jinwoon recognized what was happening. Is she crying? Stopping right in front of her, his eyes softened at her appearance. Her hair was ratted, her clothes were covered in dust, and the dress she was holding onto so dearly was torn to shreds.
Not quite realizing that Jinwoon was there yet, he kneeled down in front of her.
"Umm...Miss?" He said, not knowing what else to say in these types of situations. Her head slowly looked up to only jump when seeing him standing in front of her. "Sorry to startle you but I happened to come across your mansion and when I heard someone crying, I couldn't just leave them here by themselves." He lied. I couldn't just tell her that I was looking specifically for her. That would freak her out.
"Are you okay?" He asked, looking into her eyes. She quietly shook her head, and burst into tears once more. Flustered, Jinwoon moved awkwardly in front of her and didn't know what to do. Instead, he placed a hand on her shoulder, patting it softly, hoping that it would help her calm down. He looked away, studying his surroundings as she continued. His thoughts went to Sooyoung. I hope everything is okay on her side. This...might take awhile...
What the hell is taking so long? Xiumin and I continued to dance and I grew more nervous as the song continued. Jinwoon wasn't here yet and neither was Cinderella.
"Miss?" Xiumin broke me out of my thoughts as he looked towards me. I looked up to see that his face was serious, either very into the dancing or he did not smile when looking at me. Either way, it creeped me out a little.
"Y-Yes?" I stuttered. His eyes never left my face as we danced, making me embarrassed and completely uncomfortable in this situation.
"What is your name?" He asked. I froze for a second before answering.
"My name is Soo-" I stopped, thinking that telling him my real name might not be the best idea. "mi. Soomi." What the hell kind of name is that? Way to be quick on your feet when you need to be.
"Soomi? What a lovely name." He said, smiling down at me. He made me nervous, not going to lie. The way he looked at me seemed so loving and it made my heart flutter. The song was ridiculously long and I wondered if it would ever end when he asked me another question.
"Why did you come here tonight?" He asked, eyeing me. I was a little thrown off guard by the question but I would like to think that I handled it pretty smoothly.
"I...saw the invitation outside of the palace and my friend and I wanted to come before we left." I gave him a small smile and that is when I thought I saw his face fall for a few seconds before smiling at me again.
"So you are from out of town?"
"N-Ne..." I whispered. Is this song like 20 minutes long or something. My heavens.
"Where from?" The endless bombarding of questions made me confused. Is he interested in me? Or is he just being friendly? I really hope it is the latter.
"Somewhere you probably haven't heard of before." I responded, wanting to not share any more information to him than I needed to. He opened his mouth to ask me another question when the song finally ended. We both did a bow and the people around us clapped.
I turned to walk away when he grabbed me by the wrist.
"Wait." He said. Startling me, I glanced back to see that he had this longing in his eyes. Like if...no that isn't it. "I want to talk to you some mo-" Before he could finish, he was swept away by the girls in the crowd, separating us as he left go of my wrist. Flustered at what had just taken place, I went and hid behind a wall, trying to get out of sight.
Please tell me that when Cinderella comes back, everything will go back to place. I wondered where the hell Jinwoon was and secretly hoping that the gut feeling in my stomach would not be proven right.
After a while, Cinderella finally started to calm down and Jinwoon removed his hand from her shoulder. She glanced up at him and smiled.
"Thank you, mister..."
"Ji-...Jimin." He stuttered, not wanting to give her his real name. She slowly started to get up from off the ground and he followed. She stuck her hand out to him and he took it, shaking it gently.
"Nice to meet you. My name is Yeri but my family calls me Cindy or Ella. No idea why but they just do." She gave him a tight smile as she said so. Jinwoon let go of her hand and brought it back to his side.
"So if it's not overstepping, can I ask why you were crying, all by yourself?" He asked her. Her face fell at that and she squeezed the dress in her hands.
"Well as you may know, tonight is the grand ball at the palace." He nodded, indicating that he knew about it. "And so my family decided to go to the ball and they were really excited as tonight was the night the Prince would find his fiancee." She continued. Fiancee? That makes more sense as to why they get married so quickly.
"I really wanted to go, just to get out of the house and to experience such a night that would be one to remember. But..." She started sniffling. "When they found out, they took the dress I bought and started to rip it apart - with their hands, scissors, anything they could do to destroy the dress."
"So I cried and cried and they left me here alone, to be stuck in this place." More tears started to roll down her face, staining her small round cheeks. Sooyoung didn't tell me what happens at this part...but wait. She said when the magic wears off at 12. Does that mean that if I use mine, it should have the same effect as if it was used in the story?
Contemplating what to do, Jinwoon decided to try it as it was the only option he could do at this moment.
"Well fear not!" He boasted suddenly, catching Yeri a little off-guard. "I have come to help you!" Her face lit up a little as he spoke, giving her a small sense of hope.
"H-How?" She asked, curious as to how in the world, he could fix this mess she was in. Before answering her question, he turned to look at her and smiled mischievously before flicking his fingers.
He quickly turned from the gentleman he was into his true form, the blue genie with a tail to remember him by. She gasped at the sight, wondering how in the world anything like this could happen to her.
"Are you my fairy godmother?" She asked bewildered and Jinwoon laughed, his deep voice echoing in the silent night.
"More like fairy godfather but sure! Let's go with that." He smiled as he hovered above her. "Hmm...let's see...well, before you go to the ball we need to make sure you have something to get there in..." He quickly looked around and his eyes fell upon a pumpkin. He then remembered that you mentioned a pumpkin earlier as what was used for her carriage. That could work.
With a snap of his fingers, the pumpkin quickly turned into a white carriage for one, beautiful and hand-carved and fit for a princess. But alas, there was nothing to carry the carriage, no horses.
Just then, 4 little mice came out of hiding. It was peculiar when he saw that they were wearing clothes but he has a monkey as a friend so who was he to judge? With another click of his fingers, the four mice slowly grew and started to change. After a minute, they were no longer mice but white stallions, fit to carry Yeri and take her to and from the palace.
Yeri was too amazed by it all to even mutter a word as she watched Jinwoon bring all this stuff to life. All she could was get excited, happy to finally be able to go to the ball that she has only dreamed of before.
Okay...carriage...horses...coachmen? Jinwoon quickly scavenged the mansion for another creature who would be fit to drive the carriage. Luckily, around the corner was the family's horse. He is older than most, but with the magic snap of the genie's fingers even the horse could be transformed into a little man, tall and wise enough to steer and guide the carriage through the night.
Jinwoon then came flying back to Yeri, looking triumphant. He noticed that she was all excited when he realized that she still had no dress. The one she had in her hands was gone and the rags she was wearing looked as if she hadn't cleaned them in years.
"Now," He started, coming closer to Yeri. She looked up at him. "Let's do something about your outfit shall we? You can't go to the ball dressed like that." Yeri looked down at her outfit and seemed embarrassed at what she was wearing, holding her torn dress closer to her body as if to hide herself.
"Is there a specific color that you would like the dress to be?" He asked, curious as to what the dress looked like in the fairytale he heard from Sooyoung before. She pondered for a second thinking of what she would like.
"How about a blue! Not like an extreme blue but one that is lighter - almost like a white but not a white, more blue -" Jinwoon put his hand up to stop her from rambling and nodded as he understand what she meant.
And once more, the snap of his fingers brought magic around Yeri, swirling around her as she smiled and twirled at the touch. The dress appeared on her slowly and was a perfect shade of very light blue with matching gloves and glass slippers to match.
She was in awe. She twirled quite a few times, fascinated by the magic and the long dress before her. She ran over and gave Jinwoon a hug and he laughed, surprised by the sudden actions of the girl.
"Thank you, thank you!" She said, squeezing him tightly. She let go of him and was ready to head to the ball. Right as she was about to get in the carriage Jinwoon remembered one last thing. The most important part of tonight.
"Yeri!" He yelled out as she closed the door behind her and looked his direction. He flew over to her, motioning to the coachman not to move quite yet. "There is one very important thing about all of this. Despite how great my magic is, it only lasts for a short while. The magic will disappear at the strike of 12 and everything will go back to how it was. Your dress, the carriage, the mice, everything. So make sure to leave on time to make it back here before it happens, alright?" She nodded, letting him know that she understood the restrictions of what tonight could be. He smiled one more before she headed off.
"Now off you go and do have fun!" He waved, winking to her as the carriage started to move.
"Thank you again my fairy godfather!" She waved out of the window as she disappeared in the night. When she was out of sight, Jinwoon instantly collapsed onto the ground, exhausted from using up majority of his magic. He hoped that this would fix everything and the fairytale would go back to the way it is written.
He got up slowly, remembering that Sooyoung was still at the ball and he had to get back to her to let her know that Cinderella was on her way. His two fingers rubbed together and he was once again back into his human form. He couldn't help but wonder though why the fairy godmother was not here tonight. He was nervous at the fact but quietly put it in the back of his mind as he raced back to the ball, hoping that Sooyoung was okay.

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