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Too funny but true, XD
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I had to take way too much math in college. Math seems to be an ongoing quest to remove numbers from equations as much as possible... I did really well with basic math because it was just numbers. Then, in algebra, they added in some letters, which took some getting used to but was fine. But then in calculus they took away all the numbers and added more symbols that do crazy things!
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@GarrausVakarian wow, huh, really? you must be super ober smart in math then....soo umm, what's the answer to #1? Both @divalycious and I have been waiting for someone like you to come along....hahaha!!!
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i hate math always end up having a war w it ;-)
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Ahahahahahahaha! That's exactly right! Cry! What else can you do?
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that used to be my usual course of action
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