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Opened Eyes

They bring a blind man unto him. There are different kinds of blindness. People are led along the streets whose eyes see nothing of all the beautiful things in the natural world. Then there are people who have splendid eyes for the things of nature, but who are blind to spiritual things. This blindness is far worse than the other. Our prayer should be, as we go about through God’s natural world, “Open my eyes to see also the lovely things of the spiritual world.” There is a story of a man who lived beside the sea and who was always speaking to his neighbors of the blue mountains beyond. They saw no mountains, and thought he was only a dreamer. But one day he sailed away to visit these mountains. The people laughed at his delusion, as they thought it, but by and by he came back, bringing rich treasures – gold, silver, and precious stones – which he had gathered. The things of the spiritual world are real, if only our eyes are opened to see them.
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5,300여 년간 얼음 속에 갇혀 있던 사람(사진주의)
1991년 9월 19일 알프스 산맥 피나일봉 등반을 마치고 하산하던 독일인 등반가 헬무트 지몬과 아내 에리카는 해발 3,200m 부근 외치 계곡 빙하지대에서 얼음 위로 상반신이 드러난 사체를 발견하게 된다. 발견 당시 두 부부는 조난 당한 산행가의 사체로 오해하여 지역 경찰에 신고를 하게 된다. 그만큼 사체의 상태는 그리 오래되어 보이지 않았다. 하지만 냉동 미이라 곁에서 현대인의 것이라고는 볼수없는 유물들이 함께 발견되면서 뼈와 피부로 연대를 측정한 결과 5300년 전의 석기시대인으로 밝혀졌다. 또 미라의 뼈와 근육에서 DNA를 뽑아내 분석한 결과 유럽인의 조상으로 판명 되었다. 그리하여 그를 발견된 지역명 Oetzi 을 본따 아이스맨 외치(Oetzi The Ice Man)로 부르게 된다. 외치의 사체를 현대 의학 기술로 철저하게 분석한 결과 외치는 159cm 키에 46세의 남자이며 웨이브진 머리카락과 눈은 갈색이였다. 많은 학자들이 당시 유럽인이 푸른 눈을 가졌을 것이라고 추측했던 것과 달리 최근 연구에 따르면 이 때까지는 푸른 눈이 나타나지 않았던 것으로 밝혀졌다. 그리고 내장에 든 내용물을 2년간 DNA 분석한 결과 두 번에 걸친 식사의 음식물이 밝혀졌다. 그는 죽기 전에 산등성이에서 곡식 야채 야생 염소고기를, 해발 3200m 지역에서는 곡식과 붉은 사슴고기를 먹었다. 그리고 그는 염소가죽 정강이받이에 풀잎 망토를 입었고 잘 짠 신발을 신었으며 곰 가죽 모자를 썼으며 뼈에 도끼날을 묶어 만든 구리도끼와 함께 돌촉 화살이 든 화살통을 갖고 있었다. 처음에는 연구팀은 외치가 추위와 굶주림 때문에 죽었다고 예측되었지만 발견 10년 후인 2001년 X선 촬영에서 왼쪽 어깨 뒤에 깊이 박힌 돌 화살촉이 드러나면서 살해된 것으로 추론됐다. 그리고 그는골반뼈 세포핵으로부터 추출한 DNA 분석 결과 O형 혈액형을 가졌으며 젖당(락토스) 소화장애증, 심장병 소인을 갖고 있었던 것으로 밝혀졌다. 또한 중추신경계, 심장혈관계, 관절, 피부 등에 통증 및 발진 등을 일으키는 라임병을 유발하는 보렐리아 박테리아에 감염된 것으로 나타났다. 연구팀은 미라의 등, 발목, 오른쪽 무릎 뒷부분의 피부에 문신이 돼 있는 것은 라임병으로 인한 통증치료 차원에서 시술된 듯하다고 추측했다. 2002년 3월에는 외치의 오른손에서 적을 방어하면서 생긴 듯한 상처가 발견됐고 2007년 8월에는 외치의 칼 화살촉 옷에 묻은 혈흔의 DNA를 분석한 결과 이 피가 네 사람의 것으로 확인되었다. 결국 외치는 여러 사람들과 격렬하게 싸우는 과정에서 어깨에 화살을 맞아 죽은 것으로 결론 났다. 하지만 사체를 연구한 오스트리아 인스부르크 대학의 고고학 연구진은 아이스 맨이 화살에 맞아 숨졌다는 기존의 가설을 뒤엎고 직접적인 사인을 실족사로 확인했다고 영국 대중지 데일리메일이 8일(현지시간) 보도했다. 연구진은 아이스 맨은 살해당한 게 아니라고 강력하게 주장했다. 연구팀을 이끈 볼프강 레체이스 박사는 “그가 화살에 맞은 건 죽기 전에 일어난 일이었다. 사냥을 하려고 산에 오르던 중 추락해 왼쪽 쇄골 아래 동맥에 구멍이 나는 치명상으로 사망했을 것”이라고 설명했다. 그리고 얼마전 그의 생전모습을 복원한것이 대중에게 공개되었다. 복원된 외치의 외모는 주름이 많고 볼이 움푹 패여 현재의 45세 남성과는다소 다른 이미지지만, 5,300년전 불의의 사고로 사망했지만 미이라로 발견되어 현세에 많은 것을 알려주고 있는아이스맨 외치. 그는 선사시대 인류를 파악할 수 있는 매우 귀중한 자료로 평가받고 있으며 현재까지 이탈리아 사우스 타이럴 고고학박물관에 –6°C가 유지되는 특수한 방에 보존돼 있다. 출처 : 인스티즈 와 5300년전 미라로 뭐먹었는지 무슨병있는지 DNA고 다 밝혀내네 미친과학;; 세상좋아졌다 정말로;; 누군 연구해서밝혀내고 난 가만히 폰으로 쉽게 접하고
Want a Really Fun Date Night? Get Onboard With These Drinking Games For Two!
Are you looking forward to plan a date which is out of the ordinary? Then what’s better than having a drinking games night. This idea is sure to make an impression and give you a good time. That being said, are you prepared to ditch the typical dinner date for something fun and challenging? This is your way to go. 1. Go fish I’m sure you would have heard of this card game before. It’s a pretty simple game and most of us have tried our hands at this when we were little kids. But you can turn into an adult drinking game by bringing in some liquor. Whenever the other person gets a pair, you go a peg down. Whoever has the maximum matches wins while the loser takes another shot! 2. Never have I ever If you haven’t played this game before, then you’ve seriously missed out on so much fun. This game is a hit at parties and get togethers, but you can also enjoy it on your date nights. This will help you learn more about your partner and see what the two of you share in common. The rules are simple - the game starts with one person saying what they’ve never done before and in case the other person has done that then they drink. 3. Buzz This is one of those games which can pose some serious couple challenges as it involves them to be good at math! Whether you’re cooking dinner together or waiting for it at the restaurant, all you have to do is count. The catch is that everytime you get a multiple of 7, you say ‘Buzz’. Whoever misses, loses! But hey, you drink first and then start over. 4. Two truths, one lie This is another fun game which can be played without alcohol, but drinking makes it so much more fun. I bet, you’ve already played this game at your workplace or at school. All you have to do is tell your date two truths and one lie about yourself and ask them to guess. If they guess it correctly, then you drink and if they fail, then they go down. 5. Mustache and a movie This one is a comical game which will leave the two of you laughing while enjoying a movie. To do this, all you need is to place a fake mustache on your TV at a random and play the movie. Whenever the mustache covers someone’s face at the right spot, you take a drink. Cheers!
“Dear My Most Beloved, Who was Never Meant to be Mine” by Lumina Han
“Dear My Most Beloved, Who was Never Meant to be Mine” by Lumina Han If I never fell in love with you, I would never have understood how destructive, violent, fierce, powerful, selfish, passionate and dangerous love could really be. You made me realize that I could never genuinely love anyone else besides myself. I could never truly give my everything to others, because I expected to receive more than to give. I craved to possess your soul, body and mind more than to embrace you with an untainted heart. And because you became the drive of my downfall, I grasped the truth that I had to let you go. You taught me that falling in love could become the hardest experience that one could ever handle. Meeting you, Seeing you and falling in love with you has been the greatest thrill. Yet, you became the one beam of light that blinded the pitch darkness that I tried to hide from the world. You taught me that I was incapable of devotionally loving you. To sincerely wish for your happiness without me as a part of your future, was an impossibility. I wanted to take ownership of you than for you to be yourself. Because what I really am, beneath my smiles, is that my world revolves solely on my needs and desires. To burn with such a raging fire in my heart for you has driven me into both insanity and clarity. Insanity, because you have forsaken my logic and judgement in those moments when you snatched away the center of my universe. Clarity, because you have revealed the true dark monster that I beheld deep down inside my soul. You have engulfed me in both hell and heaven, and with you I have been on the most thrilling joy of flying high in the sky. Yet because you became my drug, I fell deep down to the endless depths of the lonely, cold ocean, where I could feel nothing but suffocation and heartache. Through both these highest and lowest moments, I have learnt that it was because you never felt the same way as I did for you, that you changed my life forever. I could never be the same again, not because this love was unrequited, but because through loving you, I learnt that the turmoil of emotions I felt for you, weren`t true love at all. I disguised physical chemistry, infatuation, attraction and lust all in the name of ‘love’. Although no one has ever made me feel this much passion and rage as you have, what I felt for you wasn`t absolute love, but rather my own selfish desires and greed projected on to you. Since you walked into my life, you have shed light on how messed up my view of the world really was. Slowly, through the heart wrenching scars that I bleed from falling too deeply for you, I have apprehended things I could never have learnt had you loved me back. It was because we were never meant to be, that I could change. And because our fates were never meant to collide with each other, my paths have diverged away from you and towards you. While I was running away from you, to escape from your consumating presence, I have told myself a million times over to let go of what was never mine to begin with. When I walked closer to you, God taught me that the intense heat I felt for you would burn both of us alive. Because passion that is too rash and too sudden thinks nothing else but using the other to gratify and satisfy one`s own deep lack and emptiness. You were never born to fill up my hole, my scars and my iniquities. You are born to be you, to be the one whom God designed and planned, to be free and liberal from my obsessive presence. You deserve to love someone who loves you the right way, the sincere, faithful and innocent way, as I never did, as I never could have. You loved her instead of me, because my love for you was too lethal and poisonous for us both. Since the day I met you, our story has taken me on a toxic, venomous, annihilative and catastrophic ride towards an inevitable breakdown. You became my destruction, my road to torn deterioration and collapse. I could no longer envision a happy fairy tale ending between us, because the deadly outburst of covet and affection I felt for you consumed my entire being into a fever of stormy delirium. I was mad, crazy about you, and to me, you were all that I ever wanted, all that ever mattered... But because you were much stronger than I ever was, you kept your feet on the ground, and we never crashed into each other with the same disastrous urge and affection. You were my Romeo, but had I also been your Juliet, our story would have ended us in the same tragedy, an end that would have destroyed us both. I was never the one whom you could, would or should ever love. To mistake even for a second that we were one was my greatest delusion, my wildest fantasy and my most absurd illusion that I ever dreamt. Although we can never be together, our story still ends with hope. Because loving you was God`s greatest lesson, gift and inspiration in my life. And for that I am grateful that God brought us together for this period in our youth. Thank you for being the way you were. Because in everything that you were to me, you have been perfect. You made me a better person, without changing me into anyone other than my true self. I became what God made to become, because God let me meet you, fall for you, and grow closer to him through loving you. And because you have taught me what Christ`s love should be, you will forever remain a special treasure and secret deep in my heart, as my most beloved who was never meant to be mine. Even if our destinies never cross paths in the future, no one will ever replace what you were to me, and what you have made me become. And now, at the ending page of our story, I think I can finally love you the way you always deserved to be loved. I will love you even when you love someone else. I will love you even if you never return my love back to me. Perhaps in the future, I will fall in love again, with someone else besides you. And because of the things you have taught me about God and true love, I will love them more sincerely than I ever loved you. My passion for you will gradually wane and be replaced by a new love. But please know that I would never have been able to give them the love that they deserve, had I never loved you first. You were my first one true love, that changed everything for me. I love you in all your entirety, with or without me as a part of your life. Thank you, for being the beginning sentence, the first chapter and the opening of my love story.