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Genre: Angst, Fuckboy! au (M)
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Length: 7257 words
Summary: He ruined you. And you let him.
Part: 1/?
A/N: My first fic not written in first person guys! I’ve had a few requests to do a ‘weak y/n’ because it’s not something I normally do…so I thought this would be a good fic to attempt that in. Enjoy :)
He removed the last article of clothing off his body, falling back down and immediately reaching out to grab your hips. You positioned yourself, taking him in your hands and slowly, ever so slowly, you started letting him slide in, teasing him with the agonising pace.
He moaned your name, promising you your guilty pleasures if you moved quicker but you were having none of it. For once, just for once, he could be the one to suffer. But before you could comprehend what he was doing, he sat back up until you were both level and simultaneously pulled you towards him with such force, that it had you seeing stars.
“Oh my god, Yoongi!”, you choked out, your foreheads touching, the very proximity making it hard to breathe. He caressed your cheek, the loving smile a complete contrast to his dark, blown out eyes. “Beautiful”, he whispered.
He connected his lips to you jaw, slowly moving down to your jugular, the wet trail making you shiver. He stopped at the collarbone, lightly sucking at the skin, before speaking again, this time his voice muffled by you. “So, so beautiful.”
As you both stared at each other, completely lost in each others presence, you started to roll you hips. Slowly at first, but picking up speed, his moans and grunts egging you on. You always wanted nothing more than to please the love of your life, after all.
His grip tightened on your hips, as he fell back once more, revelling in the blissful feeling of being inside you. You were all he wanted, all he needed. His hands started to roam your bare body, needing more. Your skin was ablaze with his touch and the feeling only added to the built up tension ,wanting to snap.
The sound of skin on skin, you gasping ‘Yoongi!’ and his sinful moans filled the room. “Yes beautiful, say my name. Just like that. Let everyone know who’s you are”, he growled as he watched you bounce up and down with unbelievable vigour.
It didn’t take long at all after that to reach your release, as you cried out his name, and he wasn’t far behind. You collapsed on top of his equally slick body, succumbing to the fatigue that overwhelmed you.
You looked up to meet his loving gaze, both of your chests moving rapidly in sync. You scooted up a little to have access to his lips, the kiss full of passion and want, despite how tired you both were. His tongue rolled against yours with a certain urgency- but you weren’t going anywhere. You would always be here for him.
You gently pulled away to stare at him, gently running your hand through his hair.
“I love you Yoongi.”
He smiled lazily at your words. “I love you t-”
The shrill alarm went off, making you groan in frustration. You didn’t even remember setting an alarm- you had nowhere to go today.
You fidgeted around in the bed, not wanting to move, the vague memories of your dream leaving you hot and bothered. And of course, hurt. You were always hurt.
Everything hurt. The physical pain he left between your legs had nothing on the emotional pain he inflicted every time he breathlessly uttered the words ‘Close the door on your way out’.
But that was the deal, right? You were there for his needs as he was there for yours. No feelings involved. At some point you would have to start dealing with the fact that he was never yours, that he would never feel the same way.
You were a mess because of Yoongi. Perfect, ethereal, cold, heartless Min Yoongi. You had tried to leave him behind countless times- the most you had gone without his presence was a mere few weeks. And even that was because you had somehow ended up at his place, drunk out of your mind. He made you miserable, yet you couldn’t imagine life without him.
It made Hobi, your best friend, so angry how he just walked all over you- and how you let him. They told you you were a sweet girl- probably the nicest girl that ‘bastard’ had ever come across, and you didn’t deserve him. That you could do better. But you knew you couldn’t. You couldn’t do better than Yoongi. How? He was the best.
Bora was also one of your closest friends-her and Hoseok where the only people you talked to. She only difference was, she didn’t know about Yoongi.
Hoseok already hated Yoongi for personal reasons- without ever even meeting him. I felt partly responsible. Yoongi had kicked you out on a rainy night, and Hobi was at my place when arrived, downhearted and soaking wet. Of course that made him mad. But you told him it was late, and you didn’t want to hear this right now, so he went home to vent to his girlfriend Minah.
Minah seemed nice from the few brief encounters you had with her. But she was never around, because of work, or meeting friends. And Hoseok never questioned it because lord knows he was busy himself. The couple were struggling to make ends meet at the time, so were working extra hours as well.
But then…she got caught. Minah accidentally send Hoseok a text, asking Yoongi if she was free because she ‘needed’ him. Hoseok was at your place when he got it and naturally, he freaked out. His girlfriend was seeing the fuckboy he had told her about.
In short, it was a very messy breakup and it took Hobi weeks to come to terms. Weeks.
You refused to see- or even contact- Yoongi during that period. And when you finally caved once more, Hobi still didn’t get mad that you were seeing the guy that screwed his girlfriend.. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, he said, referring to Minah. “I don’t care about you and him y/n. Just, don’t get hurt. Please.” You were disgusted with Yoongi- and you were disgusted at yourself for liking him.
And he knew. He knew you liked him. He must have noticed your transition from the confident girl who was full of life, to someone who cried as she walked out of his apartment and refused to look him in the eye anymore. He knew yet he didn’t care. As long as you gave him what he wanted, he didn’t give a shit.
Hobi was the only one who knew of your continuous mistakes with Yoongi. It got too much for you to handle on your own, and who better to confide in than your best friend? He told you time and time again, that this one-sided relationship wasn’t doing you any favours, and that you should end it.
Even though technically there was nothing there to end.
You didn’t know why you did this to yourself. It wasn’t even the sex you cared about. That was no longer the motive of these little meetings. You agreed to go to his apartment to spend time with him. His very gaze had you falling apart, that’s the control he had on you.
He liked you though. He liked you plenty. Whenever you went crawling back after a prolonged period, he’d go very rough on you. Why? Because that’s how he took out his frustration. His sadness. His anger. His happiness. It was the only damn way he communicated.
For the first couple of nights, he wouldn’t even care, fucking one of the many girls he met regularly- there was no shortage of them. But then he’d get bored. He’d start texting, calling. Sending photos on an indescribable nature that would have you feeling things you shouldn’t.
Even though you were just another fuck. He tried to keep you with him. But he never had to try hard. “Y/n, have you ever told him how you feel?”, Hoseok asked you gently.
Hoseok was under a lot of stress from work so as a result, he spent a lot of his time with you, just talking. And you were there to listen. But occasionally, it would be him listening to you moaning on about the same thing over and over.
“He wouldn’t give a shit”, you sighed. ‘Feelings are complicated’, he says. He’s just in it for the sex, Hobi. The minute I mention feelings, he would kick me out. I just know it.”
“Then he just isn’t worth it. Go out. Find someone. Hell, I’ll even come with you. I’ll third wheel just for you.” He pulled a face, making you smile through your blurred vision. “You are an angel, Jung Hoseok. You know that right?” And he spent the majority of the evening hugging the pain away.
Even Hoseok didn’t know, you had tried to forget Yoongi by spending nights out. That resulted in you waking up, not really knowing where you were or even who you were with, feeling disgusted with yourself. And if Yoongi saw any marks on me that weren’t his…that was always bad.
You would tell him, none of them could compare to him. That they were nothing to you. But he would still go out of his way to ‘teach you a lesson you wouldn’t forget’. The man you loved was also the man you hated. But still, you hated yourself more for being so weak willed. You told yourself, this was all you- if you walked away, Yoongi wouldn’t care enough to chase you. The fact that you stayed and wrecked yourself like this…it was your doing.
Hoseok hadn’t visited for a couple of days- he was bogged down with work. And you were getting restless. He kept you calm when you were on edge. And with the number of texts Yoongi was sending you, you were most certainly on edge.It had been a week since you two had seen each other- he must have been getting impatient.
Hoseok promised he would come over, he needed a break from the work just as much as you needed a break from my thoughts. You jumped out of your skin when your phone rang, instantly making you sit up. Your hand slowly reached out for the device, although your mind was screaming at you to stop. “Hello?” Your voice was croaky from having just woken up.
“Baby girl, it’s been a while. I miss you.”
No ‘hi’ or ‘how are you’. That’s not the way he worked. And those words, ‘I miss you’ were just code for ‘I want your body’. Even as he spoke, you could hear small whimpers and breathy moans in the background. He was actually with someone whilst talking to you.
“I’ve been busy”, you replied bluntly, silently telling yourself to hang up, but couldn’t bring yourself to do so. The sound of his raspy, deep drawls was music to your ears.
“That’s it baby- right there!”, a girl instructed. There was a pause and then she let out a pitiful whine. You knew instantly what he had done. He had probably ordered her not to speak whilst he was on the phone, and the minute she did, he stopped his ministrations.
“My baby sounds so stressed”, he sounded concerned, but you knew it was a ruse. A trick. He had never felt concern for anyone in his life. “You want me to relieve some of that stress?”
“No thanks”, you declined, your spare fist balled and your voice strained. “My friend will be here soon and he said we’d go out and eat, so I haven’t got time, sorry.” The apology came out with no feeling, almost robotic.
“He? You’re going out with a friend? Who’s male?”, he asked darkly, all concern now gone, as quickly as it appeared. “Don’t tell me my baby’s found herself another fuckboy to pleasure her.”
You scrunched your face up in disgust. “Unlike you, I’m actually capable of making friends without wanting to get in their pants!” You felt a headache coming on already, and decided it would be best to hang up. “I’ve got to go. Have fun with whoever you’re with right now.”
He wouldn’t like that one bit. But maybe, just maybe, if you angered him enough, he’d see you as a nuisance and want you out of his life- that way, you couldn’t go back to him no matter how much you wanted to.
You showered, got ready and had some coffee as a breakfast substitute, just in time for Hoseok. The knock on the door made you jump up, excited to finally see the human embodiment of stress relief.
You opened the door to a visibly exhausted Hoseok. “Hey y/n”, he greeted as you let him in, instantly seeing that you two wouldn’t be going anywhere today. But that was OK. Reheated pizza and being curled up on the couch with Hoseok was actually better than having to dress up and go to some fancy place to eat.
“God”, he breathed, slumping down onto the sofa, leaning his head back to stare at the ceiling. “It’s been so hectic y/n, I’m actually dead.” You leaned over him playfully and gave him a smile, which would’ve looked weird probably seeing as to him you were upside down.
“Just relax Hobi. You’re here now.”
“What about going out?”, he sighed contentedly as you rubbed light circles into his temples. He loved that. “Forget that. We’ll go another day. I’ve got pizza.”
“You’re the best y/n.”
“I know.”
Truth be told, you weren’t the best. Far from it. You didn’t have a social life apart from your two best friends and Yoongi- if you could even class what you and Yoongi did as ‘social’.
Hobi had tried to set you up with people countless times in the past. He took you out. He introduced you to some of his work friends. He even signed you up for those god awful dating websites. But nothing worked. Why? You simply didn’t put the effort in.
If a man hugged you, you’d pull away because he didn’t hold you like Yoongi. If someone gave you their shirt after sex, you’d refuse because it didn’t smell of Yoongi. It got to the point where if someone touched you, you’d recoil, because their touch wasn’t electrifying- like Yoongi’s. Every damn thing was compared to him and it was driving you insane.
Yoongi didn’t make any attempt to contact you until a couple of days after. You were out, grocery shopping . He sent a text, enough to have you going weak at the knees.
From Yoongi
Baby i need you
You tried to call Hobi to talk you out of it, but it went to answerphone, and immediately, you panicked. So the next best thing you could think of was to send him a nonchalant reply.
To Yoongi
Sorry. Out shopping
He would move onto the next girl in his contacts and forget about you for another couple of days. At least, that’s what you thought.
From Yoongi
Where? I’ll come pick you up
Fuck. Why was he doing this? Yoongi wasn’t that dense- he could take a hint as to when you didn’t want to see him. You’d done this enough times, after all.
To Yoongi
No need. I’m fine
It was finally your turn to pay as you fumbled about, trying to get your money out whilst the cashier scanned the items. Once you’d finally got to it, you couldn’t help but check what he had replied with.
From Yoongi
Baby tell me or I’m coming to yours
Your eyes widened. He’d only been to yours once, and that was because your house was the nearest after a drunken night out- your first night with him. You highly doubted he could even remember where you lived. But you weren’t taking any chances.
To Yoongi
Give me 20 mins
You’d go to him. Of course you’d go to him. You always did. You thanked the cashier, grabbing your bags and rushing away, not bothering to wait for the change. You sped walk home, wanting to get out of these sweats and into something a little more…appropriate.
You ended up opting for a cute dress. One that you knew he liked. He never said that up front, but you knew that glint in his eye when he liked the look of something. With one final look in the mirror, you grabbed your phone and set off. The groceries could be put away later.
You were wary, having interrupted him with another woman one too many times in the past. He’d always tell you he was free, but then he’d always be occupied when you got there. Which really didn’t help your ‘I’m worthless’ mentality, in all honesty.
And then there were the women. Goodness, the women he saw made you wonder what purpose you served in his life exactly. Because they were freaking gorgeous. You were convinced you had nothing on them. Any of them would and could make a picture perfect couple with Yoongi. It really made you question why he felt the need to even contact someone like you.
You finally got to his door (25 minutes later) and knocked tentatively, waiting. You shifted your body weight from one foot to the other, feeling tense. You knew why you were here. He wanted you. And you’d be damned if you were going to give that to him- at least that’s what you told yourself every time you were here.
When you two met,you were at a club. Which in itself wasn’t brilliant because what kind of long term partner would you pick up at a club? Nevertheless, you spotted him. And to your surprise, he was already staring.
After that first night, you was surprised when you woke up alone at your apartment, with his number on your bed side. You didn’t know he was what he was- you thought maybe he was interested in making the two of you a ‘thing’.
You thought it was a bit weird that he’d ask to meet, sleep with you, then just brush you off, so after the third time, you called him out for it. You asked him if he was serious about you, and to your humiliation, he just laughed. And that’s when he told you what he was. But it was too late- you were in too deep.
Your breath hitched as his door swung open. You were met by him in nothing but boxers, which was extremely distracting. His hair was ruffled, sticking up all over the place, and his neck had distinguishable, fresh marks on it. Someone had obviously been there earlier. And not too long ago, judging by his lack of clothing.
You hated seeing marks on him that weren’t yours. Still, you tore your gaze away from the purple and red splotches to look straight into his dark, unblinking, captivating eyes. “Baby”, he quietly uttered the single word, making you even more nervous. Surely he knew the effect he had on you. With a cock of his head, he motioned for you to come in, and you blindly obliged.
You walked past him into the familiar room, hearing him click the door shut softly behind me- and lock it of course. “You’ve been avoiding me again.” It wasn’t a question, even though you knew he wanted an explanation. “No one else does this to me, only you. You keep running.”
You tried to keep my eyes trained on his face, not the rest of him, as you stood there awkwardly, arms folded defensively, everything you wanted to say forgotten.
He took two steps towards you, grabbing your hands in his as he waited for a response. “I told you Yoongi. I was busy. You can’t expect me to put my life on hold for you.”
He leaned in and whispered, his breath tangible on the shell of your ear. “So baby can make time for her male friend, but not me?” I tried to jerk away, but he was strong. I didn’t like him talking about Hoseok like that.
“You keep him out of this. He is a part of my life, you got that?”
“And I’m not?” If you didn’t know him as well as you did, you could’ve mistaken his expression for actual hurt. “Well I wouldn’t exactly call someone who only fucks me a part of my life”, you muttered, looking down at your intertwined hands.
Yes you were running. But you were running in circles. You got away, and then you came right back. Yoongi leaned in and kissed your forehead, the loving gesture making you sigh quietly.
You shut your eyes to revel in the feeling of his soft lips as he moved down to your neck, leaving gentle kisses in their wake. You were putty in his hands.
Your eyes snapped open just as his hands started roaming your body and the realisation hit you like a ton of bricks. The realisation that you had just initiated this vicious cycle once more. The realisation that he was using pleasure as a means of making you forget- just like all the other times.
You instantly pushed at his chest, making him take a small step back in surprise. You bought a hand to your mouth in disbelief. You pushed him. You pushed Min Yoongi away. “Shit. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve got to go.” You rushed past him and made a beeline for the door you had just come through.
You froze. Did he just use your real name? Yoongi never called you by your real name. It was always ‘Princess’ or ‘Beautiful’- or his personal favourite, ‘Baby’. Your name sounded almost foreign coming from him.
He took your lack of movement as a cue to keep talking. “You don’t want to leave. I know it, you know it. Why are you doing this to the two of us?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know Yoongi.”
You heard him sigh and jumped, not realising how close he had gotten. “That doesn’t matter baby. None of that matters as long as we still get to see each other, right?”
You were rendered speechless. Your feelings didn’t matter? Your feelings didn’t matter as long as you were there for his needs. You felt sick. You started to walk once more but he caught you from behind, resting his hands on your waist and his chin on your shoulder. You wanted to cry- but that didn’t matter. None of it mattered- just like he said.
“If this was any of the other girls”, he murmured. “I’d let them walk without a doubt. I wouldn’t try and get them to stay. But I don’t call you my favourite for a reason, beautiful. I hate it when you refuse to see me for days on end. And now you’re doing it again. Why come here if you’re just gonna leave like that?”
“I came here to try and talk to you, but you’ve made it clear that there’s no point.”
He twisted you around to face him, his actions forceful. “Who said we need to talk, baby? Why can’t I just give you a good time?” You felt wrong. Why did you think you could handle a purely physical relationship? It was pretty obvious that you couldn’t.
His hands started moving lower and lower, reaching to the hem of the dress, before slowly riding it up. “Baby”, he breathed, lips ghosting my neck. “You want this, don’t you?”
“N-no”, you stammered, although you made no attempt to move.
“You don’t? Then stop me.”
Did you? Well, the answer to that should be obvious by now. He pulled you towards him, angling his head so your lips met with ease. Your brain went into a frenzy almost immediately, heating up in response to his touches. “My baby”, he whispered, pulling away to look at you.
He looked beautiful. His slightly swollen, pink parted lips fanning cool bursts of air on your heated face. His eyes, dark with want. He never usually kissed you this much- he had…other methods to get you worked up.
His hand stroked your hair and stopped at the base of your neck, and you inhaled sharply at the sensation. “I know exactly how to make you feel good, don’t I beautiful?” He repeated the action, slower this time, enjoying the way you reacted to his touch.
His hands proceeded to travel down your sides, caressing you, before resting on your hips, whilst never breaking eye contact.
“Yoongi”, you whispered, eyes fluttering shut. His fingers curled around you, gripping you at the sound of his name from your lips. You were trembling from this newfound intimacy, wondering what was going through his mind.
“Hmm baby?”, he hummed, but you didn’t respond. He started playing with the straps of your dress, taking his sweet time. But you were already a mess. Your heart ached, yes, but his very touch made you forget that pain- even if that relief was temporary.
At this point your pulse was pounding in your head. Was it you, or did this time feel a little different? Why wasn’t he rushing into things as he usually did? He grasped your hand and pulled you to the couch, setting you down on his lap.
“OK. You wanted to talk? Then talk”, he ordered huskily. Your eyes slightly narrowed. He was going to give you the chance to vent? Just like that? No fucking way. That wasn’t the Min Yoongi you knew.
“OK”, you breathed out shakily. “Well I think you know why I try to stay away from y-Oh!” He cut you off by bringing one hand to your crotch, jamming against it with just the right amount of pressure. You should have seen that coming.
“Continue”, he drawled lazily, moving his hand up and down, making the blood rush to your head and subsequently causing you to stumble on your words. You blinked at him, before weakly trying to move his hand away, but he wasn’t having it. “Continue”, he repeated, his dark eyes boring into you. Was this punishment? What the fuck was he playing at?
“I-i have to stay away”, you choked out. “Because you hurt me.” He did nothing but hum as he moved your underwear to the side and pressed down on your clit with the pad of his thumb. You shut your eyes tight, choking back a sob.
You grasp his shoulders as leverage to keep you upright and gasp, “Yoongi, this isn’t fair.” He was doing it on purpose to throw you off. “No”, he growled, suddenly entering you, making you cry out. “I’ll tell you what isn’t fair. You leaving me for days on end isn’t fair.” He slowly started pumping his finger in languid motions, making you squirm. “You not answering my calls, isn’t fair.”
He picked up speed. “You going to the club to pick up other filthy men to take my place…isn’t fair.” You stiffened, loosening your grip on his shoulders a little. How did he…?
“That’s right”, he smile humorlessly. “I know your dirty little secret. I’ve seen you myself, making out with strangers. Letting them drag you out. Just like a little slut.”
Your pupils dilated and you gasping for breath, you were struggling to comprehend what he was really saying. “Y-you’ve ungh- you’ve fucked every girl f-for miles”, you struggled to form words. “You break relationships! W-what does that make you?”
Yoongi curled his finger, making you moan. “Example?”
You didn’t understand. “What?”
“Give me an example of when I’ve broken a relationship”, he challenged coolly. You looked him in the eye, the realisation hitting you. Minah had never told him about her and Hoseok. “I can’t tell you”, you muttered. Despite your anger and humiliation you felt your release getting closer and closer…
And then he pulled out, leaving you empty. “My baby thought I’d make this easy for her?” You were at a loss for words, a strung out mess. Yoongi grabbed your hair, sharply tugging on it, the sharp stinging sensation eliciting a small gasp from you. “Look at me, beautiful.”
When you refused to do so, he tugged again, making your eyes glisten with unshed tears from the pain.“I said look at me.” You hesitantly met his cold, yet lustful stare. “I want you to say it loud and clear. Say what you’ve been meaning to say. I want to hear those three words come out of your pretty little mouth.”
You gaped at him. He wanted you to confess? Right now? “Baby, you have until the count of three before I-”
“-I love you”, you breathed out hurriedly, not wanting to know what he would do if you didn’t listen. He cocked his head, loosening his grip on your hair ever so slightly. “I’m sorry?”
You sighed. “I. Love. You”, you repeated louder, enunciating each monosyllabic word as clearly as you could.”
“Well Princess. If you love me, you’ll stop running. You won’t leave me hanging again”, he murmured. Before you could respond, he hoisted your closer to his groin, his expression making you shiver.
“I think I can make you cum just like this”, he smirked, eyeing you up and down, like a prized possession. This was it. For Yoongi, the conversation was over. That was as far as it would go. He slid forward slightly and leaned back on the couch, firmly pressing you down onto his erection.
The sensation had you reeling from pleasure, but today you were feeling stubborn. “What would you do if one day I decided to leave for real?” He snapped his hip upwards in retaliation, making you whimper at the jolt running through your very core. “You’re not going anywhere.”
You were both still clothed, yet here you were, a whimpering mess. “I want to see you cum. Just like this. I want to show you what I can do to you without even undressing”, he said, voice low.
He bucked his hips up into you, even harder this time, making you gasp his name. The sensation left you feeling light-headed, your core clenching. So close, yet so far to where you wanted him to be. But when Yoongi had his mind set on something, there was no stopping him.
He set a mediocre pace, ramming into you before you could get over the sensation of the previous thrust, but still not fast enough. So you instinctively began grinding on him, desperately chasing that release after having already been denied it.
He was better at hiding it, but his dilated eyes gave it away- he was just as fucked out as you. Leaning back, slack jawed, watching your roll your hips into him. You were his favourite for a reason.
You were close to breaking point. “Go on beautiful”, he rasped, which was enough to tip you over the edge. And you sobbing his name, was enough for him to let go. He pulled you down to capture your lips in his, taking advantage of the euphoria surrounding you both.
It wasn’t long before you were too weak to stay upright anymore, so you collapsed forward, your head on his shoulder. He rubbed small circles onto your back, making you sigh. The moment reminded of you that wretched dream you had, but of course this wouldn’t end like that dream. This was the harsh reality- any minute now, he’d tell you to leave and to ‘shut the door on your way out’.
There was around five minutes of silence, before Yoongi cleared his throat, the vibration travelling form his chest to yours. He probably felt awkward, after making you confess out loud like that. “Never leave me.”
You slowly pulled yourself upright to look at him. He sounded…so helpless. That was unlike Yoongi. “Why?”, you whispered.
He paused for a moment, as if he was thinking of a response. “It’s…different with you. I get desperate girls, I get lonely girls. Mad girls. Sad girls. But you keep coming back because of me. You don’t come here to just fuck. And I…I like that.”
You didn’t know how to respond to that. Thankfully, you didn’t have to. Your phone, which was still on the floor, started ringing, making you hastily get up off Yoongi, despite the uncomfortable wetness in your pants.
You answered, simultaneously going to grab some tissues off the table to wipe yourself down, so you were at least decent to walk home. “Hello?”
“Hey y/n! You called earlier, and I was at work…anything urgent?” You glanced back at Yoongi, who was still in his boxers, legs sprawled, staring back at you. The human embodiment of sin.
“Er..nothing. It’s been sorted now.”
“Oh, all right…well, I’m off for the day. Shall I come over? Bora’s got a date so it’s just me, myself and I”, he sighed sorrowfully, making you smile a little. “A date? Sounds nice. And sure, come over in an hour or so. We’ll watch a movie”
“Good plan! See you in a bit!” And with that, he hung up. You hastily pocketed the phone and turned to Yoongi, awkwardly scratching your head. “See you…I’ll…I’ll show myself out”, you muttered.
“When will you come back?”, he asked dully, not making eye contact with you. Although your heart rate increased, you kept your cool. “I don’t know Yoongi. When I have time.”
He nodded, and you took that as your signal to leave.
“Oh, and y/n?”
“Yes, I know”, you called back, not even bothering to stop. “I’ll shut the door on my way out.” And you did- with more force than was necessary.
You hastily walked home, wanting to be out of those clothes and into something comfortable before Hoseok came over. But as the lift door slid open to give you access to your floor, you froze. Hoseok. Stood outside your apartment. Not looking very happy at all.
“Hey Hobi”, you attempted a weak smile but you knew where this was heading. “Where have you been?”, he asked, and you could tell he was straining to keep calm. You took out the key and walked towards your door, not meeting his eye.
“I was out.”
“Where?” The door was unlocked now, and you walked in, Hoseok following you close behind. “Y/n, don’t ignore me.”
“Hobi, why does it mat-”
“-You were at his house weren’t you?”
You sighed heavily, your facial expression giving you away. “I went there to talk”, you whispered.
“Oh yeah?”, Hoseok challenged. “And how’d that work out for you?” Your bit your lip, your chest tightening so much it physically hurt. “I told him how I felt…”.
Hoseok’s expression softened. “Oh shit y/n…what’d he say?”
“He said…If I love him then I’d never leave him.” His anger returned tenfold. “That son of a bitch.”
“I’m never going back there again Hobi. I’ve decided. I told him I’d ring him, but I won’t. I’m done.” You spoke with such conviction that Hoseok gave you a small smile- and a big hug.
“That’s my girl. Is Yoongi the reason you called earlier?”
“Uh-huh”, you responded, your voice muffled by the hug. “I needed you to talk me out of it.”
“Well…I’m actually kind of glad I didn’t. Because now you know his view on love, you know you can do better. Right?”
Even though you were still unsure you could do better than Min Yoongi, you agreed. “Right.”
The main reason Hoseok had come over, it turned out, was to sweet talk you into going to a party with Bora. Some work thing. She wanted to introduce you and Hoseok to her boyfriend, but Hoseok was working a late shift. “Hobi!”, you groaned. “I hate parties!”
“Please?”, he begged. “I have a friend you can hang out with. C’mon I’ve already
arranged it so he knows who you are! And he’s easy going so you won’t have to worry about it being awkward!”
You narrowed your eyes at his indignant tone. “Jung Hoseok, are you trying to set me up with someone?”
“No! No, look I promise you. He’s a fun guy. And he works at the same place as Bora so he’ll be at the party. And seeing as I’m asking you to go by yourself, the least I could do was make sure you have a friend for the night.”
You were touched by the sentiment, but still not too pleased Hoseok wasn’t going to be there. “OK, what’s his name?”, you sighed. “Taehyung”, Hoseok responded. “Kim Taehyung. Great guy.” You rolled your eyes. That’s how Hoseok described all his friends.
It was always ‘Why didn’t it work with Jin?! He’s a great guy!’, or ‘You’re gonna love Namjoon, he’s a great guy!’ Still, you opted to give Hoseok the benefit of the doubt and roll with it.
“Party’s tomorrow right?”, you asked, leaning back into the couch, and shutting your eyes. “Err, no…it’s tonight.”
Your eyes shot open. “Tonight? Hoseok would it have killed you to tell me before?” You only called him ‘Hoseok’ when you were mad or annoyed.
“I’m sorry!”, he held up his hands in surrender. “It slipped my mind!”
“But…you’ve already been to work, why are you going back?”
“I need to work a double shift…”, he looked down into his lap. “The rent’s not gonna pay itself you know.”
“Jesus”, you grumbled. You had no energy left in you, and now you were expected to go to a party. “You’re lucky we’re friends”, you muttered, making him chuckle. “Very true. But I want all the details on this party! The boyfriend, who else is there, not that you know many people, ooh and if something happens between you and Tae-”
“-Shut it Hobi.”
You both lounged around doing absolutely nothing until it was time for Hoseok to go, and for you to get ready. “Good luck!”, he waved. “I’m sure you’ll have fun!” He shut the door before he could see your elegantly displayed middle finger.
You showered and went for your usual party attire, nothing too fancy. Tank top, skirt, boots, light make-up, done. You looked..alright, but that was OK. You weren’t trying to impress anyone.
Following Hoseok’s instructions, you found the place wasn’t even five minutes away from you. Laughter and jeers could be heard down the otherwise silent street as you made your way to the lit up house. You had texted Bora to let her know it was just you coming, and she had told you she was already there.
As soon as you opened the door, you grimaced. The place was jam-packed. How many people worked in one place? You braced yourself, and walked in, manoeuvring your way through the crowds.
There was nowhere to sit, no one you knew and nothing to do. Great party, you thought to yourself dryly. It was another ten minutes before you heard a deep voice call your name. “Y/n?”
Your head snapped up and you were met by a handsome stranger. He started laughing with joy, clapping his hands like a seal, and you frowned, wondering is he was OK…Maybe he had drank too much?
You looked around sheepishly, but no one was paying him any attention. Maybe his colleagues knew he was always like this. “Are you OK?”, you asked, once he had kind of calmed down.
“Hobi told me what you’d look like…and he described your outfit perfectly! I asked him how he knew what you were gonna wear and he said he’s never seen you wear anything else to a party!”, he doubled over again, and as contagious as his laugh was, you bit back the smile, making a mental note to make Hoseok pay. What a way to make a first impression…
“I assume you’re Taehyung?”, you asked. He had stopped laughing, but there was still an amused glint in his eyes. “The one and only. We should stick together, because god knows I don’t want to be here.”
You were welcome to the idea…Hoseok was right, Taehyung was easygoing. “Then why are you here?”, you asked, genuinely curious.
“I thought Hobi was coming”, he admitted. “But then he bailed. And told me I should still come because his friend y/n…well, you, were coming… He’s a…how can I describe him? He’s so caring and…
“A great guy?” When he laughed this time, I laughed with him. “You should totally smile more”, he remarked, making you raise your eyebrows. “It suits you.”
“I smile lots”, you countered, even though that was a lie.
Taehyung shook his head. “No, you seem sad. I know! Let’s go get a drink..You’re not a depressed drunk, are you?” You shook your head. You could get pretty hyper when you were drunk. He grabbed you by your wrist, “Good! Nether am I!”
He rushed through the crowd, at such a speed that he had you stumbling to keep up. “Taehyung, slow down!”
He didn’t. Instead, he looked over his shoulder, grinning. “Call me Tae.” When he turned back around, you smiled at the back of his head. This boy sure was different- and you liked it.
Taehyung didn’t stop until he got to the kitchen. “What would you like m’lady? We have a choice of beer and…more beer.” You breathlessly chuckled. “Ooh that’s a hard choice…I guess I’ll have a beer.”
He clapped. “Good choice!” You were lost in conversation, actually having fun with Taehyung, when Bora’s voice bought you back to reality. “Y/n! Hey!” You looked around until you spotted her and smiled. She looked stunning, as expected. “Ah, Bora. I’d like to say she’s a work friend, but I’ve barely ever spoken to her”, Taehyung muttered to you quietly.
You shot him a wry look before turning back to Bora, who was now stood right in front of you, and pulling her in for a brief hug. “Hey, I lost all hope of finding you in here!”
“You’re lucky I heard Tae’s voice”, she laughed. “You can hear that boy miles away. You two know each other?”
“No, we just met. Hobi told him to look after me”, you smiled up at Taehyung. “Is he doing a good job?”, she asked, eyes flitting between us both. “He’s doing great”, you replied, surprising yourself at how happy you sounded. “I thought you were here with your boyfriend?”, you cleared your throat and changed the subject.
“I am”, she beamed. “He just went to get us both drinks. Hold up, he’ll be on his way back right now.” You don’t know what yo were expecting, but considering how pretty Bora was, you had high expectations of who she would choose to go out with.
You felt good. Alcohol in your system, a nice guy and one of your closest friends by your side. You actually felt alright. “Over here baby!”, Bora yelled over the noise of talking, laughing and music, motioning to someone you couldn’t see over the groups of people.
You glanced at Taehyung, who was staring into his cup. You couldn’t help but think that maybe he’d prefer it if it was just the two of you. Well Bora would go off with her boyfriend soon enough.
Your heart dropped as soon as you saw who was making their way towards you, in ripped skinny jeans and a black hoodie, holding two red cups. You shrank bank, leaning into Taehyung, the boy placing a supporting hand on the small of your back. He leaned down and whispered “Are you OK?”, and you subtly shook your head.
You were not OK.
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