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Genre: Angst, Fuckboy! au (M)
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Length: 4578 words
Summary: He ruined you. And you let him.
Part: 2/?
“Y/n, this is is Yoongi”, Bora introduced him, oblivious to the stunned look on your face. “And Yoongi, this is y/n, a good friend of mine.” The whole time, Yoongi hadn’t taken his eyes off you. You felt sick. Gripping Taehyung for support, you forced a smile for Bora, ignoring Yoongi completely. “It was nice to see you guys Bora..but do you mind if we step outside…I drank quite a bit and feel sick.”
It was a rubbish lie, but it was the best you could come up with considering the circumstances. But she fell for it, hook line and sinker. “You want us to come with?” You shook your head violently. “No no. You stay..Have fun. I’ll catch you later.”
Taehyung hadn’t said a word this whole time, but he spoke up. “I’ll take care of her Bora don’t worry. See ya.” And with that you both turned and walked away, leaving the pair. Taehyung made a beeline for the patio door, ushering you outdoors. You found ourselves in the calm and quiet back garden. He slid the door shut to block out the noise.
You were focusing on breathing. Yoongi was with Bora. He was her boyfriend. Your best friend’s boyfriend. And you had been sleeping with him. “Oh my god”, you whispered, the illusion that everything was OK suddenly crashing down on you.
“Hey”, Taehyung said gently, making his way to you. “You know the guy? You went a bit weird when you saw him.” You swallowed harshly, looking up to meet his gaze with wet eyes. “You don’t have to tell m-”
“-I know him”, you choked out. “Min Yoongi. He’s…he’s..”, you couldn’t bring yourself to say what he was. As you let out a shaky breath, Taehyung bought his hands to your cheeks. “It’s OK y/n…I know I’m a complete stranger, but you can let it all out.” He may have been practically a stranger, but to you, he didn’t feel like one.
“He sleeps around a lot”, you whispered. “And I…I kept going back to him because I…”, you sighed again. This was all too much.
“You fell for him”, Taehyung murmured. You nodded wordlessly. “He made me confess this morning, and then he told me to never leave him…and then I find out he’s the boy Bora’s been seeing for weeks. I’m….I’m a terrible person.”
You felt ashamed at what you had done. If Bora found out, you were sure it would crush her. This was her first relationship in years. “This isn’t your fault”, Taehyung shook his head. “He’s been messing about. With her, with you, with whoever else he has slept with. This isn’t on you.”
You sniffed, your eyes downcast. “Thank you”, you said, “For putting up with that. You didn’t have to.”
“But I wanted to”, he insisted. “I’ve come across many people like him, boys and girls alike. You’re a likeable, pretty girl, and he’s ruined your confidence, self-esteem and probably your perception of men.”
You blinked at him. That was very profound coming from someone who had spent the first five minutes, after having met you, just standing there and giggling.
“Does Hobi know about him?” You nodded. “I tell him everything”, you replied, your eyes flitting back to the glass doors, to the party. He was in there somewhere. Taehyung kept one hand on your cheek and with the other, he smoothed your hair down, making you shiver. You always loved people playing with your hair.
“I’m sorry you had to go through all that”, he mumbled, his eyes scanning your face. He looked concerned, but due to the light illuminating us from the party, you could clearly see the darkness swimming in his eyes. “Don’t be. It was my fault for going back to him”, you replied quietly.
You still weren’t quite over the fact that Yoongi had made you confess despite having a girlfriend. That he was still sleeping around. That he was still asking to see you. He had some nerve.
“Hey c’mon, don’t get so upset over it. He doesn’t sound like someone worth getting upset over.” He leaned in until your foreheads were touching. “You good?”
Your eyes flitted to his lips and back up. “I could be better”, you whispered, gently stroking his chest.
His lips ghosted over yours. “Are you sure about this? You barely know me.” You may have been lost in the moment, but you were sure. So many men had tried to make a move and you brushed them off, because it didn’t feel right…but with Taehyung…it was different.
With Taehyung, you forgot Yoongi.
“I’m sure…Are you?”
Taehyung grinned. “I’m sure too. I don’t usually do this when I’m still sober, so you’re definitely special.” You smiled, but before you could respond, Taehyung’s lips had captured yours.
He snaked an arm around your waist and pulled you closer, closing the already small gap between you both. You rested a hand on his nape, wanting him even closer.
His lips parted as he panted lightly, and you used that moment to your advantage, slowly separated them further with your tongue. Taehyung groaned at that little action, and pulled back. And what a sight to behold.
“Is this because you want to forget about him?”, he asked between light pants. You were confused for a second, your mind dizzy from that intoxicating kiss, before you understood he was asking about Yoongi. “Yoongi? Tae, I wasn’t thinking of him as I was doing that. You’re not some sort of rebound”, you affirmed.
“I knew that”, he gave you one of his dazzling smiles. “But it’s worth checking.” You glowered at him but said nothing. “Do you wanna leave this party?”, he asked. But his voice didn’t have any suggestive undertones to it- he legitimately wanted to leave. You could tell just by the way he eyed the patio doors with disdain.
“Yes, let’s”, you agreed. “I can text Bora and let her know.” He grabbed your hand without hesitation and started to walk back towards the overcrowded house. He must have sensed your reluctance because he gave your hand a reassuring squeeze.
Of course one of the first people you had to bump into was Bora. “Hey babe”, she slurred, already having emptied her cup, god knows how many times. “You feeling better?”
Taehyung spoke for you. “Well I was just about to take y/n home. She still feels unwell. Where’s err…where’s the guy you were with?” He was trying to play it cool, you could tell. “Yoongi went to the bathroom”, she replied with a hiccup. “He’ll be here in a bit…we could all leave together?”
You felt bad, but you just couldn’t deal with Yoongi. “Tae, why don’t you stay with Bora until Yoongi appears, then meet me outside?”, you suggested. You had never felt claustrophobia like this..everything was suddenly closing in on you.
“Where are you going?”, a voice behind you, made you freeze. Shit. You slowly turned to find him stood there, head tilted, staring at you. “Home”, you replied stoically. Bora was drunk…she wouldn’t remember if you didn’t pretend to act happy around her boyfriend.
“Already? But the party only just got started beau-”, he bit his lip, stopping himself from calling you ‘beautiful’ in front of everyone. He was mad, you could see it in his eyes. But you were madder. How dare he? You were glad you had made the decision to cut him off prior to seeing him at the party. He broke up Hoseok’s relationship, and now he was treating Bora like this. You were fuming.
You turned back to Bora. “Yoongi’s here now”, you smiled at her. “So we’ll get going. Stay safe, OK?” She tried to hug you goodbye, but she was essentially leaning on top of you, until you gently stood her upright. Both you and Taehyung left swiftly after that second encounter, glad to get out.
“Are you gonna tell her that he…y’know?”
“That he’s a womaniser? I can’t do that’d break her. And if I did, she’d ask how I know and what would I say to that? ‘Yeah, by the way, I’m also one of the many girls that sleeps with your guy on the regular.’ No way. We always said we wouldn’t let a boy come between us, but she’s only human…”, you trailed off, the thought of her finding out, making the pit of your stomach fill with dread.
The realisation of what you had done with Yoongi earlier today hit you hard, as if you had suddenly sobered up, your chest starting to rise rapidly as you tried to control your breathing. You were both walking at a slow pace already, but you had to stop
completely, gasping for air as Taehyung helplessly tried to calm you down.
“Y/n?…”. he grasped your shoulders and tried to get you to focus on him. “I told him I loved him”, you choked out, the mind-numbing guilt washing over you in relentless waves. “I was sleeping with him..oh god.”
“Y/n, look at me. Look at me, OK?”, he murmured. A couple of the party goers walked past us, obviously having left early too, but paid us no attention. “It’s gonna be OK. It’s all OK, you hear me? You’re not the bad person here. You didn’t know.”
You looked into his eyes and saw nothing but concern and sincerity. You don’t know how long you stood there, staring at him, but you soon started to feel your breathing return to normal. He noticed too. “That’s more like it! Now c’mon, let’s get you home, I don’t think we should go anywhere else tonight. Do you live far?” You shook your head. “Five minutes walk.”
He chatted cheerfully the whole way there, even succeeding in making you laugh again as he imitated all the people he encountered at his work place. You were laughing so hard, you tripped and stumbled into him, making his hands shoot out to grab you before you face-planted the floor. “Shit sorry”, you giggled.
All these sudden mood changes. Maybe you were a bipolar drunk? When you both finally reached the flat, you smiled when he went in, clearly wanting to drop you off at your door. But that was where he stopped. You turned to face him, about to invite him in as it wasn’t too late, but he declined before you even opened your mouth.
“As much as I would love to come in, believe me, I have a ridiculously early start tomorrow…but I’d like to meet up again?” Your heart soared at the idea as you played with your keys, pretended to think hard. “Hmm, I’ll have to check my schedule.”
He huffed a laugh, before searching his pockets. “Damn, must have left my phone at home…get my number off Hobi, and we’ll arrange something. How about that?”
“Sounds like a plan”, you replied. You had never said ‘yes’ to meeting up a guy for a second time in ages. He gave you a salute, and started walking away, but you stopped him.
“Taehyung?” He stilled,before turning back to face you, a questioning expression on his face. “Thank you for today…I don’t think I would’ve been able to cope if you hadn’t been there.”
“Anytime y/n. And if what happened to you today, happens to you again when no one’s around, remember to tell yourself that it’s not your fault. OK?” You nodded, touched by how much affection he showed towards you.
“Goodnight y/n.”
“Goodnight Tae.” He responded with a flicker of a smile at his nickname before turning the corner, leaving you all alone with your thoughts. Getting into your apartment, you checked the time- almost eleven. Hoseok would be home, but he might have gone to sleep.
You locked your door, and did all the blinds, opting to text him to see if he was awake- he replied almost immediately. You rolled your eyes…he probably thought you had major gossip. Which you guess you did, but it wouldn’t be what he was expecting at all.
He couldn’t even wait for you to ring him, you noted as your screen lit up with his caller ID. “Hobihobi, how was work?”
“Tiring”, he responded. As if to prove his point, he yawned, which in turn made you yawn. You flopped on the sofa, folding your legs in on yourself, so you were sat up in a foetal position. “So…did you find Tae?”
The very mention of his name made you feel all warm inside. “I did. He was amazing , Hobi. Funny too.”
Hoseok let out a delighted squeal, making your ear ring. “That’s great! So why are you already back from the party? No plans to meet him again?” You just knew Hoseok had tried to set you two up- he wasn’t even being subtle about it.
“Yeah, I’ll need his number off you at some point”, you replied, already holding the device an arms length away. You could still hear his shocked profanities, and laughed. Was it really that shocking? When was the last time you had dated? You couldn’t remember.
“And the man reason I called you was why I’m home so early”, you bought him back to Earth with your serious tone. “You know how Bora wanted us to meet her boyfriend?”
“Yeah…how was she by the way?”
“Great, she was great. Happier than I’ve seen her in a long time. Anyway, listen to this. She’s dating Yoongi, Hobi. Min Yoongi.”
All I got was silence from the other end. I could hear him breathing, but he hadn’t said a word. “Hobi?”
“Are you OK?”, he asked, all humour gone from his voice. “Hoseok, I feel like…a homewrecker. Bora told us weeks ago about this boyfriend, so it’s not like it’s a brand new relationship.”
“I’m guessing you told Taehyung everything because you started to act weird and he asked you what was up”, Hoseok commented. He knew you too well. “Maybe…”, you replied. “But Hobi, I don’t know what to do…I can’t tell her without admitting I’ve seen her boyfriend behind her back.”
“First things first, you stick to your word and stay away”, he ordered. And rightly so. “No matter how much he rings or how much you miss him..You stay away. And as for Bora, we can’t keep her in the dark about that son of a bitch, so I’ll tell her.”
“How?”, you asked.
“I’ll say I’ve heard things about him. Y’know, bad things. He likes to sleep around. Not relationship material. The same things I’ve been drilling into you for months.”
You shook your head even though he couldn’t see you. “Hobi, she won’t believe you. She’ll say you’ve made a mistake, or you don’t know him…trust me. I know.”
“Y/n, it’s worth a try. It might save her getting hurt further down the line. You non-committedly hummed in agreement. “What’s your plan for tomorrow?”, you asked. “I’m at work in the afternoon…what about you?”
“Well I’m taking Bora for coffee as a way to say sorry about skipping the party..and that’s in the morning. And then a two hour shift at work.” Your shoulders slumped. That meant you couldn’t see him tomorrow. But…
“I’m absolutely shattered Hobi, I think I’m gonna call it a night”, you tiredly told him, welcoming the idea of your bed. “But can you do me a huge favour and text me Taehyung’s number. I’ll text him before I go to sleep.”
“Same”, he sighed. “And sure thing. I’m proud of you for this y/n. Finally a second meet-up with another guy.”
You were warmed by how much your best friend actually looked out for you. “Thanks Hobi. You’re the best.”
Hoseok did text you Taehyung’s number shortly after the call ended, following it up with a whole array of inappropriate emojis. You rolled your eyes, but promptly saved the number and sending Taehyung a simple text so he knew it was you.
You shed your clothes, and freshened quickly, pulling on an oversized sweater before falling into a deep sleep.
You woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside. Stretching out, you checked the time - 9 am- and found that Taehyung had replied soon after you had sent him a text.
From Taehyung:
You’re very quick. That eager to see me?
You laughed to yourself, almost hearing his teasing tone through the text.
To Taehyung:
Shut it. If I didn’t do it asap, I would’ve forgot
He said he had an early start, so you didn’t expect a reply anytime soon. You got up slowly, still stiff from not moving all night, and gulped as you remembered what happened the night before. You hoped Bora would believe Hoseok and stay away from Yoongi, because he was not, and would never be faithful, You knew that for a fact.
Splashing your face with cold water and brushing your teeth, you decided there wasn’t much else to do today except clean. You didn’t feel the slightest bit hungry, which was strange because whenever you woke up after drinking, you were usually starving.
About half an hour into dusting, you heard a knock on the door. You stilled, not expecting anyone. Perhaps Hoseok had finished early with Bora? Perhaps it hadn’t gone well? Or perhaps it was her, coming to be consoled by you, now that she knew the truth?
You peeled off the rubber gloves, and still clad in nothing but last night’s oversized sweater, you silently padded to the door. Due to the proximity of the door, the second round of knocking made you jump. “Hobi?”, you softly called out. Hoseok wasn’t usually this quiet.
You cut off the third round of knocks by calling out, “Who is it?” If not Hoseok or Bora, the only person it could be was Taehyung, because no one else knew where you lived. You told yourself to calm down- it could just be a salesperson.
You unlocked the door, slowly, and opened it just enough so you could lean forward and check who was on the other side through the miniscule crack you had created. And you were met by the most unwelcome sight.
Yoongi. In the same clothes as last night, but somehow making them look brand new. He caught your eye and you gasped, immediately trying to shut the door on him.
But he was faster- and stronger. He held out just one arm and pushed the door open, you being pushed back with it, your socks sliding you back on the wooden floor as you struggled to match his strength.
“Shit”, you breathlessly muttered to yourself once the door was open wide enough for him to come inside and shut it. You didn’t know what to do…you obviously weren’t expecting him to remember where you lived.
“What the fuck are you doing here?”, you asked, intending to sound harsh, but instead sounding small. You realised he hadn’t said a word yet. He eyed you up and down, making you step back a little and feel self-conscious of the fact that your legs were on display.
“Answer me. What the hell do you want?”
“You”, was his blunt reply. You gaped at him, initially in shock and then disgust. “You have a girlfriend. You know what, we’re not having this conversation. Get out.”
“I’m not going anywhere. You think I was kidding when I told you to never leave?”
“Yoongi, I’m giving you until the count of three to get the hell out.”
You ignored him. “One. Two. Thr-”
He lunged forward, rough pressing you up against the wall. “Who’s the kid?”
You were already startled, so his question made no sense. “What?” You were squirming under his touch but he paid no attention.
“The kid you were with last night. Is he that male friend?”
You hated how you felt your skin heat up at his touch, but you were quick to remind yourself that he was taken, and no matter what, you would not do anything with him.
“Er”, you were thrown off by the question. Surely Taehyung wasn’t the reason he was here? “No.”
“Who is he then?”, Yoongi growled, pressing into you harder, making you gasp. “A f-friend of a friend.”
“Don’t fucking lie!”, he yelled, making you flinch. You were shocked, to say the least. You had never heard him shout, and it was kinda scary. “You think I didn’t see you with his tongue down your throat?”
You tried to push at his chest to create some distance between the two of you. “That’s none of your business! You’re dating Bora! How the hell could you still be sleeping with 50 girls at once when you have someone like her? That’s disgusting…you’re disgusting”, you snapped.
“Yet you love me”, he smirked triumphantly. Your face felt hot in a stomach churning mixture of embarrassment and anger. “I hate you. You’re treating my best friend like…like…”
“Like I treat you?”
You stopped stuttering. He was right. He was treating Bora like he treated you- and all the others.
“Leave me alone, Yoongi. Please.”
“I can’t. Now I’m not gonna ask again. Are you dating that son of a bitch?”
Do you lie, or do you tell the truth? Yoongi’s reaction would be unpredictable either way. “No”, you caved, looking away. Yoongi parted your legs with his knee, before leaning in to whisper, “Good. Because you’re mine, right?”
You jerked your head back, hitting it on the wall behind you in the process. Your disgust amplified at his words, if that was even possible. “N-no. I’m not yours. Get away, Yoongi. I don’t want you touching me.” His fingers tightened around your hips, making you curse.
“You don’t really want me to stop y/n. I know you too well.”
“How can you do this to her?”, you gasped as he gripped you fervently. “Why would you date someone when you’re seeing multiple women at once?”
“Because she’s a breath of fresh air. She doesn’t feel lonely or feel sorry for herself. She doesn’t depend on me. And on top of that, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” Well, that felt like a punch to the gut, but you didn’t let on.
“But, I don’t need her. I don’t need anyone but you y/n. I only need you.” That made absolutely no sense to you. As he ghosted his lips over your neck, you mustered all your strength and shoved him back, finally succeeding, having caught him off guard.
“I don’t want to do this anymore. You have a girlfriend. Get that through your thick skull and start acting like it. Now get out before I…”.
“Before you what?”, he asked, eyebrow raised.
You were going to say ‘before I call Hoseok’, but he’d be out with Bora still. He tilted his head, giving you a glimpse of the faint lovebites that adorned the skin.
“Just go”, you backed away a bit more to create more distance between the two of you.
“You’re a liar”, he stated, a hint of anger lacing his voice quiet voice. “You don’t fucking love me.” You rolled your eyes, despite the heavy feeling in your chest as his words. “Oh, cry me a river. Like you give a shit how I feel, or what I think. If you’re gonna continue fucking around with one of your other girls, feel free. Bora will found out soon enough anyways.”
“Is that a threat?” He smiled at your silence. “Don’t start things you can’t finish, baby.”
“Don’t call me that”, you replied through gritted teeth. Why was he being so stubborn?
“She deserves better than you”, you proceeded to mutter, the guilt consuming you once more. Over on the table, your phone buzzed, notifying you of a text- it was probably Taehyung’s reply.
You pinched at the bridge of your nose. “You came here to find out if I was dating someone. And I told you I’m not”, you spoke slowly, trying to not lose it. “So please leave, Yoongi.”
“If I leave, I know you’ll make no attempt to contact me. That’s why I’m here. I’m not stupid…I saw how your face fell at the party. I knew you’d decide to stay away for good.”
“Well ,obviously!” You were incredulous. What did he take you for? It was pretty blatant you weren’t going to contact him again. As much as it pained you to say, you didn’t want anything to do with him. Not anymore.
“Look. Can you just hear me out? And then I’ll go”, he tried to reason, running a hand through his hair.
“Hurry up then”, you replied impatiently, crossing your arms. If it would get him to leave, you were all for it.
He sighed, probably the first hint of any emotion since he got here. You looked away from him. You had no sympathy for him. How he was treating Bora was wrong, and regardless of your feelings for him, you were honestly repulsed by it.
You hated how helpless the situation made you feel. Why were you such a pushover when it came to Min Yoongi? He really didn’t care about anything, or anyone. Fuck love.
“I…shit, how do I say this?”, he breathed out in frustration. “I like you, right? You know that.” You looked back up at him, slightly confused, ignoring your heart erratically thumping in your chest.
“But I didn’t realise how much I liked you until after I said yes to Bora. I knew you had feelings for me, but…I mean, that wasn’t my problem, right? I just…I told you we were purely physical. But then…I don’t know. Fuck. I don’t know.”
The silence that followed was overwhelming, before you spoke. “You don’t know what you’re saying. You’ve never seen me as anything more than a quick fuck Yoongi. If this was your way of appeasing me, frankly it’s pathetic.”
His face hardened. “I just told you how I feel and-”
“-How you feel is not my problem”, you cut him off, quoting him. “You think it’s flattering to hear that you ‘like’ me? Oh please. You’d hop on anything with a pulse!”
“This is about Bora, isn’t it?”, he spat. “You’re mad because I’m with her.” It took you a moment to process what he’s said. Fists clenched, you replied. “No Yoongi, I’m not mad that my friend has finally found someone who makes her happy. I’m mad because he is a monumental dick.”
He scoffed at your words, and in your bout of anger, you hadn’t noticed he had edged considerately closer to you. He reached out for you, gently grabbing your hands before you could react. You opened your mouth to tell him to back off, but he cut you off by placing his lips on yours.
He pulled away just as swiftly, seemingly disappointed by your lack of enthusiasm. Normally, you were so eager, so this was new for him.
“I love you, y/n.”
And that was new for you. “N-no”, you shook your head at him. “Shut up. No. You can’t say that.”
He kissed you again, more firm this time, his hands firmly planted onto your hips. Think of Bora!, you told yourself, finally coming to your senses and trying to move away. He took the hint, gently scraping your bottom lip between his teeth before pulling away.
You were really struggling to breathe.
“I’ll leave her if it means you stay with me.”
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Tbh this story really gets me feeling... Ive been used by a guy before. I really loved him, we never went all the way, but he always tried to even though I said no. I kept denying that he was just using me, even though he barely spoke with me and would always bail out on any plans we made last minute so he could drink with his dumb friends. I was so stupid and finally left him but I still bitterly like him. This stupid (but awesome lol) story is bringing back all those emotions.... =( <\3 Can we all just agree that guys are stupid
Aww I'm sorry you had to go through that hun :( and yes, let's all agree!!
'Monumental dick!' Yup! Sure sums up Yoongi! I can't believe y/n fell for such a douche! Toxic with a capital T! She better run screaming into the arms of Tae, but I have a feeling that's she's gonna take the hard route huh?! *sigh*
Am I the only one who caught the reference to Toxic? When Tae said he had encountered other people like Yoongi and he said girls alike. I think he was referring to y/n from Toxic the fuck girl AU
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Thank you~
Oh, crap! Don't listen to him! Go with Tae! 😩. If she takes him back the relationship with Bora will be over. He's not worth it 😨.
oh. my. gosh. @slayyoongi what are you doing to me!? Girl! You have me hooked! (of course i was hooked by the first paragraph in chapter one.) But damn girl! #slay you always live up to your name. I'm going to go scream in a pillow now while i wait for part 3 ❤❤❤
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