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i don't know which is more painful. never getting to know your mother coz she died before you knew her or having her taken from you after you knew her a little while. what's your opinion? xx
hmm... There's a lot of variables to consider, personality, environment, but generally... I think... knowing her and losing her at a young age. While it's horribly tragic that Naruto and Gaara never knew their mothers, and even grew up thinking they hated them (I remember Gaara was told that), Sasuke had to adapt to losing his loving mother and being on his own, so ithink that may be alittle more painful. But, I mean, "what could have been" scenarios are really what gets me with this anime! 😭
@OtakuDemon10 i think even though it'd hurt bad knowing her before she dies (as in the case of sasuke), at least you got some sweet memories of her. I mean you'd miss her but never getting to know what a mother is or who she was (like was she great or bad) is something else. I think it'd be more painful having to wonder how motherly love feels like everyday whiles everyone else hates you (like naruto & gaara)
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@ovvhr garra looks more like Naruto mother, and Naruto looks more like garra mother
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True based on just their mothers, but you got to remember who their fathers are too.
I think Naruto and garra should switch mothers
@CandyApple22 yeah I know
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