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Learning Korean with TOP's IG Comments
Fan: 진짜 쓰던 베개는 아니죠? (Jinjja sseuddon begaeneun anijyo?) You have not used the pillow before, right? TOP:실제 사용하던것 (silje sa-yong-ha-deon-geot) I really used it Vocabulary: 진짜: really, right 쓰던: used (from 쓰다: to use) 베개는: pillow (는 is an auxiliary) 아니죠: Not 실제: really 사용하던것: have used Credit: To @bb.translations on IG Can you imagine how much is that pillow gonna go for? 😨. It would feel great to rest our heads on the pillow used by Tabi, but sadly we're all probably broke 💵🙅🏻.
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