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Hello everyone!!

It's CrookedShadow.

Most of you probably don't know me, but if you do,

you probably remember me as the chick who always comments on your guys' stuff cx

Or you might know me as the person who makes rankings and such.

Anyway, if you haven't noticed. I haven't been on Vingle for awhile, maybe about a month or two.

I didn't say anything because I hadn't planned to disappear for so long, it's not like I went on a trip or something, and I

disappeared before my school even started.

So I really have no excuse for disappearing.

So why did I all of a sudden disappear off of Vingle?

Weeeeell the answer isn't really simple.

You see, all through the beginning of 2016 and before the summer, I was having a hard time keeping up on Vingle,

what with school and life and all that fun stuff.

The whole time I had been hoping that as soon as the summer started that I would be all over Vingle.

That I would be constantly coming up and updating my rankings, catching up on your guys' fanfictions, and maybe even write a few of my own.

Buuuuuut for some reason that did not work.....

For some reason, I could just not get my life together, even after all the stress of school was gone!

I had all of these projects that I wanted to do (including the Vingle ones), but I just couldn't or wouldn't do any of them.

And even if I did stick to a project, I would either get bored of that one or find a completely different one to work on!!

And just life in general got in the way.....Although, I shouldn't complain because many of you are having or had a really hard time in your lives recently...

I haven't forgotten about any of you!! I'm still praying and hoping for you all and I wish that there was something I could do for you all!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

*Sighs* And of course, school is back into my life, and boy, do I want to just rip it out of my life and just burn it to pieces!!!! >.<

And now all of my projects are being pushed to the side, again..... But I am attempting to work on one or two, but they're taking forever!!!!!!!

I have been planning so many different rankings and such, and coming up with different fanfictions that I just can't wait

to get started on and show them to you guys!! much school and homework!!!!! Ugh!!!!! But I can get through this. I just need to get more organized. >.>

I only decided to come back to Vingle because I'm trying to reorganize my life.

Sadly though, this week has just been so confusing and my mind is not been making any sense to me!! I would try to explain it, but that would be very difficult.

I will admit, BTS releasing all of those short films did not make my life any easier....

I've been watching and rewatching them and watching tons of theory videos to try and figure them out,

But everything is still so confusing... And I need to read Demian!!!!! I put it on hold in the library, but it's taking forever!!!

And now, my mind is a huge mess because all of my projects, school, life, crushes, homework, and now BTS..... Thanks BigHit....

So I am both mentally and physically tired (Dancing and gym has just been really tiring Dx) all the time, especially this week.

But you guys have probably been having it hard too, I bet.

Well, thank you to anyone who read my little rant, and whoever missed me cx

I'm going to try and get back on schedule with more rankings, and hopefully get started on these rankings and fanfictions.

Please don't think I made this card to offend anyone or if I seem to be looking for attention.

I made this card just to explain why I left and it got a little more depressing than I wanted it to.

I really hope you're all well and I'll be checking out my notifications for awhile, but please, continue tagging me!!

You all are amazing people and looking at your guys' cards really beings me great joy!!

I'm glad I'm back to Vingle, even if I'll be on and off for awhile. I hope I don't just randomly disappear again, and none of you disappear!!

I love Vingle because it's a great place to fangirl with other K-Pop fans!! And I hope to be a part of the Vingle community for a very long time ^-^

Oh, and if you guys have anything that you need to rant about how your lives are going then please do so!

I would be happy to read your comments and figure out what I've been missing since I've been gone ^-^

If you would like to be added or removed from my tag list then please tell me!!

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Welcome back! We sure have missed you. I hope things start coming together for you and you're able to get back on track. Don't worry though, Vingle will always be here.
I always love to see your comments ^_^
@Helixx @MadAndrea Awwww you both are so sweet!! Thank you so much!!
Not much
Vingle been chill lately or maybe that just me lol but then again I wasn't on it for a while either