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ITS MY BABY BIRTHDAY!!! HES FINALLY 21! This ball of Sunshine is my fav Sunshine idol and my Got7 Bias. Choi Young Jae just makes me smile all the time.. he's always so happy and smiling.. he makes any bad day I'm having better. so this Card is all about Sunshine Jae!
He can go from sweet and innocent to str8 daddy mode is like 3 Seconds lol. I love it.!
His Fashion is always on point. I wonder if he plans on being so fashion suavy all the time.
HE LOVES FOOD! n he reminds me alot of Jin from BTS when it comes to food. he's always stuffing his face lol I like a guy that knows how to eat.. I'd cook for him all the time.. whatever he wants.!
His smile is so bright and big like the sun. I love it
Is He Your Bias Too? Are you ready for the Got7 comeback this month.. I'm so ready to see how Handsome they all are gonna be especially Youngjae.
Again Happy Birthday CYJ!
20 in American age.....he is a cutie.
I go by Korean age lol always by Korean age πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I go by korean age too makes me feel less pervy lmao