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WARNING: Mild Language
“What do you mean ‘HOLY SHIT’? Is there more? Have their comments not come out yet?”
Terra looks over at you with a sly smile on her lips and misty eyes.
“Why are you crying?!” You go to grab her phone but she moves it away.
“Not so fast. I think you need to read these in a specific order, so I’ll read them to you.”
You glare at her and sit back with a huff after another failed grab for her phone.
“Onesite Entertainment has released the following statement: We can confirm that two of our employees; Tong, from our popular group DeLish and Lauren Atlantic, a newly contracted author from our Publishing Department; are dating. The two met when Lauren came to Korea a couple of months ago for research on her new book series. This is their private life and no further information will be released.”
You nod, okay. That’s good, it’s true; you’re sure it will generate some hate mail and fans that will turn to saesangs. You aren’t looking forward to those; some of them can be quite harsh and dangerous.
“Ready? I found Ae’s.” At your nod she begins again.
“Lauren Atlantic is a dear and personal friend. The photo leaked to the press of us is a gross invasion of our friendship and privacy. Tong has been not only my friend but brother for well over 10 years. I would never endanger our relationship over a woman. Thankfully they are both my friends; I have nothing but respect and happiness for their relationship. Lauren is an amazing woman and shouldn’t have rumors spread about her. Next time check your facts before I sue you for slander.”
Your eyebrows shoot up and you smile. Dang, you tell them Ae! You can’t help but be proud to be his friend and grateful for his promise to you. Apparently his word is good and his promises kept.
“I’m going to let you just read Tong’s by yourself.” She hands you her phone with a sly smile and sits back to watch you.
“I would like to make a formal statement in regards to the rumors and pictures that the press released this morning. Yes, Lauren Atlantic and I, are a couple and are currently dating. She has become very good friends with my entire group; it would only be natural for mild skinship to be expressed between them. Lauren and I have had mutual respect for each other and our respective careers for a very long time. I’ve been in love with this woman for over half my lifetime and it is my great honor and pleasure that she has allowed me in her life in this capacity. I look forward to one day calling her my wife. As my better half, I will say this, any emotional damage she suffers due to rumors or past rumors will be met with swift and harsh punishment by my lawyers and those of the company.”
You can’t speak for a minute, your love for this man just deepened and tripled in a heartbeat. If you’d had him in your life 10 years ago, you may not have run off like you did. You hand the phone back to Terra with a beaming smile.
She looks over at you with a disgusted but happy look.
“Do you have any idea just how lucky you are? He’s freaking hot, overly protective, and so in love with you that it makes me want to puke.”
You can’t wipe the silly grin off your face and you pick up your phone to text him.
“Your release was perfect. I love you too and ... I accept.”
i wanna be his WIFIE
Awwwwwwwww love it!!!! Accept what!!??
I love Terra's response too. She's so lucky it makes me sick, oh wait she's me! Take that suckers! 😂😂😘😘
OMO, OMO OMO OMO! Love it! Ae takes care of his people, and Tong's statement is so amazing. Happy dance!
Aww yay boys!! So proud of them!😊💖
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