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I am looking for a finished kdrama so I can do a marathon I like any type: romance, action, horror...etc Thank you
Secret Garden is really good (it has nothing to do with the book of the same name)
go to dramafever. com there are TONS OF THEM Daebak aka jackpot let's fight gohst faith (I'm rewatching bc I just love me some Lee mini) city hunter healer remember secret secret meassages angel eyes full house boys over flowers I mean of course it also has the newer ones as well. buy there are solo many to choose from. oh and you're beautiful beautiful man Mary stayed out all night just to name a few....
check out Monster and Goodbye Mr Black, Jealous incarnate is still on but it's soo good same as Scarlet heart ryeo
we just finished Protect the Boss, really, lots of romance. Definitely binge worthy.
Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Cinderella and Four Knights Master's Sun My Love from Another Star Uncontrollable Fond To The Beautiful You Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
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