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Day 10 (Anime Challenge)

Guess who's back? Back again? I am back, tell a friend.
So picking up where I left off, DAY 10: Favorite Fighter Anime.
Hands down: SAO 1 and 2. Why you ask? Well because I like sword fights and SAO has some kick ass sword fighting parts that I have watched over and over again. I don't care if its not considered a "fighter" anime, I will fight you on this. ;p
First I want to talk about my fav. scene of SAO 1: Kirito vs Gleam Eyes. Yes, I know Kirito is an overpowered character but I get over it pretty quick when I watch him become a BAMF and destroy the Gleam Eyes Monster! I mean how can you not enjoy watching his swords skills slash and hack right through that demon?!
I also enjoy watching Kirito and Asuna fight together. They have great fighting chemistry and look at each other as equals which is so refreshing when it comes to animes. They have each other's back no matter what and that's what I love about this anime.
SAO 2 fighting scenes. Again, Kirito is shown as OP but I could only dream of slashing through bullets at the same as doing sweet flips and shit in the air. All while not getting his long brown hair tangled up? This is a feat. Each fight he wins in the BOB competition through his sword skills had me like whoa. I admire his hard work and dedication. Thus the reason that my profile pic is GGO Kirito and this year's chosen cosplay.
Last but not least, please tell me I am not the only who jumped up and squealed with delight, when Kazuto comes busting into Sinon's apartment kicking ass and taken names? I mean yes he does end up getting almost killed, but seriously that kick right to the nose of Sinon's crazy stalker friend was priceless.
Seriously....Kirito may be OP but his fighting moves makes this anime my favorite fighter anime <3
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