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As 2016 arrived life had never looked so good for filmmaker Fabrizio Federico. His new film festival Straight Jacket was a success and several of his films had made an impact in international circles. His fate was sealed as one of Englands most magnetic filmmakers. But after the deaths of David Bowie & Muhammad Ali he became depressed and started self-medicating, which resulted in him being hospitalized in Poland after a visit to the concentration camp Auschwitz this year.
On his return to England, he faced criticism for blasting the London film industry as being ‘’a colony of grovelling upper class clams, they’re the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard’’ after a run-in with the Genesis Cinema over his film Anarchy In The UK being cancelled at the last minute.
But strangest of all was the bizarre inquest into a cryptic suicide note which appeared online by his alter ego Jett Hollywood. It prompted a disappearance case which revolved around the cryptic note which has since been withheld.
Jett Hollywood was unveiled onto the public in 2015 as a filmmaker from Mars. Making only two films, whose core message was to burn down Babylon. Two films and then death was promised. But it came forthwith as performance art suicide, which has since spiraled out of control.
The very name Jett Hollywood created a contrast to the DIY reputation of this underground filmmaker. Federico is seen as the heir to unorthodox filmmakers such as Harmony Korine and Jean-Luc Godard, controversial and unpredictable in his films but with the impulsive contempt of Punk.
His new movie Loon is in pre-production, and for the film he has transformed himself into a guitar hero with a new band called Honey Don’t. The character is a cross between the hellish mysticism of Jimmy Page, and the early rock & roll stars such as Eddie Cochran and Chuck Berry. Prepare to see a jar of flies.