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My first ever visit to Europe.
@deya amazinggg!! i hope i get to go and visit all the places you visited!!!!! :D
@tapsamai, these photos were taken last year of June, during that time, it was rainy and sunny so the weather was weird.
@miranpark888 These pics were from last year. I went there June and stayed for 3 weeks. I can post more photos of all the places and monuments Ive visited . There are a lot of nice parks and monuments that u can visit for free. These pictures was taken in Champs Ellysee st. Where u can see all branded shops and we just walked from here going to Le Louvre which is the glass pyramid. The tourist atractions are little far from each other so u have to know to tide the metro. Hope it helps! :)
actually I live in europe. But i do not have a chance or free time to visit paris yet !!
how is the weather now in Paris??
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