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Where it all began.

I can't believe it's over, same goes for Naruto. Sucks realizing that my childhood is coming to a close. I grew up on these two shows and now they both ended

How it ended.

These two were in all honest my favorites. Idc that they're "mainstream anime". Even if they weren't and I happened to stumble upon them they would still become my favorites. Props to the creators for making such masterpieces. You guys are the real MVPs πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
love the card.. and I one hundred percent agree with you... i cant believe the last episode of Naruto is in 2 weeks.... 😒😒😒 and I still can't grasp that Bleach's manga is over!!
I really don't want to believe that naruto is ending I'm gonna go cry in a corner now tell when things get better
the anime for bleach ended way before the manga did.. :( @MelissaGarza
So does that mean Bleach anime is over too? If that's the case, I need to do some catching up.