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Hey everybody! Chapter 7 is here! Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 》Part 1《 》Part 2《 》Part 3《 》Part 4《 》Part 5《 》Part 6

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Chapter 7:

-Stubborn- You were slumped over your bed, with your earbuds in your ear, listening to music. You were trying not to think about the recent events that took place a couple days ago. You trapped yourself in your room, not wanting to face the world. Ailee walked in the room with her arms folded, staring at you. You turned your head to see her standing by the door. Taking out the earbuds, "What's up?". "Y/n are you going to keep being this way? You haven't left your room except when you have to use the bathroom or get food. You don't want to go outside to get some fresh air?". "Nope I'm good". You have already told Ailee about the Yoongi and Ravi situation at school. She walked over to your bed and sat next to you. "Don't you think you're exaggerating about the situation with Yoongi and that girl kissing? You made it seemed like he wanted to kiss her. Didn't you tell me she kissed him first?". "Omg who side are you on right now? He didn't even attempt to pull away from the kiss.". "Maybe he did try.. I don't know but I'm pretty sure Yoongi don't like that girl, she's a huge slut at school". Ailee continued, "And about Ravi, are you seriously going to go out on a date with him? Do you like him too?". "Maybe", you said laughing. "Ya y/n I'm not laughing, I'm serious". "Well what's wrong with that? I'm going to give him a chance.". "Why?? You know damn well you're in love with Yoongi, what are you thinking?". You didn't say a word, you just looked away. Just thinking about this, irritated you. "Ugh.. whatever! Get out", you said waving her off. Ailee picked up a pillow and started hitting you with it. You yelled at her to stop then you started hitting her back with the other pillow. You two were laughing at each other. Finally, you two stopped. Ailee looked at you and put her arm around you. "Listen, just tell him how you feel. Hear him out, please?". You looked at Ailee, "I'll think about it".
The weekend is over and it's back to school you go. A new week to start over on whatever it is and to finish that unfinished business. It was awkward walking pass Yoongi in the hallway. He looked at you like he wanted to say something but you looked away. Yoongi's friends couldn't help but notice and feel the tension between you two. They all walked with him. "Hyung, did something happen between you and y/n?", Taehyung asked. "Yeah the way she looked at you and then looked away like she was mad or something", said Jung Kook. "Oh boy... what did the big bad wolf do this time?", said Jin sighing. "Its nothing.. forget it". "Oh no you don't! it's something, I can feel it!", said Jin. "Did you two fight or what?", said Namjoon. Yoongi stopped walking and looked at them, "This whore kissed me on the lips", He bluntly said. "WHAT?!", they all said. "Y/n let me borrow her notes and she wanted to see the notes. I told her no and I guess she called herself trying to seduce me and she just kissed me". It was silent for a minute then Jin just spazzed out! "YOU IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?!". He grabbed Yoongi by his shirt. "Ya! let go of me!". The boys tried to stop them from fighting. You heard the loud commotion from down the hall. You shooked your head and continued to walk away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Rose... I've come back.. I miss you and I miss my sons.". "You've got some nerve showing your face around here. What the hell do you want DaeJun?!". "Look Rose, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for leaving you, Jaeyo, and Yoongi. I want us to be a family again. I was wrong, I was young and stupid. I've changed". "You don't get it do you? I had to raise them on my own!! while you were out here hoein! You didn't give a damn about us Daejun! Do you realize your sons have been through so much? They needed you damnit..". "I know. I know sorry isn't enough. Please give me a chance, I want to be a better father to my kids. I want you back, I still love you Rose. I promise not to leave you guys ever again.". He embraced her. Rose started to cry in his arms. She beats on his chest trying to get away but she gives in. Deep down inside, Rose did miss him, she still loved him, and wanted them to be a family again like the old times. "Okay... fine but you got a lot of catching up to do, You know that right?". "Yes baby I understand, kissing her on the forehead. I'm so glad to be here again. But the only problem is that my kids probably hate me right?". "Probably? haha.. They hate you Jun. I don't know how they are going to take this..". "How about you call them home, so we can work this out together". "I'll try...". "Jaeyo ah.. I want you to come home honey ." "Why mom, is there something wrong?". "Your father came back. Me and him talked and we want the family to be together again.". Jaeyo was a little upset. "Why all of a sudden? He didn't want anything to do with us mom! That bastard doesn't love us!". "Jaeyo please... come home and we can work this out.". Jaeyo eventually gave in. He packed his bags and will be taking the earliest flight tomorrow.
*Riiiinng* goes the school bell. It was time for the next class before the last hour class. Your teacher wasn't there so you guys had a substitute. Everybody pretty much did whatever they wanted. You had your head down on the desk, listening to music on your phone. Across the room, there's Yoongi laying on top of two desk, trying to go to sleep. "He look dumb af", you thought inside your head. An hour passed. Suddenly Yoongi 's phone goes off. He answers. His face expression showed that something was wrong. He got up so quick and ran out of the classroom. You was concerned so you ran after him, even though you were still mad at him. Once Yoongi got to his house, he saw his Father and his brother Jaeyo standing next to his mom outside. He was frozen at the moment. "Yoongi.. Hey son it's me, your Father". "Eomma.. what is this? You called me here for this??". "Hey Yoongi, long time, no see little bro", "what? Shut up talking to me! Now you want to be nice to me huh?!! Ya Jaeyo, this doesn't fit you, go back to being the asshole you were before.". "Please Yoongi.. honey let's be a family again". "no! never! not this deadbeat ass loser and the devil himself!". Yoongi ran away. They all yell for him to come back but he didn't listen and kept running. This whole time, you were ear hustling. You saw everything that happened. You followed him again when he ran off. You found him at this huge field, he was sitting on the grass, against the fence, with his head down. As you stand in front of him, he can sense someone's presents. So he looks up and sees you. "Y/n... what are you doing here? How did you know I was here?", "I followed you here..", "what are you a stalker? Why did you follow me? Wait.. did you see everything?", "I'm not a stalker.. and yes I saw everything. Would it hurt to start over with your family? Wouldn't it be nice for guys to get together and make up for those lost times? After all, you love them right?", "Ya.. y/n what do you know huh? Why do you even care?  I thought you were mad at me.", "I'm still am mad at you idiot but  I'm also concerned about you...". You finally sat down next to him . You continued, "I feel so bad for you that you had a rough childhood. Your father left your mom, you, and your brother when you were only in the second grade. She had to take care of you two all by herself. Then how your brother used to torture you..  no wonder you acted how you acted in school, bullying me and all. You just needed someone to love you that's all. You needed your father and older brother to teach you how to be  man, you wanted to do everything with them but they wasn't there for you, only your mom. I totally respect her for that.". Yoongi quickly lift his head up and stared at you suprised and confused.  "Whoa whoa whoa whoa! How did you know all that?! Who told you this?! Only my guys know that! If I found out one of them told, I'm going to kill them!". You wanted to laugh but you held it in. "I found out from Ailee..", "what?! How did she know then?","Hoseok...". The look on his face was hilarious, you wanted to die laughing right there. You covered your mouth to prevent yourself from laughing. "Jung HOSEOK!! I'm going to kill him! Who told him he can just go around and tell my personal business without coming to me about it!", "But he was drunk", "so! Still damnit.. Anyway just forget about it.. it has nothing to do with you, I got to deal with this, not you.. so butt out.", He said looking away. "It does have something to do with me now.. it's because I care about you even if you went around kissing other girls..". He looked at you with sad eyes. "Y/n... I-", "forget it. Save it  buddy, I'm still mad at you.". You got up and walked away. Y/n wait!", but you kept walking. "Shit!".
Later on that night, Yoongi decided to call up his boys to meet him at the basketball court. They finally arrived and sat down on the bench next to Yoongi. He got to the point, Ya Hoseok who the hell told you to do that?". He looked confused, so did the rest of the boys. "huh?? do what? what are you talking about?". "I'm talking about your drunk ass telling Ailee about my family issues, and of course she told y/n! Damn you're so not trustworthy! never will I tell you anything again". "Hyung.. I'm sorry, please forgive me.". "Yoongi don't do him like that geez.." said Jimin. "Okay", then he got up and slapped Hoseok in the face and ran. "Ya!!". He went to go chase after him. The rest of boys chased them around and was playing fighting with each other. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next day happens to be Ailee's first volleyball game. Of course you went to support your best friend. Sitting on your left, there is Ravi. On the right, Yoongi and his friends. You were cheering for Ailee, when suddenly Ravi put his hand on top of yours, smiling at you. You looked at him nervously. "You look really pretty today y/n". "Thanks haha..". You quickly moved your hand away from his. Yoongi was watching you two the whole time, he looked annoyed. Ravi looked at him and smirked. Namjoon noticed how annoyed Yoongi was. He saw that Ravi was flirting with Y/n. "Ya.. Suga don't worry about it man, watch the game. Ailee is killing em out there.". Ailee scored and everyone started going crazy. "WOOOO YEAH AILEE! FIGHTING!", yelled Taehyung, getting up out his seat and started dancing. You and everyone started laughing. Just when Yoongi was trying to focus on watching the game, Ravi mentioned the date with y/n. He turned his head so fast. "Y/n.. you didn't forget about our date tomorrow right?". "Oh.. of course not haha". I'll pick you up around 6pm okay?"."okay Where are we going to go?, "Um I was thinking about a movie and out to eat. what do you say beautiful?", "Okay sure..". Yoongi was really jealous and angry but he didn't show it. He started to give up hope. Ailee's team won and everyone, including you rushed down to the gym floor where she was at. Her team members picked her up, cheering for her. She looked so happy. Once she got down, you went to her. "Omg Ailee you were great out there! Congrats! I'm so proud of you!",you said before embracing her. "Thanks girl, I had so much fun!". Yoongi's friends picked up Ailee and started throwing her up and down. "Okay okay that's enough put me down", she said laughing. They finally put her down. "That's was amazing Ailee", said Namjoon. "Yeah you're good", Jung Kook said. The rest of them complemented her. Hoseok walked up to her, "I'm so proud of you baby", He said smiling, putting his arms around her, pulling her closer to him "Baby?!", everyone said confused. Suddenly, Hoseok kissed Ailee on the lips, Ailee putting her arms around his neck. Everyone looked shocked with their mouths open. They finally stop kissing. "whoa Ailee.. when did you guys start dating??", you said. "last week". "Omg hyung...", Jimin said suprised. "Wow congrats bro!", Jung Kook said. "You two make a cute couple!", Jin said. "Okay Ailee I see you !", Ravi said. Everyone started laughing. You guys were just hanging out in the gym after everyone left, school was out but you guys decide to stay a little longer. You looked around and didn't see Yoongi around. He must have left right after the game ended. 》Yoongi's P.O.V:《 Is she doing this to make me jealous or something? She didn't even give me a chance to explain! ugh girls are so difficult! Maybe I should just give up on her.. I'm not even sure if she feels the same way. Damn that bitch at school... Yoongi didn't go home yet because his father and brother was still there. So he was staying at Namjoon's place for now. He needed his space. His mom has been blowing up his phone but he didn't answer.. The boys knew about it, they tried to convince him to go back but of course he's stubborn, he refused to go back home.
》Your P.O.V :《 Today is the day I go out on a date with Ravi. I'm hella nervous. I don't know if I should go. I have this weird feeling telling me I shouldn't go but I don't want to let Ravi down. He's been so kind and sweet to me lately. My brain is telling me yes, go out with Ravi, but my heart is telling me no, you love Yoongi. I can't keep lieing to myself like this. I do love him though.. I just can't get over the fact that he hurt me. So I haven't said a word to him. Am I wrong for ignoring him like this? Ugh I don't know, forget it. As you were deep in your thoughts, you were getting ready for your date. Ravi was on his way to pick you up. A few minutes later, the door bell rings. You go see who it is, opening the door it's Ravi standing there with a dozen of roses in his hands. "Hey Ravi", "Hey y/n wow you look so beautiful". "Thanks, you look good yourself". "These roses must be for me, Thanks. Wait here while I go put these away." . Afterwards you both left in his car. The whole time you were a nervous wreck. The more you two got closer to yall destination, the more you felt like dieing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meanwhile at Namjoon's place, "Yoongi... Yoongi! wake up man, you can't keep laying here, trying to sleep away your problems. That's not the way.". Yoongi waved him off, turning the other way. "Don't you care? Y/n is going on a date with Ravi today, are you not going to go stop her?". Yoongi sighed and sat up looking up at Namjoon who was standing there, "Why should I? There's nothing I can do about it. If she wants to go out on a date with him, let her.". "So everything you told me and the guys about how you felt about her was a lie?!". "yup". "aish gencha! Stop being this way!". "Namjoon, leave me alone ok? forget it, I'm not going.". "are you going to be alright then? are you going to be alright if they start dating? then what huh? Will you be happy to just move on like this? If you really do love her Yoongi, go get her before it's too late." . Namjoon walked out of the room. Yoongi thought about it, he was going crazy inside. He wanted y/n so bad, without her in his life, he might go crazy. He couldn't let Ravi take his girl away from him. He finally got off his ass and put on his shoes, rushing out the house. "Ya Yoongi where are you going?!", Namjoon yelled. He stopped half way through the door, "I'm going to go get my girl back". He ran out the door running,on his way to find you.~~~~

Finally Yoongi is going to tell you how he feels. Will things work out? Keep your eyes open for chapter 8, the final chapter next week! Thanks for your time, I hope you guys enjoyed this.

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