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Alright I quickly wrote this because I had this fun idea...also had to give some love to bias wrecker here soooo Yea lol... If you missed the last chapter by @SweetDuella click here
The first picture is Eliza's Hanbok and the second picture is Belle's Hanbok
The Eliza helped Belle get dressed and then started working on herself. "I hear if you wear these you get into the palaces for free." Eliza said fixing her dress. "Oh I so want to go to a know I should have been a princess in my past life." Belle said nodding her head. "Yeah? You only think that because your mom named you after Belle from beauty and the beast." "Yup I'm destined to be a princess, I'll find a man who needs my help and love to change him back to his normal self." "And hairy." "Yes and hair....heeeeyy no he does not need to be hairy. I prefer my men with not alot of hair....ok wait on there head yes but on there chest I prefer no hair." "Oh man Belle, I'm going to find you a nice hairy guy." Eliza laughed. "Eliza!!!" Belle whined. Finally after several more minutes they headed out. "I gotta say I love these colors you picked for me." Belle said twirling. "I'm glad. So I still say Hans river but want to try the palaces first your highness." Eliza said with a curtsy. "Yes!!! follow me peasant!" "Hey if anything I'm a court lady." "Fine fine come on let's go!!" They headed to one of the palaces and got in. They enjoyed looking at everything. Belle and Eliza wished they lived in one. Finally after an hour of walking around and looking at things they walked out of the palace. "I'm hungry now. let's go eat then head over to the river." Eliza said "Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!!" Belle was singing and twirling. At that moment both girls were picked up and thrown over someone's shoulders. The two had finished eating and decided to run out to get deserts for the guys. They loved seeing all the people dressed in Hanbok. They saw 2 girls walking one starting twirling and singing meat over and over again. " Hey isn't that Eliza and Belle?" Jimin asked with a smile. "Yeah, wow they look good." Namjoon said Both were mesmerized by them. The girls were laughing but then 2 figures came and swooped the girls up and started running with them. "Yah!!! let us go!" Eliza screamed while kicking. The boys chased after them. No way we're they witnessing a kidnapping. They closed the distance fast. Jimin grabbed one dude and tripped him causing him to fall forward and Belle hit the ground. Jimin quickly scrambled to grab her and pull her behind his back. Namjoon had tried to be smooth and just take Eliza swiftly off of the dudes shoukder but ended up grabbing the dudes arm and pulled him and he stumbled and let go of Eliza who fell ontop of Namjoon. "Are you ok?" Namjoon asked "Yeah thank you." She said getting off of him as fast as she could. Belle was holding tight onto Jimins shirt trying to calm down. "Belle are you hurt? I wasn't expecting him to take you down with him." "I'm ok. Thank you." Belle said and the 2 guys finally stood up and took off there Hoods. "I swear to God Jae I am going to kill you! You and Young! That seriously scared the crap out of us!!" Eliza said walking around Namjoon and punching Jae in the arm. "You two know them?" Jimin asked "Sadly yes." Bell finally let go of Jimin and started to walk around him but he grabbed her around her waist and pulled her back to him. His face was only inches away from hers. "I don't trust them. Come join us at our place." Jimin said and her face was starting to turn pink with how close they were to each other. "Sorry Jimin, but Belle wants her meat and we need to get some for her." Eliza grabbed Belle other arm and pulled her away from him. "Well Jin did make alot of meat." Namjoon said "Jin made food! Eliza can we go? It's not everyday we get to hang out with BTS. "Actually we kinda do, we work with them." Eliza said with a giggle "We don't eat with them let's go, just this once?" Belle started pulling on Eliza's arm. "What about us? We were kidnapping you to hang out? Young said. "Well I don't want to hang with you after that." Belle said and turned back to Eliza. "Alright fine just this once." "Yay!!! You guys better have a lot of meat." Belle said grabbing Jimins hand and pulling him away from Jae and Young. "We need to stop and get ice cream first." Namjoon said and then went the opposite direction. "I'm going to text Jin t make sure he makes more meat." Jimin said as they followed Namjoon to get ice cream.
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ahhh omg thatvwaa good! I seriously thought it was some of the guys trying to kidnap them lol.