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Hyde Park is not the choice destination in Chicago for foodies. A college neighborhood surrounded by some of the less affluent neighborhoods of South Side Chicago, it has neither the creative culinary atmosphere of the northern neighborhoods nor the diversity/authenticity offered in west and other South Side neighborhoods. But, there are a few gems (including Michelle Obama's favorite, Calypso, which closed down :( ) that are treasured by students and locals alike, and I'd like to introduce one of them today. Pizza Capri is a traditional Italian-American fair, with a menu that offers pasta, pizza, wraps, sandwiches, and main dishes (mainly chicken and fish). There menu is available here on their homepage: http://hydepark.pizzacapri.com/zgrid/proc/site/sitemnup.jsp?mnuid_it=91244 Let me just recommend my favorites: 1. Pasta shells with Salmon (I always substitute the shells for linguine): Good, hearty pasta with plenty of salmon in delicious tomato cream sauce 2. Tequila Lime Chicken Fettucini: Some people don't like creamy pasta; sauteed with bell peppers in a tequila-lime sauce, not only tastes good, but (seems) healthier. 3. Any of their Gourmet Pizza: I've tried several kinds, and they're all really good! OK, it's not the best Italian restaurant you'll ever go to (I especially don't recommend their fried calamari); but if you ever have business in this part of town and don't know where to eat, it's a pretty safe bet. pics: http://levonsobsessions.com/ yelp.com
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that pasta looks really goodddddd!! yummmmmm <3