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So I'll avoid a very long and messy back story , but I've been in love once in my life. Things didn't end up working out and we both agreed to split(it was mutual), but no matter who I've dated since then i haven't felt love. I'd love to find someone who i can call my best friend, someone who will make me want to be a better person, someone to play videogames with, attend cons with, make youtube videos with, and someone to eat pizza and stay in binging shows friday nights. I'll return to my original question, am i unrealistic? I've been in a fair amount of relationships and i haven't felt anything towards anyone really (no i do not miss the original person, just throwing that out there because its been years since i felt anything towards them.)
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Absolutely Not. You are not being unrealistic. In love you should be HAPPY! But, are you looking TOO hard. The big question here is TOO. Too much Too little ain't good. Find your Balance Nd you will find your peace, you will find joy and you will find your Love πŸ’‘
No you are not being too unrealistic. Most people settle for someone who is eh or a douche. So just because you haven't found that someone yet doesn't mean they aren't out there. We usually find someone when we least expect and its not like how haven't tried. It will most likely happen when you least expect it.
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I agree. Glad I could help a little. 😊