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Hello hello!
@Sailynn here with another stolen card from @KpopBeat! :D
I mean borrowed^^
Yes! I am here to bring some sunshine to your Saturday providing everyone with some birthday spam- Youngjae edition! x3
Shall we get started? ;D
Stage Name: Youngjae
Real Name: Choi Youngjae
Position: Main Vocalist
Born: September 17th, 1996
Astrological Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood Type: B
Favorite Foods: Everything/Anything except for cucumbers.
Favorite Hobbies: Playing the piano.
Favorite Musicians: Elliott Yamin, Javier
Favorite type of woman/Ideal type: A woman he’s attracted to. He actually has a huge list of traits: Short brown hair, short in general, have perfect teeth, have big eyes, have fair skin, and be more cute than she is pretty.
Specialty: Singing
He only trained for 7 months before debuting with GOT7.
He was the last member to join GOT7.
He is from Mokpo.
His roommate is JB.
Youngjae says that JB hugs him really tightly when they sleep.
Youngjae composed an R&B Ballad. He says that the subject is about a woman that comes to mind when it’s a rainy day. He says that he really likes rainy days.
He doesn’t like cucumbers.
Youngjae says luck is 2PM’s Nichkhun. I think he was just confused by the question...?
However, Nichkhun did say that Youngjae is the visual of GOT7. Perhaps those two are close with each other.
Watch his growth over the years! <3
Who's your Got7 bias? Let us know! :D
Youngjae, we wish you a very happy birthday on behalf of the crew at KpopINT and all of your fans!