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Arthur Note: He comes and goes, leaving a little bit behind each time
Chanyeol laughed as Suho pulled up in a car that was older than the both of them. "Wooow Jun, what is this?" He said jumping into the passenger seat. "I know, it's old but it's better than nothing. It's my first car. I worked hard and saved up for it. I couldn't get rid of it" Junmyeon said patting the dash board. Chanyeol laughed at Junmyeon, "Let's get going you sentimental fool." They made their way across the city to the place where they're supposed to meet up with their noona. Junmyeon wondered why she was meeting them rather than just sending them the email. He thought maybe it was something important. He turned the radio on wanting to listen to some music but all he heard was his name being splattered left and right. Fans were calling in trying to defend him, others were debating why he ran away, while others made fun saying he finally snapped. Chanyeol immediately turned the radio off. "How did it get out?" Junmyeon was taken back by this. But he should've known, it wasn't going to stay quiet for long. Especially with the police looking for him. Chanyeol opened the messages from before, when he did there were hash tags, Junmyeonisinnocent and junmyeonisguilty, and so on. He looked over at Jun but didn't mention them to him. "Sehun says..." He huffed and rolled his eyes, "he says they're waiting on the west side of the building." When they arrived, they drove around the block until they spotted the little black car. They pulled up behind it and flashed their lights. Sehun jumped out of the passenger side and quickly jumped into their car. He immediately hugged Junmyeon, almost in tears. "Hyung! I've been so worried about you!" He cried. Jun hugged him a little, realizing how much he actually missed the little brat in the short time they've been apart. Jun patted him on the arm and then pushed him away, "Ya! Why are you here? You should have stayed at the dorm where it's safe!" Chan chimed in, "Yeah Sehun, why are you here? The police could have followed you." "Don't worry, I snuck out. The others know where I am, they helped me to get out. Besides, you were meeting with my wife, how could I not come. I wanted to make sure she was alright. She wanted me to tell you, that she's sorry. The guy she got these from, is the one who leaked it to the press." He pulled some papers out and handed them to Jun, "She just wanted to help, hyung, don't be mad at her." "I understand, let her know I'm not mad at her. It was bound to come out, I suppose." Junmyeon said looking at the papers. Then he remembered his statement, "Sehunnie, have you spoken to the attorney yet?" Sehun nodded his head yes, "He's constantly checking in to see if you contacted any of us yet. But none of us have admitted that you have. Why?" Jun reached into his jacket and pulled his statement out and handed it to Sehun, "Give this to him. Do Not show it to anyone else. Got it? And don't read it either!" Sehun took the papers, held them close to his heart, "Hyung, I will guard these with my life." He stuffed them into his coat. "And hyungs, she said a neighbor called her, saying there were police at our house waiting." "You better get going before they realize you're gone and start looking for you." Chan said. Sehun hugged them both and jumped out, running back to his car. He waved at them before he and noona drove off. Junmyeon and Chanyeol waited a few minutes, waiting to see if anyone pulled up to them or followed after Sehuns car. Nothing happened. Junmyeon traded seats with Chanyeol wanting to read the rest of the police report. They drive around while he read it. He couldn't believe what he was reading. He wanted to crumble the papers, tear them to pieces but he couldn't. Chanyeol didn't know what you do when Jun growled, he pulled over in an empty parking lot by the river. "What does it say?" Chanyeol asked expecting Jun to hand him the papers. "Is it that bad?" "I didn't know she had a brother but... the baby she was pregnant with, isn't mine." He looked at the sheets again, a little bit of a smile appeared on his face, "The autopsy report says she was only a month pregnant." "Then why are you upset?" "Because it means she was cheating on me... Or cheating on someone else. Only her brother would know. But he is the only one who knows what really happened that night too, he was there. Supposedly he seen everything." Chanyeol finally took the report from him and read it. "Aish... He only heard you two arguing, he didn't really see it happen." He pointed out the part that said that. Jun squinted his eyes at it. Jun sat back, realizing he misunderstood, "I must've missed that part." Chan shook his head at him. "You must be tired." Chan said, "And hungry." Thinking of his rumbling tummy, he rubbed it. "I'm not hungry. What do we do now?" Junmyeon said looking out at the river. It was getting dark. This was all too much. He wanted to go home. Either to his parents or to the dorm and curl up in his bed. He was somewhat relieved to learn that the baby wasn't his but it made him feel bad that it died before it had a chance to live. He got out and walked over to the river. He wondered if he should turn himself in now. But there was her brother, her brother's word against his, he would need to convince him that he didn't kill his sister. "But where to find him?" He gazed across the water at the city. "That house. Did she share it with her family? Is that why she never went up stairs?" He went back to the car, pulling Chanyeol from the driver seat. "What... What's going on?" "We have to go somewhere. Get in, I'll drive." Junmyeon drove like a maniac. Darting in and out of traffic, speeding up when he could. Chanyeol yelled at him to slow down but Jun was a determined man. They pulled into a neighborhood that Chanyeol was unfamiliar with. They turned down a street and drove slow past a bunch of parked cars. Junmyeon slowed down, almost coming to a stop in front a two story house. People were coming in and out. There was a man standing at the door shaking everyone's hands and bowing as they left. Junmyeon kept rolling by. He pulled over down the road and turned everything off. "What are you doing, Jun?" He asked looking back at the house. "I want to talk to her brother. We'll wait here until everyone is gone."