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I just published "First day in a Korean University" of my story "Accidental Love". lemme know what ya think ~~~Hey, I've been kinda inactive I know. And I had an idea for a story. Lemme know what you think. Yay or nay so far. And you guys want me to continue writing Caught Up:Kim Taehyung?? Anyways hope you like it..~~~~                                  ______________                    ____________________________           ________________________________________                    ____________________________                                  ______________ University can be stressful for some. If you got the right subjects, grades and ambitions to succeed. It's most likely guaranteed that you will. Ever since graduating high school I've had the dream to be a professional writer. But for now, I'm just writing fanfictions about my idols. The professor walked into the room followed by some of the other students in our class. One of them took a seat next to me. "Annyeong!" I looked up from my notebook and gave a slight smile. "I'm Yoon HaeRa. What's your name?" "Choi Eunbi" I said quietly, i didn't want the whole class to hear what my nqme was...especially if they heard about me,and that i was going to live with...a certain group of famous idols.. "Nice to meet you Eunbi. Can I sit here.. next to you?" She said with what could be described as the biggest smile ever. I simply smiled at her,"Yeah sure go ahead." I was mid sentence in my fanfiction when the lecturer called my name out loud in front of the whole class. "Choi Eun Bi!" He slammed his ruler on his desk at the front. He came right up to me. I felt like I was gonna die. "Are you disrespecting me?" He asked. "No sir" I looked deep into his eyes and suddenly his pupils expanded. He looked away and just walked back to his desk and continued to talk about the bone structures. So not only did me writing my fanfictions trigger my lecturer, but also my fantastic gaze mesmorized him within seconds. My Mum was right when she said that I had eyes that could calm anyone down. Maybe it be because I'm half Korean and half Australian, I'm not to sure. But I will definitely use this to my advantage.            ______________                    ____________________________           ________________________________________                    ____________________________                                ______________ The bell rang for break and I was quick to get out of the classroom. I didn't want to spend any longer than necessary. The aura in there was just so negative.. maybe because there were skeletons hanging in the front of the room. I made my way down the stairs to the bottom floor and out the doors. I wasn't gonna eat on campus. Stuff that. I was going to a korean restaurant man. Just then I recieved a text message from my mum. " Eunbi,              We have officially moved into our new place, I signed a liscence agreement and we are going to be living with a group under JYP Entertainment.. I forgot the name, but you need to come home early so you can greet them.                              -The Best Mummy" I had no idea what to think, my mum had said that she signed an agreement, to live with a kpop group. How does one even achieve that...? We regardless of how she did it, she did, and my mum was not the type of parent to fool around. And thanks to my mums little dilemma, I get to leave Uni early and avoid math, because I mean, seriously.. who actually enjoys math? Not me anyways.                                  ______________                    ____________________________           ________________________________________                    ____________________________                                  ______________ I made my way home on the bus and decided I'd listen to music for the 3 minute walk from the bus stop to our new place. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and plugged in the jack for the earphones. --- I scrolled endlessly until I found a song that id actually want to listen to, I finally found one. Fly by Got7. I put my earphones in and played my music. I walked along the path and came up to the address. I opened the gate and walked towards the door. The minute I reached the door. The door opened, and standing infront of me, was none other than,                                  ______________                    ____________________________           ________________________________________                    ____________________________                                  ______________ Choi Youngjae. @SugaKookies @Dabaesaplayer @KaeliShearer @punkpandabear @LenaBlackRose @kelseyblair @nnatalieg @DreaG1518 @mariadelzam @reyestiny93 @zaperz @Choijiah @TashiannaBostic @kyokeo @xojuliettexox @JoseCullen @DawanaMason @nell03 @SierraBecerra @punkpandabear @Defy24601 @moonchild03 @ElizabethT @externallyeli @CreeTheOtaku @deefran @EmilySavage @MalihaAhmed @KokoroNoTakara @bambamisbae @Dabaesaplayer @JasminMartinez @Mendoza0896 @QueenLee @RihannaTiaMay @otakukpopgirl @VoidX @ChaKaGe @XergaB20 @DancingPotato @StephaniePoore @tbbishixo @kenjutsu101 @JackieG1617 @torchix @ARMYStarlight @PrettieeEmm @KeziahWright @SarahVanDorn@VictoriaBossier @TracyLynnn @luna1171 @Sammie99522 @RainaC3 @ChaErica @RinaBea @KaeliShearer @HalimaOsman @jessicacheung97 @lrngalray15 @MelissaGarza @ninjamidori @PatriciaS @wordlesseyes @JaiiPanda @Kitty17 @BessanMerab