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Hyde Park gem card #2: This is probably the most well-known restaurant in Hyde Park, thanks to a customer that became the president of the United States. Valois is a cafeteria style diner: you line-up, pick up a tray, make your order, watch them prepare the food, receive your food, and pay at the end of the line. They serve food all day, but the best time to visit is for breakfast (or brunch). Not only are the portions big and pretty good, they are CHEAP! You can get a Denver Omelet (Green peppers, ham, mushroom, cheese) for just $4.45! You can stuff yourself with french toast, pancakes, fruit, and eggs all for under $10. (They also have a t-bone steak on their menu for $14, which I've always wanted to try) It's not fancy brunch spot, but your stomach will feel good. President Obama, whose house is in Hyde Park, supposedly comes every time visits the neighborhood. Valois served free breakfast morning after Obama was elected (and re-elected). So if you're in Chicago and want to experience something "Chicago" for cheap, visit Valois!
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5$ meals, it is really cheap !!