I just woke up and I saw posts by other Vinglers saying that 3 seasons of Real GOT7 is on Netflix. Me being a huge GOT7 fan that I am decided to check it out if it was true. As you can tell by the picture above it is indeed true. I am fangirling so hard and its only 8:10am where I live
Dream Knight is on there also
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@MaeLyn really? Well it looks like I wont be having any sleep for the next couple of days or weeks. First I find out from my boyfriend that the new season of TWD is on Netflix, then Real GOT7 and now Dream Knight. Thank you for telling me though! I really appreciate it 감사합니다 언니! (Thank you eonni!)
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That is true, but I have a habit of pausing every now and then due to the feels and because I sometimes get easily distracted. I'm also busy due to marching season so I have to work on memorizing music and having to pass it off
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omg just kill me already
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