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This is my entry for @SarahVanDorn's EXO Fan Fic Contest.
Tagging EXO Mod @Tigerlily84 and Mod Support @PrincessUnicorn and @AimeeH
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1500
“Hi Yifan” you said into the phone. “I know you are busy but I thought maybe you could take a break. I got tickets to that art exhibit, I was telling you about the other day, and thought maybe you would want to go with me.” “I really can’t today, and anyways you know I’m not into museums.” said your boyfriend of two years. “Do you know what today is?” You asked. “Wednesday” was the only response you got. After several months of being practically ignored by your boyfriend, you weren’t surprised by his answer, but you also couldn’t help the rising feeling of disappointment that you could feel in the pit of your stomach. “After two years, you would think you would remember your girlfriend’s birthday, but I guess that’s just too much for me to expect.” “Oh sorry, I forgot that was today, maybe we can celebrate this weekend.” Yifan’s go to response whenever you brought his lack of attention in to focus, was to apologize and try to make it up to you, but it never really worked. You couldn’t help but remember all of the missed dates and after months you were done. “Forget it, why are we even doing this anymore? I know you are busy but I’m not asking for much. All I ever want is an hour of your time every now and again, on the rare occasions that I do get to see you; you make it obvious you would rather be anywhere else. I’m done trying so hard to make this relationship work and I’m done with you.” You honestly were hoping that he would at least try to get you to rethink your decision to end the relationship, but you weren’t shocked when he agreed that would be for the best and hung up the phone call.
You definitely never imagined that you would be spending your 25th birthday breaking up with your boyfriend. And the thought of spending the day alone, wallowing in self-pity, did not excite you. Just as you got yourself prepared to spend the day watching sappy romance movies, eating junk food and drinking wine, your phone went off. You looked at the caller ID to see the name of one of your best friends, Chanyeol. Yifan had introduced you to Chanyeol, when they were in the same band, but it didn’t take long for you and him to become great friends. It was as though you had known each other forever. When Yifan left the group, you assumed you two would grow distant but nothing actually changed between you two. When his schedule would allow, Chanyeol would always try to hang out with you. Over the last two years you had spent more time with your friend, than you did with your now ex-boyfriend.
You were happy to hear from Chanyeol, since it had been awhile since you had last seen him. “Y/N-ah, what are you doing this afternoon?” You hear as soon as you answer the call. “Hi Yeolie, it’s good to hear from you too,” you respond with a chuckle. “I’m not really up to doing anything. I ended things with Yifan earlier.” You tell him the whole story, and it feels good to talk about it with someone who offers you endless support. “Well it sounds like you need a fun day out. Get ready, because I will be there to pick you up in a half hour.” Before you can even protest, you hear the line disconnect. You get ready, not knowing what to expect from your day with Chanyeol, but you had a feeling it would be just what you needed.
Before you knew it, there was a knock on your apartment door. As soon as you open the door, you are enveloped in a hug that always has the ability to make you feel better. “Come on Y/N-ah we have lots to do today,” Chanyeol, tells you as he pushes you out the door. “Where are we going?” You ask. “It’s a surprise,” is the only response you receive and you know you won’t be able to get anything more out of him. As you make your way to the mysterious location, you ask Chanyeol all about his recent promotions. Before you know it, you have arrived at your destination, and notice that it was the museum you had asked Yifan to go to, just hours before. “What are we doing here?” “I got us tickets to see that photography exhibit that you told me about. It’s going to be removed soon so I thought we should see it before it leaves this museum. You haven’t seen it yet have you?” “No I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t wait.” You reply, which earns you one of Chanyeol’s signature smiles. You two enter the museum and before you knew it hours had gone by. You had so much fun talking about the exhibit and joking around with your friend, that you lost track of time, until your stomach loudly growled. “Let’s go grab dinner” Chanyeol suggests. “Yes please, I’m starving”. You two leave the museum and head off to another undisclosed location.
Shortly after getting in the car, you arrive in front of Namsan Tower, one of your favorite places in the city of Seoul. “Are we eating here?” You excitedly ask. You had always wanted to eat dinner overlooking the city of Seoul at night, but you were never able to talk Yifan into joining you. “Yes, let’s go to the top,” Chanyeol says. You both take the tram up to the top and as soon as you arrive to the top of the tower, an attendant escorts you to a secluded area. The view of the city at night was breathtaking but you were distracted by the table that had been setup for an intimate dinner for two. “What is all this?” You ask. “Well, I wanted to do something nice for your birthday, so I had them set this up. After the morning you had, I thought this may lift your spirits” Chanyeol responded with a blush. “You remembered my birthday?” “Of course I remembered my best friend’s birthday, why wouldn’t I?” “Well you have been super busy; I wasn’t expecting anything, but thank you.” “Sorry that you are just eating with me, I’m sure you would have preferred it to be someone else.” You hear Chanyeol mumble. “This is great, just what I needed and I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.” After enjoying a delicious meal and walking around Namsan Tower a little more, you decided to call it a night.
When you arrive back at your place, Chanyeol insists on walking you to your door. As soon as you arrive, he hands you an envelope. “Don’t open this until I leave,” he instructs you. “Oh another gift? I can’t wait to open it!” Before he leaves, you give Chanyeol a big hug and a peck on the cheek. “Thanks again for everything. You really are the best!” As Chanyeol turns to leave you can’t help but notice that he had turned a beet red. As soon as you shut the door you take the envelope to the living room to see what Chanyeol had given you. Inside you find a note and an MP3 player. Per the note’s instructions, you listen to the MP3 player. As soon as you turn it on, you hear Chanyeol’s deep voice explaining that the song you were about to hear would explain his feelings for you better than he ever could in person. As you listen to the song, you realize that the song was his confession to you. Chanyeol had been in love with you since the day you had met and he hated seeing you always hurt by Yifan.
As you continue to listen to the song, you can’t help but think of all the wonderful times you had spent with Chanyeol. Although you had never thought of him as more than a friend, you realized that he meant more to you than Yifan ever did. Maybe the truth was you had always deep down been in love with the handsome, talented, goofball. Before you knew it, you were knocking on the door to Chanyeol’s dorm. Luckily, it wasn’t long before the man himself opened the door to you. “Y/N-ah, what are you doing here so late?” Chanyeol asked. “I opened your birthday gift to me.” You respond and fall into silence. “Oh” Chanyeol mumbled as he stared at the ground. “I love you too, and think that I always have” you respond. Before you can finish saying everything you wanted to, you feel Chanyeol’s lips crashing to yours in a kiss that leaves you breathless. “It’s about time!” You hear from somewhere in the dorm. Your 25th Birthday, was the day that you finally realized you were where you belonged, in the arms of the person who was meant to love you.
Omg this was soo cutee!!! 😍😍😍
aawwww!!! cute!!!❤❤