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DAY 96 - Anime character frame in your room?

I don't have any anime frames but I have a whole wall full of my anime drawings... I'll count that! XD


Not all of the drawings on my wall are anime so you might see a couple that aren't. 2 of the drawings were drawn by my sister but the rest are drawn by me.
Here are some pictures of my anime wall drawings. I took some extra pictures of my favorites being: Futuba Yoshioka from Ao Haru Ride, Nanami X Tomoe Kiss from Kamisama Kiss, Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul, Mavis from Fairy Tail (Sorry, it came out blurry...), Takumi X Misaki Kiss from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, Shippo from Inuyasha, and two Natsu Dragneel drawings from Fairy Tail. My all time favorite drawing I drew is Futuba Yoshioka because of her eyes but I just really love that one! There are other drawings in my room but they are small and not that good. I plan to draw more soon.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what anime frame do YOU have in your room!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
I don't have any anime frames, only some drawings in a sketchbook
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Awesome! I have a Free! and an Ouran HS Host Club poster
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That's so cool! I have a few Sword Art Online posters
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oh yeah sorry about that. I sort of skimmed through it too fast.
a year ago
omg! that Shippo drawing is so freaking good!
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Awe thank you, it's in my opinion the best Inuyasha character drawing I've drawn.
a year ago
lol I should do the same but I've actually got two and I think my favorite is one I have of vocaloid(PS love our drawings)
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Thank you so much! That's really cool
a year ago