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DAY 96 - Anime character frame in your room?

I don't have any anime frames but I have a whole wall full of my anime drawings... I'll count that! XD


Not all of the drawings on my wall are anime so you might see a couple that aren't. 2 of the drawings were drawn by my sister but the rest are drawn by me.
Here are some pictures of my anime wall drawings. I took some extra pictures of my favorites being: Futuba Yoshioka from Ao Haru Ride, Nanami X Tomoe Kiss from Kamisama Kiss, Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul, Mavis from Fairy Tail (Sorry, it came out blurry...), Takumi X Misaki Kiss from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, Shippo from Inuyasha, and two Natsu Dragneel drawings from Fairy Tail. My all time favorite drawing I drew is Futuba Yoshioka because of her eyes but I just really love that one! There are other drawings in my room but they are small and not that good. I plan to draw more soon.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what anime frame do YOU have in your room!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
I don't have any anime frames, only some drawings in a sketchbook
lol I should do the same but I've actually got two and I think my favorite is one I have of vocaloid(PS love our drawings)
Thank you so much! That's really cool
omg! that Shippo drawing is so freaking good!
Awe thank you, it's in my opinion the best Inuyasha character drawing I've drawn.
That's so cool! I have a few Sword Art Online posters
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oh yeah sorry about that. I sort of skimmed through it too fast.
Awesome! I have a Free! and an Ouran HS Host Club poster