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So, I am going to say this in the nicest way possible. The level of disrespect people have been giving to army's is just astounding. We have been called immature, rude, annoying, a terrible fandom and the list goes on. It's gotten to the point where if literally someone finds a bad post on YouTube or an "army" says something slightly "offensive" people go crazy. That's when you hear haters start with: "Oh, I like BTS but I don't want to join the fandom cause they're just so rude and I don't want to be lumped in with them." Well dang I'm sorry you only see the bad in everything.
It's not like there are wonderful ARMY's that post and hash tag things to counteract the bad ARMY's. Have people forgotten that we always have get better hash tags to which ever bts member is sick? Or that time that girl sent a video of her doing inappropriate stuff to BTS army took it upon themselves to say sorry?
NO! Nobody cares about the bright side. A lot of the time people that aren't fully apart of ARMY only see the surface of what's happening. They don't take the time to see the good that we do. To say I'm annoyed at the haters that think they are better than every army is an understatement. I'm so disappointed.
How can one say they hate the fandom when we literally have people in America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe ect. that are a part of army? It's not like there's only 20 of us. I mean come on now... All I'm saying is you don't have to join army if you don't want to but keep your hateful words to yourself. Nobody likes to be talked bad about. It hurts even if your typing on your phone, tablet, computer or whatever you own. Words hurt being read or said to your face.
I AM A PROUD ARMY AND I LOVE BEING IN THE FANDOM! WE ARE AN AMAZING FANDOM AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE WITH THE HATE OR WITHOUT IT! Have a nice day and think about what I said a little. Let it sink in and hopefully the next time you or someone else tries to disrespect army or any other fandom like that you shut them down quick. Deuces!
Okay, it's just that Army's do all the most to be honest. And not all Army's are bad. But most of them are and people hate Army's because of them. Just because you are an Army doesn't mean everyone hates you, it's just the Army's that do the most people hate.
We will always have to deal with this unfortunately because the more popular a group is the more there will be trolls
I'm too lazy to be an Army. I think they work kinda hard for BTS and as much as I love the band I don't have time to keep up with them as much as I would like....plus I Love Beast too fang much. Also THERE ARE IDIOTS IN EVERY FANDOM!!!!
@danyeljules41 but the crazy fans in those fandoms dont see it like that. to everyone i am a multiple fandom gal. i love many groups. i love groups who arent that popular. i love girl groups too. as i said before yes there r crazy ones in each fandom. but hey that cant be helped. and those crazys always make everyone else look bad. i may not buy light sticks or wat not. but i support all the groups i love. i try to watch a lot of shows they r in or performance that they have done. i watch their music viedos many times.
im an multiple fandom person. i hate the rude, immature, stupid, crazy and the drama queen fans in every fandom. and i think that goes for most of the multiple fandom fans. i hated wen Army's was talking bad about Youngjae [B.A.P] and how EXO-L's say people copied. i know most fandoms have them bad apples that cants be helped. i love many groups. and thats that i am not just a one group kinda gal. sorry.
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