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stuff i found..... 5th one is "I can't wait for the new make out series book" "jirayah is dead" 10th one is neji:you look familiar have I seen you before? oh yeah I remember you look like my next girlfriend. kankuro:hey baby I'm like a Rubics cube the more you play with me the harder I get shikamaru:if I bit my lip would you kiss is better??? shino:do you have a map I got lost in your eyes kiba:if I said "you have a nice body would you hold it against me gaara:you be the iceberg I'll be the titanic and I'll go down on you lee:be my girlfriend!!!I'll protect you till the day I die naruto:if I tossed a 50 cent coin what are the chances of me getting head sasuke:... (not doing this) naruto:for the love of god have me!!!dattebayo!
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Holy shit yass!! 馃槱
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Sadly I cant read the bad pick up lines, they're to blurry.
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@nueoc I fixed it
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thank you.
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