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Hello vinglers! It's been so long since I've updated this oneshot series but I'm back with it! Again! Here is the third chapter of my oneshot series! Want the previous chapter? Click here:
Chapter 3 The sun rises on Hannah's eyes and she rises with bliss. She got out of her bed and got dressed for the day. "Chloe, get up! We got things to do!" She told her. "What time is it?" Chloe asked her. "It's 8AM. I'm hungry." Hannah replied. "Get dressed." Hannah said again. "Okay." Chloe said groggily. She got out of bed like a sloth and got dressed. Once she was dressed, both girls grabbed their things and met Madison and Natalie in the breakfast room. They set their things down and got their breakfast. Then they sat down at the table and ate their food. "Wasn't it crazy that we met BTS last night?" Madison asked. "Yeah! Talk about crazy!" Natalie commented. "I'm still stunned!" Chloe added. "Well at least I got a photo!" Hannah said to the others. The other girls nodded in response. "That was the best part!" Madison said. The girls finished their breakfast and headed off to class. It was now 1PM and Hannah went to the park for her daily workout and danced to her favorite songs. As she was busy working out, a man walked by staring at her and looking at her form as she was dancing. Once she got to a really crazy dance, he started to laugh, loud enough for her to shut off her speakers and turn around. "What's so funny? You seem to be-" when she saw him infront of her she covered her face and blushed. "OMG! Are you-" "don't say my name, they're watching us!" He warned her. She held her hands around her lips and mouthed his name. "J-Hope?" He nodded in response. "No way, OMG!" Hannah raked her hair with her fingers. She was star struck yet again at the sight of him right in front of her. "Your crazy dancing made me laugh btw! I couldn't be silent!" J-Hope said to her. "Well, I'm just working out by the way, but that was just my freestyle dance." She said to him. She looked at her phone and grabbed her things. "Well, would you look at the time! I better get to my next class! I'll see you next time, eventually!" You said to him as you waived goodbye. He waived back with a smile. Hannah went back to the campus for her next class. Once her class concluded, she met up with the girls and they headed to the noraebang nearby. They were belting out to random songs they had chosen at random by pushing in random numbers as well as asking for snacks and goodies to use. Once they were exhausted, they went back to the hotel and set their books down in their rooms and went to dinner next door at their favorite restaurant. As the girls walk in, they request a table, and wait patiently for a table. As they were waiting, Hannah spots J-Hope at the bar and she tries to hide her blushing face by leaning on Chloe. "Oh my gosh what is it?" Chloe asked. Hannah looked at the bar as did Chloe and she blushed as well. "IKR?!?!?!?!?!" Hannah mouthed to her. Madison and Natalie nudged the others and Chloe looked at the bar, which made them blush as well. As they were fanning themselves with their hands, the waiting device buzzes and Chloe gave it to the waiter and the other girls followed suit. Luckily, the waiter sat them down at a table near the bar and they blushed a lot more than they did when they were waiting for their table. J-Hope get up with his drink in his hand and walks over to Hannah. "Hello beautiful!" He said romantically. Hannah blushed at his comment and turned around to hug him. "Girls, I saw him at the park today!" Hannah told the girls. They were all squealing to themselves. "He saw me dancing crazy and he laughed so hard, it was loud!" Hannah continued. She kept on talking about their encounter and the girls were all giddy and crap. "I'm gonna go back to the bar, later girls!" He said as he slipped a note in her pocket. "Bye Hoseok!" Hannah said as she and the other girls waived at him as he sat down at the bar again with his drink. The waiter came by again and took their orders. "Do you think any of the other members will be here too?" Natalie asked out of curiosity. "Nah, that's not possible! There's no wa-" just as she was about to complete her comment, Jin, Jimin, and Namjoon walked in towards J-Hope and sat down at the bar with him. You stare at the door and the other girls followed suit, hiding their heads and letting out a chuckle or two. "Well then, I guess we may be crazy! I can't believe they're here, again!" Hannah said. "OMG! I can't believe this!" Chloe said hiding her face. "Girl, you need to chill!" Madison told her. "I think you both need to chill!" Natalie told Madison and Chloe. "Alright girls, let's all look at our phones so we all don't go all fan girl over them." Hannah said. The girls pulled out their phones and played games on them until they saw the waiter with their food. They put their phones away and cleared the table for their dinner plates. The girls were hungry as they started to eat their dinner. "Hannah, don't you think it's crazy that the BTS members are here again?" Chloe asked. "Yeah I know right? Crazy! It's like they know we're here or something!" Hannah responded. "Right?!" Natalie added. "I think they like us." Madison said. "No way that's not possible!" Hannah said. "Ok, if you say so!" Madison replied. The girls continued to finish their dinner and once they were done, they went back to their phones and continued playing games on them. Meanwhile, J-Hope and the other members enjoy their drinks and snacks as they talk about their life. "So, why are we here?" Jimin asked J-Hope. "I wanted to see if someone was going to be here tonight." J-Hope responded. "Is it a girl?" Jin asked suspiciously. He knew something. "Why? Are you going to tease me about it? If you are then I won't tell you." J-Hope responded. He had a serious look on his face. "I won't tease you hyung. I promise!" Jin replied. J-Hope whispered in his ear. "Ne~" J-Hope responded in Jin's ear. "I'm proud of you bro!" Jin said to him. "Is that the group of girls you met last night?" Namjoon asked. "De~" Jimin responded. "They're hot right?" Jimin added. "De~" J-Hope answered with a dazed look on his face. "Hyung, you look like you're in love!" Namjoon told J-Hope. "Not yet, I'm gonna make her fall for me." J-Hope declared. "Good luck with that!" Jimin said. J-Hope chuckled. He stared at Hannah as she was paying the bill. The table was clear after the waiter took their plates. Hannah was waiting for the bill to come back with her card so she and the rest of the girls can go back to the hotel. The waiter retired with her card and she put it away and she left with the rest of the girls next to her. J-Hope got up to tell Hannah something but the guys pulled him back. "Don't get too close." Jin warned him. Once the girls reached the hotel, they went to the elevator, got on, and went back to their rooms. "Goodnight girls!" Hannah said to Madison and Natalie as they got off their floor. Hannah pushed the floor that she and Chloe were on, but they instead went back down to ground level, where J-Hope and the other members were waiting. Once the door opened for the members, the girls blushed, once again at the sight of the members infront of them yet again. "Hoseok, have you been following me?" Hannah asked him. "Sort of, can I get your # and room please?" He asked in response. "So that's what you want huh? Ok, well, only call me when you need me to do something for you." Hannah told him. "Alright, I'll stay in touch girl." He responded. The other guys covered their mouths out of embarrassment as they cracked up at his response. "OOO, so smooth Hobi!" Chloe commented. The members squatted down and held in their laughter. "What?!" Chloe retorted at the members. "You're so funny!" Jimin responded. Chloe flipped her hair back acknowledging herself. The door opened on the girls floor and Hannah whispered her room in J-Hope's ear. J-Hope grinned in satisfaction. "Bye guys!" Hannah said to the members. "Bye!" replied Jin. Hannah and Chloe walked back to their room. Chloe inserted the key and opened the door. Hannah followed her into the room and they laid down on their beds. Then they got in their pjs and went to sleep, but just as Hannah was about to silence her phone for the night, J-Hope texted her something. OOO! Things are about to get wild! Tune in next time to see what happens! Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed! Tagging the friend list! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed! 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