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Soooooooooo i have a thing for making fb covers nd i think i shd share these with you all. its just something i do for fun. whenever i get a chance Hehes ā¤ so if u do want to use these or save it please give me a credit somehow Hehes. So i appreciate you all checking out this card nd my covers. I can say i am still learning so enjoy everyone nd that's all ā¤.
these ones are actually not mine so credit to actual owners for these ā¤ actually this bap one is still being used as my Wallpaper bcs i am super lazy to change it hehes ā¤
this Jungkook pic is my ultimate favorite so just sharing Hehes ā¤
And these few are non kpop related this pic is actually meeee hehes ā¤
this is my edit ā¤
Also my edit ā¤
also my edits smthng i do for fun hehes ā¤ enjoy all have a great weekend ā¤