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more phone storage clearing~
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@Bwolfgirl just wondering I checked some of your cards what is your favorite group???
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@briannasj17 I am way too indecisive to choose. if you have music I like, I'll follow you. if you're dorky, you're likely to become a favorite group haha ^^; you?
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@Bwolfgirl well my favorite is all because all boy groups are unique and dorky at one point so I love all that's why I followed you I love all the groups you do^^
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@briannasj17 haha I feel you. I tend to favor boy groups as well, but I'm starting to love a lot of girl groups. all of these pics and gifs are mainly old photos I'd saved, so that's why I'm clearing them from my phone, since I don't really use them much. that way I can share then with everyone you ^^
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I loved the random Himchan pic. x)
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