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Yey! sarah did an amazing job on her chapter. lol so I'm gonna post now, which takes place the next day. I realized I hadn't put that down. but yup
 Eliza  was finished getting the guys ready to go outside, it seemed every time they set foot outside they needed to look perfect,  which meant doing their hair unless they wore a hat, doing their make up to cover any blemishes and making sure they didn't walk out the door in hole ridden clothes or unmatching clothes. It happened more then once that one of them tried leaving looking like a kindergartener dressed them. She preferred that they go out after just waking up then like that. "Are the guys going out now?" Belle questioned looking at Eliza packing up.  "Yea, they wanted to go get some food and go grocery shopping after" Eliza said. Once her tools were put away she sat down in the swivel chair next to Belle. "Sounds like they just wanted to go out " Belle stated. "They did. I feel kind of bad with how busy they've been. You too. All you people ever do is practice" Eliza said making Belle chuckle. "Well duh! They have a bunch of stuff coming out soon. Besides soon you'll be crazy busy and not just doing random things" Belle said. "I want to go on vacation, why can't we go on a vacation " Eliza whined as she stretched in the chair. Belle gave her a look. "Its not as random as it sounds.  I had a guy I'm acquainted with invite me to go to Fiji today" Eliza told her. The face Belle made had Eliza laughing. "I was talking to him and he said he was going home to Fiji and then we got into a conversation about it. He called me a friend and gave me his personal number to contact him if I was ever intrested" she explained "You would bring me with you right?" Belle questioned. "Well duh. It's not like I have a death wish. I mean if I went alone that just screams I'm going to get murdered in my sleep but hey, it's okay I'll die in a nice place" Eliza said.  "You would go down that path, think the whole time while your there that he's going to do something to you " Belle laughed. "Well it just means I have to bring someone with me so I'm not alone with him" Eliza said. "Oh so you would take me with you so we can both get murdered!" Belle exclaimed making her chuckle. "We'll take shifts staying up at night so we don't die in our sleep" Eliza said "Yea that's going to solve it " Belle laughed as she extended her hands and made grabbing motion until,  she had her hands around Eliza ' s neck. "I'll just kill you in your sleep when I get tired of you" she exclaimed.  Her hands were just against her throat not squeezing or doing anything but look like she was trying to choke her.  "Noo,  you can't kill me! I brought you to Fiji! Look pretty scenery! " Eliza mocked like they were really there "And brought me to a killers house! " Belle said. "I didn't mean too. He seemed so nice" Eliza whined. "Everyone is nice until your alone with them in the middle of no where! Then they take the oppritunity to go after you" Belle said. There was the sound of a door opening making both of the stop talking and look over to see who was there. He stood there, hand still on the door handle and eyes wide. At the door to the studio he forgot they were going to see if anyone wanted to join them and doing a game of rock paper scissor he lost every time and was tasked with seeing if the managers,  back up dancers and their hairstylist wanted to join them. So far walking down the hall he hadn't spotted any of them. Hearing laughter coming from the hairdressers room he went there first, a little curious as to what Eliza was up to making her laugh. He went to the room and just outside the door he could hear 2 female voices talking. "You brought me to a killers house! " one female said "I didn't mean to, he seemed so nice" the other female said. He listened in on the ending of their conversation wondering when they went to a killers house and how come no one had heard this before. Opening the door he was going to ask just that but encountered a scene that had him shocked. Belle had her hands wrapped around Eliza's throat and choking her. Eliza had wide eyes and was looking at him. "Tae! Save me!" Eliza exclaimed making Belle turn her head slightly to see him. "Your the killer!" Tae pointed his finger accusingly at her. "What no! She is! She had a plan to take me to Fiji to a killers house" Belle said removing her hands and pointing at Eliza "You wanted to come!" Eliza said. "So she's not trying to choke you to death?" Tae moved of the weird conversation they were having "What? No, I was joking with her" Belle said staring at him. "Playing! sorry if we scared you!" Eliza said "Drat, I had a plan to come in and save you, but you startled me" Tae said all of a sudden sounding sullen. "You can go out and come back in and save me!" Eliza said perking up with interest.  "No he'll save me!" Belle said. "Your the one choking me!" Eliza pointed out "And he should save me from committing murder!" Belle rebutted. "Wow," Eliza stopped and stared at her, then clapped. "Touche we can't have Belle killing people " Eliza said "How did you go from saving Eliza to saving belle from becoming a murderer?" A  voice said from the doorway.  Jimin was standing there leaning against the doorway. "How long have you been there?" Tae squealed turning around,  it had given him another fright "At the part of 'No he'll save me" Jimin said. "You were taking to long" he added looking at Tae. "Plus the managers were already outside, I came to get you 3" Jimin said. "For what?" Belle asked. "For dinner, you haven't eaten yet right?" He asked the girls who both said no. "Food!" Belle squealed.  "Are you done playing? " Jimin asked. "Yes oppa!  Let's go!" Belle bounced out and Tae and Eliza followed after the two.
lol I hope you thought it was funny. I actually had one of my regular customers ask me to go to Fiji to visit him, stay a month 6 months a year! he told me. I told sarah and it went down a path very much filled with warning bells lol. thought be fun to incorporate it into Danger!
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At this moment, I'd go to Fiji....even if there was a deranged killer on the loose.
finally!!!! I couldn't read this for an hour I was going crazy lol....buuuut I got an idea for this one...now I need to decided in who I want this to happen too lol
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