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Power Plays (Daddy/Kitten/Teacher). I don’t need to go to war over this. It’s nothing we don’t already know. XiuDaddy is real and he’d love for you to bring him out. I think that Minseok would be sweet but silent most of the time, but if you started getting whinny for some reason or throwing a bit of a fit. That’s when this kink would come out. He’d make the most of the situation where in you were already in your role due to anger or frustration. He’d love seeing you like this too! Like if you were getting upset because you couldn’t reach something. He’d watch you as his kink slowly melted over his warming body. “Do you want Daddy to get it for you?” He’d finally ask, his body ready to dominate yours.
Orgasm Control. Not denial. Control. Think about it! You under him, his hands hovering over your needy body. All he has to say is “come” and you will. So. Hard. Your body will bloom under him in the best of ways and he’d get off on seeing you come at his demand. Not to mention, the training will be the best time of your life!
Rough Sex. This can be a confusing kink at times but it’s really quite simple. Imagine XiuDaddy fucking you so hard and fast that by the time he’s done with you and already panting beside of you, you’re still whimpering. He’ll be all covered in sweat and your hips would sting in the best ways from where he held you down. Minseok would bring you into his hot arms and hold you. He would make a shushing noise to calm you and then hold onto while you both fall asleep. Sweet right?
PRAISE (Giving and Receiving). Lu would love when you tell him just how good he was making you feel. How he was meant to fuck you. Your praise would have him going crazy! He’d continue to fuck you even harder until the only thing that you could do was scream for him. Luhan would also like telling you how well you were taking him or how good you felt. He’d hum his compliments in your ear as you pushed harder against him in any way you could.
Confinement. Luhan would get off on you telling him your dirty little secrets. All your kinks and fantasies, every position you wanted him to put you in. But he wouldn’t give in just then and give you what you just told him you wanted. No. He’d wait a while and when you had forgotten the conversation. BAM! Kink NO. 8 coming to get you!
Loud Sex. Loud sex, I’m talking; you screaming, him grunting, the bed frame hitting the wall hard and if the neighbors try to knock on the wall y’all won’t be able to hear him. That’s how loud he’d want you, and he’d get off on the fact that he got you there.
Thigh Riding. The image of you whining while you rocked yourself harder and harder onto his thigh would satisfy Yifan quite easily. He would love the way you feel on him and every single time you tried to hide your face in his shoulder. Yifan would be holding your waist or thighs, pulling you faster and closer while your arms were wrapped around his neck. He’d smile when you came and shook over him, maybe even chuckle a bit.
Praise. Yifan would love to groan in your ear about how good you taste, or how tight you feel around him. He’d also love for you to praise him. Tell him how good he’s making you feel, or how bad you want to bite him, even how good the orgasm he gave you was. Yifan will make sure to reward your compliments every. time.
Biting. Just close your eyes and think of Yifan, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. Your teeth pushing into his shoulder and the most beautiful, sexy, deep moan comes from his throat as you bite down. His upper lip would pull up and his nose would scrunch at the painful pleasure. But also! If Yifan was being impatient and just really needed you, so he was pulling off all your clothes and then he sees a mark on your side or on your collarbone that HE LEFT YOU!!!! He would loose it and become even more rough. After admiring it first, of course!
What I mean to say is: Junmyun likes role play but a special kind of role play. These roles wouldn’t just be for a one time sexy thing. If he called you into the kitchen to ask if you had done something wrong and called himself Daddy he would expect for you to pull into it so his full, Inner Daddy could come out. Junmyun would search for the kinks, like if you were getting dressed and he said, “Where something nice for me, baby girl.” or “What about the dress Daddy got for our anniversary?” .
Distractions. I could see Junmyun being really into you distracting him. He would be working on something or reading and all it would take for him to throw away whatever he was doing, would be for you to whine at him. Tell him how needy you are and how badly you want him. Tell him all the ways you’ve pictured him taking you and how it’s made you all wet. Just wait. Four seconds maximum! You will be taken by him.
Begging. The sound of your sweet little voice begging him to go harder or faster or just to let you come already would be heaven to Junmyuns ears. If you want Junmyun to be louder, beg him. Beg him for anything because those things that you say will have him grunting uncontrollably and girl. His groans and grunts will be so worth it!
Body Worship. Yixing would love to pamper you. Having you lay on the bed naked in just your bra and panties. He’d wonder your body slowly, leaving a trail of kisses and licks, maybe even bites. Complements would roll off his tongue along with all the things he wants and has thought about doing to you. Especially if he hasn’t gotten to see you in a long time. *wink face*
Moans. Your moans will be heaven to Yixing. Yixing is the type of person to do whatever his partner would want. Anything he could do to please you. He’d get off on the sounds you made because it means that he’s doing a good job at pleasing you. Yixing would love your sounds so much that he’d ignore room service when he hears the knocks on the door and giving you three or four orgasms just because he doesn’t want your pretty sounds to stop.
Over Simulation. You come again and again. Once over his lips, twice over his fingers. Now Yixing’s looking down at your shivering body, his lip between his teeth, his groan still ringing through your ears…and then he moves back down. His lips traveling between your breasts and down to your extremely sensitive core once again. You could try to tell him that you couldn’t do anymore, but he won’t hear you. His lips would pull on your soft clit with a groan and your body would start searching for another orgasm.
Teasing (Receiving). If you were wearing one of his sweaters, with some high socks and really short shorts, maybe even just panties when the guys came over. It would tease the shit out of him! Beakhyuns insides would boil when you bent over, the desire to take you right now, right there would be one almost too strong. Beakhyun would be so turned on when you showed him just what he wanted, but just what he’d have to wait for. Post-Party sex with Beakhyun would be the best thing ever! He’d also love you teasing him with oral a LOT. And you know you would enjoy it too!
Attention. Beakhyun loves attention and will always want to be the center of yours. If you gave him a lot of attention, especially around other people, he’d eat it UP. The thought that you could be talking with Chanyeol or Junmyun but you stayed to sit on his lap (which would be another perfect way to tease him) and talk to him. Beakhyun would always let you know that you were the only one for him as well. No matter who else was in the room.
Cowgirl. Maybe you’re thinking, “what are you doing that’s a position not a kink”. WRONG! It is a kink for Beakhyun! He fucking loves when you ride him! With a bra, without a bra, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re riding him real good and letting him touch you where ever he wants and you’re both moaning and groaning. That’s all he needs, imaging it would probably make him come.
PHONE SEX. Jongdae on the phone! Let me go! He would love the thought of calling you from a different time zone and demanding to know what you’re wearing for him. He’d call every night of he could. The thought of you dropping everything you were doing to touch yourself as he tells you where to pinch and when to curl your fingers would possess his thoughts. Just don’t get me started on his phone voice and how he would groan into the ear piece just to give you a harder time.
Teasing. Ohhhhhh yes. Jongdae would tease the shit out of you. Until your body was shaking and you’re begging him to let you come and then he’ll just continue. Jongdae would use his mouth, his fingers, toys, words, anything he could to tease you and let you know just how much he can do you and your poor little body.
Bonding/Pinning. I’m counting these as one because with Jongdae everything can happen! Jongdae would thrive under the thought of pushing you onto the bed and bringing your hands above your head in one of his, the other one starting to roam your body as he whispers questions at your neck. You know what you should do?!?! You should find a way to bind yourself to the bed or sofa or coffee maker, it doesn’t matter. but tie yourself up and blindfold yourself and then wait for him to come home because that would be Jongdaes SHIT!
Voyeurism. As much as Chanyeol would love to tell you to touch yourself while he watched you and his eyes just got darker and darker with lust and desire, he’d love if he didn’t have to. If he were to walk in on you felling yourself up, he would absolutely get off on it. He’d stay quiet by the door, watching you as your fingers moved faster and your face scrunched in concentration, until he just couldn’t take it anymore. Chanyeol would always have to hold back the urges to touch you himself, but that struggle would turn him on even further.
Light Bondage. Just a blindfold, a simple scrap of cloth over your eyes could do so much to Chanyeol. The fact that he wouldn’t have to shift his gaze because he had been looking at you for too long, he could look at you for as long and however he wants to. Or maybe just one of your hand is tied up? Chanyeol would need one of your hands free so you could touch him and scratch him and pull his hair. He’d love that. But that one arm would assure him that he is in control and you’re not going anywhere with out him allowing it. You are his and you are staying with him.
Biting/Scratching. The feeling of your nails against his skin would cause Chanyeol to release the most satisfied groans you’d ever hear. He’d love the feeling of your hands or teeth pushing hard into his flesh. Also, Chanyeol would love to scratch and bite you. His fingertips leaving their mark on your thighs and his teeth on your side or shoulder.
Power Plays. Kyungsoo would like being in control even if you were on top. He’d hold your waist and push his own up and lead. He would lead you so well. Kyungsoo would get off on the fact that he was the power player in the relationship. He gets to call the shots. Kyugsoos power plays wouldn’t just be for the bedroom. He’s gonna expect you to carry out the fantasy in everyday life. That will make it more real for both of you. So when he calls and says “Come over, baby. I’ve got something planed for you.” Dig into the fantasy and let Kyungsoo take you the rest of the way.
Reactions. Your reactions will be very important for Kyungsoo. He’s not going to want you to be too loud. However, he will want you to enjoy yourself. Kyungsoo will love the image of you arching your back underneath him and scratching at his forearms, moaning his name. All of that will do so much to him and Kyungsoo will always make sure you mean every sound and movement you make.
Make Outs. His lips. On yours. For as long as he wants. Kyungsoo will make out with you every chance he gets! The feeling of your smaller lips on his would have his eyebrows pushing up, but even more than that. Exploring your mouth would never get old to him. Kyungsoo knows what he’s doing with your mouth and he would show you for hours. By the time he starts moving towards the bed room, your lips will be bright red and so swollen. His groans and your moans will fill each others mouths and it will just be the most beautiful thing!
Hair Pulling. His hand would twist in your hair and pull it back with a groan as he thrusts into you. Tao would love the whine he gained from pulling your hair as well as the control to shift you in any way he wants!
Strip Shows. If you slowly took off every single piece of clothing and let Tao watch, he’d fall in love with you all over again. He’d sit really pretty in his chair with his hand holding up his face and hiding just enough of his emotion. He’d watch you as you turned your back to him to hide the redness of your face. When you turn back his eye will be hungry and you will continue to strip for him until you are wearing nothing and then as you turn to walk away he will stand and come up behind of you…
Loud Sex. Tao is gonna want you to be loud for him in bed. The louder the better. It tells him he’s doing a good job and that you like it, you like him, he’s the one doing this to you, he’s gonna love that power.
Whispers. Imagine dark, strong, sexy arms pulling you back against his toned chest. Jongins face coming to your neck with a groan. You hear as he parts his lips, your eyes already closed and your mouth already falling open. “Did you miss me?” His deep rough voice would push into your ears as he starts kissing your neck. His arms holding you firmly. Or maybe you’re just siting on the sofa, reading, when Jongin come over and kneels beside your head. “I’m going to get us a drink and then I’m going to my room. Be there. Naked.”
Sweat. Jongin would love the look of your body covered in sweet, sweet sweat. If he was watching you lay on the bed with your hands above your head and a vibrator plugged into you and you’re having your third orgasm. He’s not gonna let it end until he’s ready to come touch you and he’s not gonna be ready until you’re dripping. In every way. Or if you were under him, sweating as he put you into every possible position. If Jongin could see you drip with sweat it would make him crazy. He’d bare his teeth, growl, maybe even bite you. Don’t be surprised if Jongin takes you to a warmer room and then holds you under the covers while he fucks you senselessly until you can’t breathe anymore but he says you can’t get air until you come for him again.. Okay I just need this in my life.
Quietly Loud Sex. Like you guys are fucking like it’s part of the Olympics but y'all are in a simi-public place or another member is home. Those moans and groans that go right in the other persons face. Thats that shit I’m talking about! Jongin would love to see your face as you silently scream and all the scratching and biting that’ll happen to make up for it.
Public Make Outs. Sehun wouldn’t care if anyone saw you two make out. If you were over to watch a movie and the other members were in the living room with you but he wanted to kiss you. He would. I mean full on, tongue down your throat, loud groaning, hands pulling you closer, you on your tiptoes kind of kissing. He’s not going to hold back, if anything he’s going even harder. Depends on who it is in the room with you two but nonetheless, expect him to have you out of breath.
Dominance. Sehun is in charge. He tells you what to do and you do it. That gets Sehun feeling so damn good. But, I think you should play with him a bit. Falter, if you will. Say, Sehun tells you to take off your shirt, don’t do it right away. This will drive him mad, in the best way, and cause him to act. Of course, you being a good girl would be lovely and he would love how quickly you obeyed him. But if you tested him and gave him a moment to express how he was the Dom. I know he’d fucking love that shit!
Surfaces. If you ever see Sehun staring at wall or counter, don’t worry, he’s just thinking about fucking you against it. He’d walk up to a wall and pull his hand out of his pocket to run it over the surface and then he’d chuckle, either he has taken you against that wall before, or he’s about to.
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