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So tired of the current afterlife system, shenron decides to change it so there are severe repercussions when someone dies (looking at you krillen). So he swaps in the soul society for the new afterlife system. Goku and the gang find this out after coming back from a seemingly extremely primitive planet covered by mostly water, but unbenounced to them they landed on a planet where highly trained ninjas and pirates exist. The group first meets a group of young pirates, at first Vegeta and the swordsman start giving each other attitude, but Goku and the captain become fast friends, so goku offers the straw hat crew an opportunity to go visit their planet for a bit, and not one to turn down an adventure Luffy agrees. They get back to their ship and get ready to take off, but a group of the elites of the planet stowed away on the ship to find out more about these aliens. Unfortunately one of the Ninjas appetites gets the better of him and he asks Goku for some ramen goku is eating, and being the type of guy that he is Goku gives him some.