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My first ever travel in Europe. During my trip, I was able to see two sides of Paris, the glamorous and the Not so glamorous part. My sister lives in Paris so I had a very good tour guide who showed me two sides. I love the city, the people, the gestures of saying bonjour all the time. The other side, the Not so glamorous was that there we're lots of beggars and scammer all around us. I do not hate them but I hate how some people think that Paris is all glamour. Traveling is such an eye opener and mind opener especially for an Asian lady like myself.
wow, how long did you stay? I also thought it was all glamour smh
@tapsamai, no I wasn't because my sister was there so she warned me.
ooh so jealous ?! Did you get hustled by those scam on the street?
nice!! so jealous @deya !! which famous monuments did you visitttt? :D