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Alrighty I hope you guys like this chapter. I was writing part of it but then got super busy and finally I got to finish writing it. If you missed the chapter @SweetDuella wrote click here
"Oh Good afternoon lovely listeners you are listening to Diamond and Ruby this fine day." "NOW we are going to start this afternoon off with some news. Now we know this happened yesterday but, I'm glad to hear that No one was harmed by the earthquake." Jenni said "Oh yea, I forgot about that since we were busy all day." "Really Diamond? This was a big thing. My phone was blowing up." "I had mine on silent." Sarah laughed. "Geez so that means if something happened to me and I tried to call you for help you wouldn't come?" Jenni said with a shock look. "Nah you'll survive a few minutes or hours till I look at my phone." As Sarah said that her phone dinged. "Oh but now your phone is on?" Jenni said "Hee hee." "Moral of this story Diamond just turned it on silent because…" Sarah cut her off. "I didn't want interruptions from spending time with my boyfriend, and now that I'm away from him I leave it on just in case he texts. You can't tell me you don't do the same." "I normally do but I forgot." "Oh before I forget….now yes there was tragedy yesterday but it was Rap Monsters birthday. I saw a few things online today about Army's." Sarah said pulling the info up on her phone. "Oh yeah." "Oh here it is. 'Of course because it's rap monsters birthday there's an earthquake. Definitely the god of destruction' now I seriously laughed at that. But then again I saw it today." "That is funny but maybe whoever posted that should have waited a day or so." Jenni said "Agreed but seriously some of the things said were funny but I'm American and we find different things funny. I feel like this might not be appropriate. " "You know I was thinking the same thing Americans have a different take on comedy than Koreans do." Jenni said "Ha yea we do…like do you remember when Dane cook was just a comedian. 'You remember that toy speak n spell? It was more like speak like the devil.' That always got me." Sarah said imitating the joke. " Oh my gosh I remember that and what about the burger King joke. 'OK mama that'll be 5.75 please drive around,' then there's a pause before. ' where do I go?', 'where do you go? You take the one way road your on to me!...Ok so what you want to do is go to the block turn left and go down to the Texaco and there will be a man there named Hank and he will tell you were to go to get your food.' That one…gosh every time I'm at a burger King I think of that." Jenni said laughing. "Same here, when we were in the states at the beginning of August and we went through a drive through someone said please drive around and as I pulled away from the speaker box I said where do I go." "Shh Diamond don't say that….Jay might hear you and then he'll know you took his car without his permission." Jenni said whispering into the mic. "I doubt he is hearing this he's in the states." Sarah said with a laugh. "Ok before Diamond gets us killed because my brother probably is listening, let's listen to some songs." Jenni said hitting play. "You don't think he really is listening do you?" Sarah questioned. "Nah I think it's near impossible for him to hear us." "Ok good because I don't want to die." They both laughed. They let several songs play and then they came back. "Ok now I have a question for callers. What do you do when you hate your job and you finally give your 2 weeks' notice and know your boss is going to be a jerk about you quitting?" Sarah said looking at Jenni. "What's this about?" "One of my friends back in the states her boss is a douche and she thinks she's going to have a horrible 2 weeks." "Well I hope she can just deal." Jenni said They took several callers and got some input on what could happen and what to do. The rest of the Tuesday afternoon show went by fast and before they knew it, it was time for them to go home. The only downer was that the guys were busy doing shows and other things so they couldn't spend the night together. But that was ok, once again the girls were ready to watch the 2 newest episodes of scarlet heart ryeo. Today they had popcorn and snacks and some alcoholic drinks. By the end of the 7th episode the girls were fighting over which prince they wanted. The girls ended up falling asleep on the couch. But they both were woken up by the noise of someone opening up there apartment door. They stayed quiet and watched as to figures walked in shut the door and went to the bedrooms. "They aren't here?" One said but that voice sounded familiar. "Did you see anyone on the couch maybe?" The other voice that also sounded familiar said. Then footsteps came closer. The girls slowly made their way off the couch and onto the ground. They were crawling to the other side so they could continue to hide. "What are you two doing?" The girls looked up to who was standing in front of them. "Um….nothing." Jenni said standing up. "That doesn't look like nothing." Namjoon said "Do you want us to be honest?" Sarah asked "Of course." Kookie said. "We thought you were people breaking in to kill us." Sarah said moving back to sit on the couch. "I don't think a killer would be that loud coming in." Namjoon said laughing and poking Jenni in the cheek. "You never know. But what are you two doing here so early." Jenni said stretching out yawning. "Well we both missed you two so after we were done with work we headed here. But sadly you have to head to work soon." Kookie said pulling Sarah close to hug her. At that moment there alarm went off. "Ugh I just want sleep!" Sarah said cuddling into Kookie. He giggled and hugged her closer. "Just think we are almost done we have 3 days of work left." Jenni said "I want a full day of sleep…or maybe just cuddles. " Sarah smiled looking up to Kookie. "Someday." He smiled and kissed her forehead. "Joonie can you come cuddle tonight?" Jenni asked "I can't promise you but I'll try to." "Why do you have to be so busy." Jenni whined "That's life." He smiled. After several more minutes the girls finally got off the couch and got ready for work and the guys walked them to work then they headed home to get a bit of sleep before they had to head back to work. The girls walked into the studio and were discussing several things. "Jenni, Sarah" "Yes boss man!" They said walking over to him. "I wanted to give you a heads up on the group that is coming in today." "Oh who is it?" Jenni asked excitedly " The group 2pm." "Oh my gosh really! We get some Oppa's on the show!" Sarah said excitedly. "This will be exciting." Jenni said and then they headed into the studio. "Good Morning lovelies. Are you all still in bed? I wish we were." Sarah said "Yea I want to snuggle in bed today." Jenni said " Ok so today Ruby and I where deciding we are going to read a book. Yes it is because BTS'S short films having parts from the story 'Demian' have made us wonder how the book and the videos go together. " "After we get off here we are going to each download the book and read it. It'll be like a contest to see who can finish it first. " Jenni said "Yea I think you'll win because I want to sleep in my free time." "Well Diamond you know when you get pulled into a good book you can't put it down. .that's what I'm hoping is this." Jenni laughed. The next hour consist of talking about how the book might be and some other small subjects and of course music was played. Right before the show ended the girls made there announcement. "Before we say goodbye till the afternoon, we want you to know our special guest just had their comeback…'s 2pm!" Jenni said clapping her hands together. "I can't wait for our Oppa's to get here." Sarah said clapping her hands together now. "Alright see you lovelies in the afternoon….Bye" Jenni said and played a song. They left the studio and the next hosts walked in and took their spots.
When the girls got back to their apartment they both sat down with their electronic devices. Both were trying to find the book and after several searches both found a copy. Jenni found a copy for her nook and Sarah accidentally bought 2 copies one through kindle and the other through Google play books. Before Sarah even finished the download she ended up asleep. She was also listening to 2pm's new album so she was well prepared for when they came in, in the afternoon even though she had fallen asleep while listening to them. While Jenni got the book downloaded and started reading the first chapter. Sarah's alarm woke her up at 11 and she got up and saw that Jenni too had fallen asleep with her nook laying on her chest. "Jenni it's time to go." Sarah said shaking her. "5 more minutes please." "Fine but if you ask again I'm spilling water on your face." Sarah said and walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. Once the coffee was done then did she go back and wake Jenni up. After several minutes Jenni finally started drinking her coffee. "Alright we should leave in 10 minutes so we get there early." Sarah said moving in her seat. "Ok I'll go get ready real quick." Jenni said and went to work on getting herself presentable. They got to work at the perfect time. They walked into the office right when the guys of 2pm walked into the studio. The girls were getting the questions they were allowed to ask and some information. They first walked over to the guys and introduced themselves to them then they walked into the their studio and started setting up. Julia walked in. "You two are so lucky, these guys are so handsome." Julia said to the two. "Oh yea and they got some nice bodies as well." Sarah said smiling and then she started blushing at the thought of the bodies and she covered her face. "Sarah! You have Kookie you need to not think about anyone else's." Jenni said lightly slapping Sarah. "But….. They are my Oppa's, all but 2 of them. I think." "You still… Kookie would be jealous and you know it." Jenni said "Fine, fine I'll be a good girl." Sarah laughed. "Well since I'm single I think you guys should talk me up to one of them…." Julia said glancing at the guys. "Which one do you like?" Jenni asked "It be Chansung." She said trying to hide the blush coming onto her face. "Ok. We'll see what we can do." Sarah said with a smile. Julia walked out and bowed to the men that were on the other side of the door. "She is so cute it's weird that she is just a bit younger than you, she acts older than us most of the time." Sarah said to Jenni. "I know her birthday is what 3 weeks after yours….isn't her birthday like March 6th or something like that?" Jenni asked. "Yea I think so. Hold on." Sarah pulled up the calendar on her phone as their intro music started to play. "Yes it’s the 6th." "Awesome." Jenni said and the music stopped. "Good afternoon lovely listeners! Guess what Diamond and I did on our break? Well I'll answer it for you. We both downloaded Demian by Hermann Hesse and we are now having a competition on who can finish it first. I'm ahead because Diamond wanted to sleep, while I wanted to read." Jenni said cheerfully. "You know just wait I'll come back and demolish you." Sarah laughed. "Sure you will." Jenni said laughing at Sarah. "Alrighty now I'm sure many are now listening for one reason…" Sarah started but Jenni interrupted her. "Are you saying no one listens to us unless we have groups on here?" Jenni asked "No that's not what I meant… Je…Ruby! You knew what I meant." "What Diamond meant to say was that yes you all love us but we have some special guest that we are sure many have made sure to tune in for." "Way to be professional here." Sarah said sticking her tongue out at Jenni. "I have those moments." She laughed "Ok let's play a song to so they can come in already." Sarah said hitting play. They waved the guys in and they walked in taking their seats. They had a discussion over who wanted to sit where and then after they all got situated the song ended. "Now that was 'My House' By 2pm and I have got to say this about the music video… I love the bunny singing." Sarah started laughing. "Seriously? I thought you were going to say because Taecyeon was a wolf in the video." Jenni said "Ok that was a nice thing too. I mean that contact…. Man I love it…. Ok… I think I'm about to embarrass myself. We are now with the Men of 2pm, let's have them introduce themselves." Sarah said trying to hide that her face was starting to get hot. They went through each members name and what they were in the group. "Alright ages please." "Junsu, Nichkhun and and myself are 29" Taecyeon said I'm 28" said Wooyoung "Oh what's your birthdate?" Sarah asked "April 30th." "Ah I'm older than you. You have to call me Noona." Sarah said with a smile. "Hey I don’t think a little under a 2 month difference that he needs to call you Noona." Jenni said "Shhhh I want him to call me Noona." Sarah tried to cover Jenni's mouth. "Noona?" Wooyoung questioned. "Ok thank you. Now you don’t need to call me that anymore." "Alright onto Junho." Jenni said "Both Chansung and Me are 27." Junho said "Birthdates." Sarah said "My birthdate is Feb 11." Chansung said "Oh my gosh the day before mine!" Sarah said laughing holding her hand up for a high five "Awesome!" He said giving her a high five. "Mine is Jan 25th." Junho said quickly. "Ok so I have 4 Oppa's out of this group and 2 that get to call me Noona." Jenni said clapping her hands together. " Sorry we were excited to actually have some Oppa's on our show for once." Sarah said with a laugh "Yea we are always Noona's 100%" Jenni added. "Not like we don't like that." Sarah quickly interjected. "Ok before we go to another song. Let us get this question out of the way." Sarah said looking at Jenni. "Oh I think I know what this question is." Junsu said causing the girls to look at him. "How?" Sarah and Jenni said at the same time. "We do listen to your show, plus you 2 are getting famous around the celebrities because of this question." Taecyeon said with a laugh. "That is kind of awesome." Jenni said pulling a Panda out from her side of the table. "Alright then Panda or Tiger?" Sarah said grabbing a Tiger as well. After a little bit of discussion the tally was that Taec Yeon, Chansung, and Junho picked tiger While Nichkhun and Wooyoung and Junsu picked panda. "One day we won't be tied." Jenni said with a laugh. "Yea, And I swear we will eventually get all the celebrates we have given animals to to join us and fight our war." Sarah laughed. "Alright we are going to play a song now, yes another song by 2pm this one is what they just released from there comeback yesterday. It's called 'Promise (I'll Be)' and I will say this is a great song to use as your first MV of this comeback." Jenni said hitting the play button. The guys were playing with their stuffed animals. While they chatted a bit with the girls. The girls were loving the fact that their panda and tiger question was going all over the kidol world. Finally the song ended and the girls quickly jumped into talking "Ok I seriously love that song." Jenni said to Sarah. "I know it is such a great song, I'm glad you picked that song to start this comeback." "Thank you, we all enjoyed making this album" Junsu said "Now I will admit I am addicted to track number 5 which is 시도때도없이 (sidottaedo-eobs-i)" "Oh yea that is a great track, I like Never" Jenni said They talked a bit about the album itself and who helped make each song and which was each members favorite. Then they took another break and played some songs then jumped back in with questions. "Alright so the Maknae of the group is Chansung, right?" Jenni asked trying to make sure they didn’t mess up there plan. "That is right" Chansung said "You know you are so cute, we have a Maknae of the office, Her name is Julia and she is so freaking adorable." Sarah said pointing to Julia. The guys turned to her. "See isn't she a cutie, look at that blush hitting her face." Jenni said with a smiled. The guys all smiled and waved at her. "She is cute." Chansung said quietly. Sarah and Jenni tried to hold in their smiles and were biting their lips. They looked at Julia real quick and Jenni gave a quick thumbs up. Which caused Julia to get a bit more red. "Ok now a simple question what is everyone's favorite color?" Sarah asked "Mine is green?" Said Junsu "Purple" Nichkhun said "Yes! Purple is awesome!" Jenni said "Black" Taecyeon said "Yellow" Wooyoung said "Red." said Junho "I hope Chansung has my favorite color? Ruby's was already called so… Chansung what is your favorite color?" Sarah said leaning in closer. "Orange." He stated quickly. "Ha Diamond your color is out!" Jenni said laughing and pointing at Sarah "That's ok Blue doesn’t want you 7 to like it anyways." Sarah said acting like a hurt child. "Ok now onto a more pressing matter." Jenni said "What's that?" Junsu asked "What is your ideal type?" Jenni asked "Let's start with the youngest and work our way to the oldest." Sarah suggested. "Ok, I like a girl who has a nice personality, And nice eyes." Chansung said and both Sarah and Jenni looked at each other and smiled. "I like a girl who can take care of her kids well." Junho said "So the question here then is, does this mean she has to have kids already?" Jenni asked "No of course not, but if she has kids that’s not a deal breaker." "Aww Junho you are so sweet! But how would you know if she takes care of her kids well if she doesn’t have any?" Sarah asked "I guess how she handles taking care of others. That's how I can tell if they are a good person. Plus I just figure every mom takes care of their kids well." "Not all mom's do but, the way you think of them is so cute." Jenni said "Alright …..Wooyoung your next." Sarah said trying to keep them on track. "Oh… my ideal type is a simply a girl that comes into my heart immediately." "So kind of like love at first sight?" Sarah asked "Yea." he answered "Gosh you guys are coming up with cute answers." Jenni commented They all laughed. "I like a girl who can do her own stuff well, So someone is isn't dependent on others." "Oh Oppa that's me?" sarah said with a wink. "No Oppa cannot have her." Jenni said hitting sarah in the arm. "I'm messing, I swear I only see Oppa Taec Yeon as a friend, I love my boyfriend even if I can't actually call him Oppa." Sarah said rubbing her arm. "Dating a younger man?" Taecyeon asked "Of course he's the youngest of the group, he's like 20." Jenni said laughing "Ah the Maknae's keep claiming the Noona's" Chansung said with a laugh. "Ok I am going to get yelled at for being a bad girlfriend, So before we let Nichkhun answer our question. Baby if you are listening I love you! Please don't play a mean trick on me like last time." "Oh they were all so mean to us." Jenni said "What did they do?" Nichkhun asked "Our boyfriends played a trick on us, like they asked us if we wanted to date there friends instead of them and that if we wanted to switch now was the time. They apologized but still, we don’t want another one of those happening." Sarah said and turned to Nichkhun. " Ok Your turn." " Um, I like a nice, cute and good girl." Nichkhun said still looking at Sarah who had big eyes and was smiling at him. "That’s great." She finally nodded. "Alright the last one Junsu!" Jenni said "I like a girl who looks pretty when she smiles." Both Jenni and Sarah looked at each other. "That's not us." Jenni said laughing "Oh this sucks!" Sarah said joining in the laughter. They talked a bit more and took calls and they played a game and included callers. Then they took one last break before the guys were to end their time. "Alright now since we are nearing the end I have a big question and this is so big that we all just might die if we don’t know." Jenni said dramatically. "What is that Ruby?" Wooyoung asked "What is everyone's favorite food?" Jenni asked "Oh yes we shall die if we don’t know this." Sarah said with a little giggle. "Sushi!" Junsu said quickly. "Yay! Same here!" Jenni said high fiving Junsu." "I like all foods." Taecyeon said "Same here, There really isn't one that I don’t like." Nichkhun said "I'm like my Hyungs, I like all foods." Wooyoung said. "Man you guys are making this a bit hard on us." Sarah said with a small giggle. "Junho please say yours is different than theirs?" Jenni asked He giggled and smiled and looked around. "Ok Chansung?" "Sorry we all really enjoy food." "Well there you have it folks all of them just like food and the only one who gave us just one type was Junsu." Jenni said with a laugh. "And now we will leave you with a few more 2pm songs and we will see you all tomorrow morning." "Bye!" the guys of 2pm all said and then they all stood up and headed out of the studio. "Ok before you guys head out, can we treat you to dinner?" Sarah asked "Oh so that's why you were asking." Junho said "Yea we like to eat after we hang with our guests." "Sure we have a little bit of time before our next schedule." Junsu said "Yay! Sushi it is!" Sarah and Jenni said at the same time. "Julia come with us!" Sarah said grabbing her arm. "I….. I can't." Julia said trying to get her arm away from Sarah "Appa can Julia take a dinner break and come with us?" Jenni asked Both Sarah and Jenni gave the puppy dog look to him and he caved. "Fine, And since you two keep eating out with our guests I'll pay for this one." He said handing the girls money. "Thanks Appa!" they said hugging him. He laughed, "Now get out of here before I change my mind." "Ok bye." They said and dragged Julia with them and the guys followed. "Is he really your dad?" Nichkhun asked "No… we just call him our Korean Appa because he has been like one since we moved here."
They all arrived at the sushi place and picked a table to sit at. The girls made sure to have Julia sit next to Chansung. "Alright we shall order a bunch of different things and I'm sure none of it will go to waste." Sarah said smiling grabbing the menu. Her and Jenni discussed a few options and then asked the guys to each pick something. "So are you guys close to Got7 by any chance?" Jenni asked "Yea they are our dongsang." Junsu said "Did they by any chance tell you about us?" Sarah asked with big eyes and blinking several times, with a silly grin on her face. "Yea, They told us about what you did for them. We thought that was a nice thing of you ladies to do." Nichkhun said The girls laughed at remembering that they had a panda war, and squeaker war. "Yea there friend from BTS brought them and he even called in and was upset." Julia said laughing "Yea Tae was so upset, We still need to have a squeaker war with him." Sarah said laughing "You guys are close with BTS?" Junho asked "Yeah, I feel like we see them every day, or they call into the show all the time." "Well you are dating some of the members." Julia spilled and then covered her mouth. "Oh and you are dating the Maknae of the group. That makes sense." Taecyeon said with a smile. "Ha yea, that was too easy to figure out once you knew he was in the group but Jenni's is going to be harder to guess." Sarah laughed "Yeah mine no one expected, it's kind of great." Jenni said "Yeah until he comes to pick you up and everyone sees him." Sarah commented "Shh, he hasn’t been able to do it lately." Jenni said with a little pout. "Oh look Food!!" Junsu said excitedly as the food was set on the table. "Please enjoy the yummy food." Jenni said and then they all started digging in. There was little bit of conversation and then after they demolished the food the girls paid and they walked out of the Sushi restaurant. "Well suppose you guys have to go." Sarah said with a little sadness in her voice. She was enjoying spending time with them. "Well, we have a bit of time." Junsu said looking at his phone. "Can we go get a treat?" Sarah asked grabbing onto Junsu's arm. "Oppa, please please can we get treats together?" Sarah started attempting Aegyo and he used his free hand and ruffled her hair. "Ok we can." "Yay!" both Jenni and Sarah said and turned to each other and high fived. Sarah winked at Jenni and Jenni winked back. They had one more step to their plan before they could let the boys of 2pm leave them. Sarah linked arms with Taecyeon and Wooyoung and pulled them forward while Jenni grabbed Junsu and Junho and she nodded her head at Nichkhun to go ahead. He was walking with the others and they left Chansung with Julia. During this time The girls switched numbers with everyone so they could keep in contact. "If we keep making friends with every group we have on the show I'm going to run out of space soon." Sarah laughed at Jenni. "I want friends though, you can't stop me!" Sarah said and she was flipping through her phone and pulled up a song. It was a song called 어때? (Eottae?) from their new album. She started dancing and making funny faces trying to get the others to join in. Finally after Sarah got Jenni into it they were just dancing and laughing the guys finally joined in and they would sometimes start singing the song. Julia was a bit shy at first. "So you're the Maknae in the office?" Chansung asked "Yeah." "That's cool. How old are you?" "I'm 27 but my birthday is in March." "So I'm your Oppa?" He asked with a smile. "Yes you are." She smiled and looked down. "Julia." he said and she looked at him. "Yes?" "You have pretty eyes." with that comment she started blushing and looked away. Julia finally looked up when she heard laughter and screaming. Sarah and Jenni where dancing with the other guys of 2pm and at one point Sarah ran and jumped on the back of Taecyeon and was holding onto him and then he just took off running. Jenni was trying to follow but he was too fast for her. She gave up and sat down Indian style and started to pout. "Those girls." Julia laughed. "They act very young." Chansung said "Yea that's why people think I'm older than them." "Do you let loose like they do?" He asked and she had to think of the last time she acting her younger than her age. "I haven't in a while." She finally admitted. "Well maybe I can help, I mean I do act younger than my age sometimes, but those two, they definitely know how to have a good time." He said pointing to the group ahead of them. "Yeah, it's never boring with them." They finally got their treats and had to say goodbye to everyone from 2pm and they were heading to get a taxi. "Sooooo?" Sarah started. "Did you get his number?" Jenni asked "Yeah I did." Julia said with a smile "Yay! Our plan worked." Sarah said high fiving Jenni. "You two planned this?" Julia asked "Yup." Jenni said and they all hopped in a taxi and talked the rest of the way. They dropped Julia off at the studio since she had her car still there and the girls head over to Big hit to surprise the guys. They knew they would still be there, either in the practice room or studio. They went to the practice room first and that's where they were. They were sitting in a circle just the 7 of them were in the room. Sarah quickly through the door open and ran and plopped on Kookie's lap. "Kookie! I missed my baby!" Sarah giggled wrapping her arms around him. "Panda!" Namjoon said getting up to close the little distance between them. "Can we talk Sarah?" Kookie said with a serious expression. "Sure." She got up off of him and he lead the way out. Sarah looked back at the others and they had a look that seemed like she had done something wrong. She turned back and ran after Kookie. "Ok what was that about?" Jenni asked "Oh he's upset about what Sarah was doing on the radio." Jin said "Oh I knew it! Sarah didn't listen to me." Jenni said sitting down next to Jimin. "Hey bestie." Jimin said poking her cheek. "Leave my panda alone." Namjoon said pulling Jenni onto his lap. Kookie kept walking until he found an empty hallway. He stopped and turned on his heels. Sarah stopped. "What's wrong?" she asked staying a distance apart. "I am upset with what happened on the radio today." he said still serious mode so she knew he was really upset. "I'm sorry, you know you are the only one I like right?" she said and took a step closer. "Yes I know that but…" He took a few steps and grabbed Sarah's wrist and pulled her and pushed her against the wall. He still had his hand on her wrist. "Kookie, I'm really sorry, please don't be mad." Sarah was a little worried was he going to be really mad? Was he about to break up with her. This thought had tears forming in her eyes. "I am going to be mad, I want you to call me Oppa even if you are older than me." He said and Sarah shook her head. "Excuse me?" "I'm mad because you can call them Oppa and not me, You were too cute calling them Oppa." Sarah felt better at that and started crying. "I thought you were going to break up with me." She said between tears. "Never, I like you way too much, We are working things out no matter what." He said using his other hand to life her chin up. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cry." She said trying to stop the tears. "I'm sorry I made it seem like I was going to break up with you." he said looking her in the eyes. "Oppa." She said and there was this look in his eyes and within a second he pressed his lips to hers. He liked when is girlfriend called him Oppa. He knew it wasn't proper but he didn't care. She didn't have to call anyone else Oppa just him. After a passionate kissing session they had to break apart for air. "My girl calling me Oppa is a turn on for me." "Well what about other girls that are younger than you calling you that?" She asked "That's cute, when you say it…its sexy. When you my Noona do it….it's so much better." He smiled "Ok well then I'll only call you Oppa when we are alone because well… you know why." he nodded and then they headed back to the practice room. They walked into the room and Kookie had walked in ahead of her and when he went to sit down Sarah smirked. She stayed a good distance away from him. "Sarah are you ok?" Jenni asked. "Yea I just had to deal with Oppa." she said with a little giggle and Kookie turned to look at her with a smile on his face. "Oppa?" Jenni questioned "Yes, My Oppa right there." Sarah pointed to Kookie still smiling. He got up and started running towards her. Sarah ran and let Kookie chase her. When he finally caught her he started tickling her. "You're in for it now." he whispered to her "No Oppa don't hurt me." "So I see he was just upset about not being called Oppa." Jhope said
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I love all the interaction Jenni and Sarah have with the groups and eating with them and it's sooooo cute, I wish I could do that.
omg you did a longgggg chapter 😊 so happy! gosh now um gonna have to start listening to 2pm newest music (haven't had chance to yet) alrighty. Now I gotta go figure out what to do next!!!
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ooooo I'm going to vote thanks for telling me!!! and of course taecyeon is perf. lol I liked sungjae all thanks to a song for you and after that I coukdnt shake that jerk lol
2PM! Love my boys so much! And you're gonna need to share Khunnie's number with your unnie, just saying. 😉 Sigh, any time I get to spend with my UB is the best. Glad you had them on. And Kookie wanting to be called oppa is so precious!
2PM...(ahhh. sigh...and Fans self). They are one of the very few groups I will actually fangirl over....not too young. Taecyeon is my UB, so I probably would consider stalking the radio station just for the chance to meet him. Not that I don't like the other members of the group. I do...a lot.