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allow me to reintroduce myself *say in zico voice* eeeeppppp!!!! lol hello!!!! everyone!! it's Vinny here and today we will talk about High4.
okay this is high4! ⬆⬆⬆⬆⤴⤴⤴
high4 is a group with killer vocal skills and beast like rapping. it's like angels and demons United and created HIGH4!!!!!
Okay I might be exaggerating but hey they are Very talented... *Cringes at second gif* the way Sunggu look at Alex *bites fist* eeeeppppp! Anyways!!! High4 is a group of 4 dorks with great talent and lot of potential.
the problem is their not will known... and even though I wish they could get a little more attention... wishing it isn't going to make it just happen...
okay so brief introduction about the group High4 is a south korean boy group under the label company N.A.P Entertainment. The group consists of members Kim Sung Gu, Alex, Baek Myung Han, and Yim Young Jun. High4 has already collaborated with famous artists like IU. High4 debuted in 2014. they are still actively promoting their music as of this year.
more information about their debut and success. It was on April 8, 2014, when high4 debuted with the song “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossom” featuring the famous South Korean solo artist IU. The song received a lot of recognition most especially because of IU’s presence in the song as well as in the music video. High4 actively promoted their music by releasing EPs; Hi High in 2014, HI FIVE and Hi Summer in 2015. but they have not made a comeback yet as of 2016. Most of their songs have reached the charts and they have also received a lot of awards and nominations for their music.
NOW a quick brief introduction about our boys. so before we going straight into the member life story. lets quickly learn their profile and find out who is who alright.

okey let's go!.

(Note: source of information were found from different sites. most of them are not up to date. thank you)
Birth Name: Kim Sung gu Stage name: Sunggu Hangul:김성구 Position: Leader, Vocalist Birthday: 01.22.1992 Nationality: Korean Height:176cm (5ft 9in) Weight:63kg (138lbs) Blood Type: O Hobby: Singing Attraction: Smile
Birth name: Alexander Kim Stage name: Alex Hangul:알렉스 Position: Rap, Dancer Birthday: 09.07.1990 Nationality: Korean-American Height: 176cm (5ft 9in) Weight: 56kg (123lbs) Blood Type: N/A Hobby: Painting, tennis, basketball Attraction: Handsome face
Birth name: Baek Myung Han Stage name: MyungHan Hangul:백명한 Position: Vocalist Birthday: 02.15.1993 Nationality: Korean Height: 173cm (5ft 8in) Weight: 52kg (114lbs) Blood Type: B Hobby: Singing Attraction: Eyes
Birth name: Yim Young Jun Stage name: youngjun Hangul:임영준 Position: Rap, Maknae Birthday: 08.24.1995 Nationality: Korean Height: 178cm (5ft 10in) Weight: 56kg (123lbs) Blood Type: O Hobby: Singing Attraction: Handsome face
Great! Now! let's meet the member now that you've gotten a brief introduction of who's, who. let's learn more about them and their life as a trainee and before.

about Kim Sung Gu

Sunggu is the first member to join High4 and the leader of the group; even though he is two years younger than Alex. you see, usually the eldest member is the leader but Alex was a bit inexperienced. especially since at that time Alex was not a Korean native. so the leader responsibility was then passed on to Sunggu. Sunggu was also the longest trainee among the other members of High4. he has trained for more than seven years. Before Sunggu became a trainee of N.A.P Entertainment, he was a trainee under JYP Entertainment, one of Korea’s most prominent recording labels. Fun Facts ▪Sunggu’s zodiac sign is Aquarius ▪His Chinese zodiac sign is Monkey ▪He was born in Daebudo Island, South Korea ☆his in a secret relationship with meee....jk ▪Sunggu is a bit feminine (awe so cute!) ▪He is also very sensitive and easily cries. ▪He once cried on a music show ▪His role model is Park Hyo Shin ▪He sometimes sleeptalks (dafaq XD) ▪Sunggu is a generous leader ▪He is the first one to wake up.

about Alexander Kim

Alex is the second member to join the group. He is responsible for rapping parts of their songs and he is also the dancer in the group. Alex was born in the United States, making him a United States citizen. but After debuting as a member of High4, Alex decision that he was going to change his citizenship and get his Korean citizenship instead. This means having to complete the mandatory military service. Alex decided to get a Korean citizenship because of his love for South Korea. Fun Facts ▪Alex’s zodiac sign is Virgo (Ayyye me too) ▪His Chinese zodiac sign is Horse ▪He was born in the United States ▪Alex is fluent in English (that mean we can communicate!) ▪He recently changed his citizenship to Korean ▪His favorite Japanese food is sushi ▪ His favorite Italian food is pasta ▪He revealed that he loves the Korean culture ☆he is married to mee!! xD ▪His ideal type is a girl with a unique personality ▪Sunggu admitted that he wanted to be like Alex.

About Beak Myung Han

Myunghan is the third member to join High4. He is also responsible for the group’s vocals. There is very little information about Myunghan since he debuted as a member of High4. He has never promoted a solo artist or anything else yet. There are no announcements whatsoever as to whether Myunghan will debut as a solo artist since he is on hiatus at the moment because their group is not promoting any new music just yet. He is still an active member of High4 and he will surely participate in their music promotions once they are back on the track in the music industry. Fun Facts ▪Myunghan zodiac sign is Aquarius ▪His Chinese zodiac sign is Rooster ▪He was born in Daegu, South Korea ▪He does not have any social medias ▪He is known for his cute smile ☆lives in my closet...huh...what... ▪Myunghan was once featured on a music video by C-Real ▪His ideal type is a woman with a good personality (So does that make me his wife? xD)

About Yim Young Jun

Youngjun is the last member to join High4. He is also the group’s youngest member. Just like Alex, Youngjun is also responsible for the rapping parts of High4’s songs. Just as Myunghan there is very little information about him. During his trainee days, back when he still had not debuted as a member of High4, he was featured in C-Reals music video of “Sorry But I”. (C-Real is a South Korean group.) Fun Fact ▪Youngjun zodiac sign is Virgo(Ayye!) ▪His Chinese zodiac sign is Pig (Ayyyye!) ▪He was born in Suwon, South Korea ▪Youngjun was once featured on a music video by C-Real ▪He is the youngest member of the group ▪He is also considered as one of the group’s visuals representative ☆kept lock away in my basement over the weekends....what... ▪Youngjun participated in the Summer Snow Musical ▪His shoe size is 26cm ▪He has no official Twitter account ☆ he is my second husband XD ▪His ideal type is a woman who is cute but sexy (welp that count me out so never mind! I'm not cute I'm smexy! haha I'm such a liar xD)
Alright now the time has come to an end!! so thank you to those who made it this far lol. I know I put alot of info.. anyways so I've been thinking of ways to become more active in vingle and so far I've came up with my kpop Inspirational quotes card that I'll be making every Friday. also i will be starting on my k-zodiac cards that I've been behind on now. also with my k-meme cards that I'll be posting every other Saturday. and Now this!! THIS CARD WILL BE ABOUT GROUP/IDOL OF THE WEEK. first I'll make a card of groups/idol that are hardly known (I will also make one of group/idol that are will know too don't worry and rookies) and I'll be introducing them and do things I did in this card today and then I'll dedicate a week to them. I still have figure out which day event for the group’s but It will be fun. for a solo artist I'll dedicated the weekends to them since their solo artist the just need two days lol I still need to figure out what I have plan on those days for them too. so If you wish to be added to my New taglist [insert taglist name here] please let me know. I hope you look forward to it!! You guys ready to get to know High4!!! starting every Monday a new group will be announced since I did their on Sunday we will wait for Tuesday for their first card event plan thing.
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They are cuties. I watch them on the Vapp sometimes. There are a lot of groups where the oldest isn't the leader (BTS and EXO are two of them)
I know ^__^ I got the info on some site tho lol. also ikon Hanbin isn't the oldest but he the leader and BigBang
Youngjun looks really cute
he does tho!! 😍😍
Sunggu is my husband XD
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Ill fight for him XD
They sound awesome and their logo is really cool, I think I'd like this group and I'll check them out! Thanks for bringing them to my attention, I'm always looking for new groups to get into!😆
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no problem ^_^
They look cool!! I think imma listen to them like right now!!
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I did and omg they are amazing!!!
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