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This camera will upload everything you shoot to social media. It basically redefines the world of social photography. Check it out....
The design is cool, but the idea of uploading it to the cloud and on to social network. I guess that one you can even do it with your fone. Or with Canon 6D you can do it as well :)
@miranpark88, so you gonna preorder one? Might be fun to use if you have a spare SIM card.
@Benard uhhhhhh very nice very nice!! def high techhh hahahahah i really like the design!! definitely purse-friendly!!!! :D
@miranpark88 You mean the camera...!! Alright....well no, what the camera does is it uploads all the pictures to your "lab" account which is a cloud storage service that comes free with the camera. Your account will store the permissions required to post to Twitter or Facebook. The only time you need to use your own computer is to log into your lab account and manage the pictures from a web browser. In other words, there is no "downloading" of photos to your computer to post to Facebook.
@Benard ohhhh heheh i meant if you take pictures from that camera you would be uploading pictures straight from the computer right? :D
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