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it's midnight again guys!! you what what this means?? yup another Got7 update!!! and... things are getting super bumpy!!!
watch the video on the v app! You can watch videos on V LIVE. http://www.vlive.tv/video/14067/ now on youtube https://youtu.be/ImlaXm_Thig

Okay!!! now that you went thru that!!! can we freaking talk about this !!! i forgot it's a continuation from last album in which if you remember my card explaining the theory now has finally been truly revealed! omg my heart!!!!!! guys! our hearts! !!!

I was thinking this is going to be awesome, so much fun..maybe even a sexy pilot finally!!! but noooooooo!!! not even close!!!
I was so excited to watch the trailer, only to quickly realize this is that bs that made me cry last time!
things quickly go south and my heart had just forgotten all about the last trailer for fly! no !! why!! (ps if you forgot already i will link it on the comments)
this too much !
I was not at all prepared for this...i didnt plan on crying this morning
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Right. i was aww look how cute my boys are having fun and stuff and then shit got real and i was like no wait what? Also YoungJae hair looked amazing