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(Exo fanfic Contest.)
Who: Wu Yifan X Reader
What: Angst
Story: N/A
(I wrote this in a much different way than I write my fan fics I hope you all enjoy!)
Yifan walked around aimlessly. He had lost her, her beautiful smile was gone, her laugh, her kisses, her hugs. Everything he loved about her was gone and the sunshine he had lived for had completely disappeared from the world. Not just his world but the world itself had lost its life when she lost hers. Despite being Chinese, Yifan lived in Korea with Y/N for three years. His birthday was coming up and it was right around their anniversary when she was suddenly hit but a car. The collision killed both her and the driver on impact leaving Yifan broken and alone. He found himself walking back to the places that she liked to visit; their time together was fresh in his mind as if the memories from years ago only happened yesterday. He stood by the bridge looking out at the water.
“Jagiya, be careful.” He told her.
He reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her back away from the railing. A fear that even the small gust of wind could send her over it. She stepped back and looked at him with a smile.
“You’re so protective of me Yi.” She said to him.
“Isn’t it natural to protect what’s precious to you?” he said to her before he dipped his head down to kiss her lips.
*end of memory *
The memory was vivid enough for him to believe that he was still able to kiss those lips. The soft contact would get rough and send him a state of need. He’d want to hold her close to his body and whisper to her that he loved her. She’d always say ‘I know; I love you too.’ He never got tired of hearing her say that. The sweet sound of her voice raising from his chest to get to his ears only haunted him even more. She haunted him, his entire brain.
“Ah, you just have to love this winter air, right Yi?” Her ghost had said.
His vision of her, his memory of her, became real. She was real to him; she was standing right there sitting on top of the railing looking at him with a sweater dress on. Her black leggings fitting tight on her, it hurt to see her. Why would his brain torture him like this? Why would she haunt him like this?
Yi, what’s wrong? You don’t look so good?” she smiled.
“Why aren’t you here Y/N? Why aren’t you with me?” he answered.
"That's easy a jackass on his cell phone crashed into me. I’m sorry I can’t be here for your birthday though.”
“I don’t care about my birthday anymore. Nothing is right without you, how could you just leave me?”
You think I had a choice? You’re the love of my life Yi, if I had a choice I would’ve held onto my life with every ounce of strength I had. Shouldn’t you be grateful that at the very least I didn’t suffer?”
“Somehow that’s not enough.”
“I know you want me here, I know you want me to touch you and hold your hand and to kiss you but the reality of it all is that I’m gone. You buried me and that’s not going to change no matter how much you will it. What will never change is that I love you Yi bear. So will you please- just let me go.” She said.
Yifan looked up to see her no longer on the railing of the bridge. He turned to walk back to the side walk. He started walking, beside him in the road was her ghost again. She was walking playfully next to him but she was far from his reach. Her arms were behind her back as she hopped a little in her walk. Yifan turned his head to look at her as she walked by him and she turned her head to look at him. She gave him a warm smile.
“You think because I asked you to let me go that means I don’t love you? Or maybe you think letting me go will make me think you never loved me at all?” she said.
“I’ve always loved you.”
She nodded,
Yes I know. Do you remember what you said to me when we first met? ‘Watch out baby girl because one day I’ll make you mine and you’ll be begging for me all day and all night long’,” she chuckled.
Boy were you right, I was always begging for you. Even when we got into those stupid fights all I really wanted at the end of it was for you to wrap your arms around me and tell me you loved me. I never wanted you to leave me. I loved you so much Yi Yi but you’re suffering right now. In what reality do you think I would be okay with that? You have to stop holding onto me I don’t want to be the thing that kills you.” She said.
“How can I just let you go Y/N? Three years completely erased from my memory, me and you. Our entire life, we were supposed to get married and have kids and be a family. We were supposed to live jagi but where are you? You’re lost in my memories tormenting me, it’s the sweetest torment I’ve ever had to endure but I loved you, I loved you with every breath in me and I still love you and it’s just so hard. It's so damn hard to keep getting up every day and pretending that I’m okay when I’m not because I miss you so damn much. Baby girl I need you I can’t just forget, I can’t just let go, I miss you so much.”
She looked at him with a sad expression and a tear rolled down her eyes. He didn’t even think that his vision of her could cry. How could a ghost cry? That image made him move forward into the empty street to meet her standing there. She seemed so real, like they were face to face. Like he could touch her and wipe her tears away.
“I love you so much Yifan. Don’t let go of life, just let go of me.”
There was light that began to cast over them both and Y/N looked out to it.
Move Yi bear.” She said looking back at him.
It was too late for him to move when the car hit him. He was lucky it slowed down, it swerved as best it could but Yifan was still hit. He was in a coma for a week and he had spent every moment of it with her warm smile in his mind. There was no darkness in this state there was only her. It felt like he could touch and kiss her, everything had felt real and it hurt but it felt so good to have her there.
"I love you Yi bear but you have to move on." She said.
"I love you Y/N, forever." He felt the need to cry but couldn't in this dream state.
"I know- but it's time for you to wake up Yi. When you do I won't visit you any more because you will have moved on from me."
She had blown him one last kiss, given him one last smile and his eyes opened with his last tear for her being shed and his memory of her completely gone. His friends surrounded him, happy he was alive and ok. They hugged him and asked how he felt while Luhan went to get a doctor to tell him he was awake. They all noticed he couldn't remember anything that happened in the last three years, not even meeting Y/N. They kept quiet about her death and them dating, he had been a mess for so long because of her ghost but now.....Now he was ghost free......
This was harder for me to write because it was so short I hope you guys liked it anyway. Thanks for reading. ~Babydollbre
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I'm crying on the inside
Ugh he lost his memory 😭 this was so beautifully sad
I'm freaking balling my eyes out holy god
this story felt so real that by the end of it I was balling tears 😭
well damn that hit hard
😄😄 sorry.
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