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Look at that! Jenni threw it at me and I hit it right back at her. Now she has to try to catch this fast ball. If you missed her update last night click here
Belle had attached herself to Jimin. After what happened yesterday she felt closer to him. "Oppa what are we eating?" She asked "BBQ." He said with a smile "Yay! did you hear that Eliza?" She said turning back to Eliza and Tae. "I did." Eliza said with a laugh. When they walked outside the other back up dancers where there along with the manager and the group. Belle got a look from some of the dancers and quickly let go of Jimin. He glanced at her. She moved back by Eliza. "What's up?" Eliza asked "Some of the back up dancers were glaring at me because I was hanging on Jimin." "Well Jimin didn't care." She said pointing at him. He was looking back at them. She smiled and did a small wave. "Alright everyone's here let's go!" Namjoon said and they all followed. After a bit everyone was busy talking and Belle had ended up next to Kookie who wasn't talking either. "Do you like BBQ?" She turned her head. She didn't expect him to start a conversation. "Yeah. I love Meat!" She said excitedly. "Me too meat is the best." "I'm going to out eat you on meat tonight." She said with a little laugh. "Impossible have you seen how much I can eat?" "Have you seen how much I can ear?" She asked back. "Your right I haven't. " "Kookie I know how much you can eat, but I promise you tonight I'll be beating you." "Well see." He said Eliza was still next to Tae, they were talking about random things and discussing what he wanted to do next for his hair if he was allowed to. "You realize after last time when we dyed Yoongi's hair and you snuck some green in your hair, they are keeping an eye on you." She said with a little giggle. "I wanted a different color too. Yoongi looked so cool." "Well now you were the one looking cool with your red hair." "I liked the red hair." He giggled and smiled. "I wonder what colors we are doing for all of you the next time?" Eliza questioned out loud. "Same here." Tae agreed. They all arrived at the BBQ place and all sat down at several tables. Belle glanced at Kookie and did the I'm watching you Gesture which caused a smile to break out on his face. Eliza and Belle were sitting across from each other and everyone else at the table was busy talking when Belle saw the food coming towards the table. She reached for the grill and turned the switch and Boom. "Oh my god Belle!!!" One of the dancers screamed. "Fire!!!" Belle said laughing. Someone turned down the grill so the flame wasn't so high. "Man you are just like Namjoon" Yoongi said causing Belle to look at him and then looked at Namjoon and gave him a thumbs up. "Belle Your hair is on fire!" Eliza said jumping up and running over to her friend. They quickly put the little flame in her hair out and walked to the bathroom. "Well that was embarrassing. Stupid hair!" Belle said sitting on the counter. Smacking her hair. "Dude you didn't think did you?" "I just wanted it ready for our food." Belle whined. "Well it's funny that you and Namjoon did the same thing." Eliza laughed as she pulled out her scissors. "Dude don't kill me!" Belle said putting her hands up. "You baby! I have to cut you." "Noooo." Eliza grabbed the singed hair and snipped pieces off. He had walked to the bathroom and was passing back and forth waiting for the two to come out. "Dude don't kill me!" "You baby! I have to cut you." "Noooo!" What the hell was going on in there? It got quiet and he was a bit worried that maybe Eliza had killed Belle. After about a minute he heard them again. "You know it's your own fault I have to do this." "Well thanks! At least I got a free hair cut out of this." They sounded close to the door. The door opened and he took a step back. "Oh Yoongi what are you doing here?" Eliza asked. "I came to check on you two. Are you ok?" He asked looking at Belle. She looked down at the ground. "Yea I'm fine." "Where did she cut you? Just your hair right?" He asked causing Eliza to laugh. "I just cut her hair." "Belle?" He asked and she finally looked up at him. "Yea she just cut my hair." "Ok then, We switched seats. You are sitting with us now." Yoongi said walking back towards the food. There was a seat between Kookie and Namjoon and a seat Next to Jin. "Belle gets the one against the wall." Yoongi pointed to the seat next to Jin. She was going to be sitting across from Namjoon. "We keep the ones who want to burn everyone farthest away from the grill." Jhope said with a smile. "Sorry." Belle said and watched as Eliza sat down between Kookie and Namjoon. As Yoongi started grilling the rest of the meat Jin turned to Belle. "We need to have a discussion about safety." Belle nodded and listened to Jin talk to her.
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lol man you know Eliza, always carrying her scissors whoever she goes, except on a plane then she really can't hold onto them 😂 belle you just wanted to play with fire. shocked you didn't start singing 'Fire' that would be so fitting!
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@SarahVanDorn lol how could I miss that!
I adore Mama Jin and boy can he lecture. I think it's sweet Yoongi went to check up on the girls...but why isn't he sitting by one of them?
Cuz he's sitting next to the grill lol
@CarolSilva @BTS34443 I forgot to update my tag list so here's the most recent uodate