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What would you do?
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Oh, hun. That isn't V in the photo, it's Sungoh from 24K. But whether I was trapped in an elevator with him or V, I'd start a nice convo with them and walk out as friends.
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@ChelseaJay I'm sorry I'm late but thank you I didn't even notice
a year ago
I would laugh. But on another note, that looks more like Sungoh From 24K ♡
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I'd be laughing for no reason
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hmm...I woukd be freaking out as to why the elevator broke then be like ok if I die I die with V I'm ok....then I'd smile at him...and hope to God he talked first. lol then I he didn't I'd be chatting him up
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"eh while we you have any manga titles I can borrow? I'm running low......ooooooh I have candy want some?"
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