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Hey guys! I'm just making this card to let you guys know that I have organize a schedule that I will try to stick to. I decided I needed to do this because otherwise I would be super stressed and get nothing done. So my schedule will be as followed
Monday: Minhyuk Monday/Monsta X
Tuesday: BTS as ?/ Kpop Group reacts
Wednesday: Free Day(basically I'll post anything or nothing; depends on how my week is going?
Thursday: Taeminnie Thursday/Random Overdoses
Friday: Luscious Lips/Random Kpop Games
Saturday: Daehyun Saturday/Taehyun Saturday
Sunday: The Kpop Times(for those who might not know, this is a thing I came up with. I just go over all the main kpop news that happened all during the week.)
All During The Week I will be posting Song Of The Days and the Underrated Kpop Groups thing I have been doing.
This is the schedule that fits the best with my schedule and hopefully I'll be able to stick to it. It'll start tomorrow so look forward to that.
SO yeah just wanted to let you guys know! Until next time :)