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It's obvious on WHY he's upset, I'm sure most of yall know about his private Instagram being hacked and his PRIVATE photos leaked to the media. That behavior is unacceptable and I'm sure it really hurt him. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty upset with the "fans" who orchestrated the whole thing. How can they call themselves a fan when they don't consider the idols feelings or mental health before they do things like that. Anyways, for those who are on Instagram, I really think GD could use some support. What are yalls take on this?
@ErinGregory Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this mind boggling incident. I had planned on posting a message to him on his instagram page he has for his fans to follow him on. However, I put myself in his shoes and I can see him retreating into himself and those that are extremely close to him for a bit. I can't blame him for it. To hack into his personal account was the worse invasion of privacy but they didn't stop there they leaked his personal photos from the said account with no regard for the other people or persons who may have been in the photos with him. I can't begin to imagine how upside down their lives are right now no thanks to these delusional pabos. What can one say to someone who feels like they can't trust their fans the very people who claim to love and adore you but just because a select few lack human compassion, common sense, and have no moral compass, other than I'm sorry you've been victimized by those you love. Let's be honest Kwon JiYong has given all of us (that are his adoring fans) his heart in the form of his music and what thanks did he get in return a punch and slap in his face along with being stabbed right in the very heart he has been sharing with us for ten years. I can't begin to imagine the betrayal he must feel right now. I wish I had the right the words to say to him that would make him feel better but honestly I'm so disgusted and totally pissed with those few people who seem to feel that they are entitled to own every idol they fall for. Seriously he doesn't know their asses from adam and eve. No one don't belongs to him and he doesn't belong to us. Just be appreciative of the amazing music he works his ass off creating for our enjoyment and support him. My heart aches for not just him but for those friends, colleagues, business collaborations, and whomever else may have been in his private photos. I pray they all are mentally okay even while being pissed off that they have been exposed too. I hope in time GD will start posting on his fan page again and feel loved and adored as he truly is. While knowing that his fans are only wanting the best that life can offer to him, that we admire his determination, and dedication to his many talents. But until then I pray for him to have peace of mind and to be left alone for awhile to allow his emotions to come together. People are beyond unbelievable that's all I can say for the end of this rant.
I fully agree!